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The Biggest Games Coming this September


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During Summer Game Fest and the accompanying showcases by companies like Xbox and Ubisoft, many exciting new games were announced for release in 2023 and beyond. We are diligently keeping track of the most significant upcoming titles for Xbox Series X, PS5, PC, and the Nintendo Switch. Regardless of your gaming platform, you will discover something to pique your interest.

Here, you’ll find our compilation of upcoming games slated for the remaining part of September 2023.

The Crew Motorfest – September 14

Ubisoft is bringing a fresh twist to the open-world racing genre with The Crew Motorfest, akin to the beloved Forza Horizon concept. Set amidst the picturesque landscapes of Hawaii, this game immerses players in a dynamic car festival atmosphere. Within this virtual realm, an ever-evolving array of activities awaits, from engaging campaign missions to thrilling races and live events, all seamlessly curated through playlists. Adding to the excitement, the game features an impressive roster of over 600 cars, ensuring there’s something for every racing enthusiast.

As we venture into September and beyond, the world of gambling and gaming is buzzing with activity. E-sports fans, in particular, have reason to rejoice, as a plethora of tournaments awaits on the horizon. Plus, don’t forget the availability of the BetVictor bonus code, catering to all kinds of sports betting, including the ever-popular realm of e-sports.

Lies of P – September 19

Lies of P presents a decidedly dark and twisted take on the classic Pinocchio tale, which, in its original form, already has its fair share of dark elements. Featuring Soulslike combat mechanics, Lies of P will immerse you in a narrative where you must tread the delicate balance between truth and falsehood, making decisions directly affecting the game’s storyline. However, indulging in deceit too much may jeopardize your transformation into a “real boy.”

Mortal Kombat 1 – September 19

Despite widespread anticipation for Mortal Kombat 12’s release in 2023, NetherRealm has taken a surprising turn. The studio is now introducing Mortal Kombat 1, a game that ventures into an alternate timeline, introducing fresh rivalries and innovative interpretations of beloved characters. Featuring a revamped fighting system, even more gruesome fatalities, and an enhanced array of offline and online game modes, MK1 appears poised to be one of the standout fighting games of the year.

Party Animals – September 20

Party Animals has long held the coveted top spot on Steam’s most wish-listed chart, and now, it’s ready for its grand debut. This physics-driven party game offers diverse modes for you and your friends to relish, from the intense Last Stand to the dynamic Arcade, each match featuring its unique set of rules. It’s an uproarious and charming pandemonium in the making.

Pay Day 3 – September 21

Finally, Payday 3 is becoming a reality after a long wait. In this highly anticipated sequel, the Payday crew emerges from their criminal retirement to confront an entirely new menace. This time around, the action shifts to New York, promising another round of thrilling heists. The game maintains its signature focus on meticulous planning juxtaposed with explosive chaos.

Cocoon – September 29

“Cocoon” marks the debut game from Jeppe Carlsen, renowned as the lead gameplay designer behind Limbo and Inside. In this unique experience, you’ll delve into intricately nested worlds compact enough to be contained within orbs strapped to your back. You aim to decipher the art of traversing between these worlds and employ their combination and manipulation to solve intricate puzzles. A cosmic enigma awaits your unraveling, and you’re the chosen entity to embark on this cosmic journey.

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