ReviewsReview: MonsGeek M1W – Iso RGB keyboard

Review: MonsGeek M1W – Iso RGB keyboard


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The MonsGeek M1W – Iso RGB keyboard is a thing of beauty! This stunning keyboard will wow anyone who glances its way. Not only does it have a phenomenal RGB display, but its sleek metal finish and unusual keycaps are a head-turner. On top of this, its 75% form ensures that it is the perfect option if you need a refined keyboard for a smaller space.

Alongside this, it utilises 5.0 Bluetooth, 2.4Ghz Wireless, and USB-C wired connectivity. Accordingly, it is versatile and perfect for gamers, streamers, and bloggers. Furthermore, the keycaps can be removed and replaced with an array of compatible options. As such, this beautifully formed keyboard can be customised in many ways.

What’s in the box of the MonsGeek M1W – Iso RGB keyboard?

  • The seductive packaging draws you in. However, its lack of information or key images was unusual. Moreover, once you get hands-on with the product, you can’t resist ripping open the box to get started.
  • The MonsGeek M1W – Iso RGB keyboard is surprisingly heavy! The metal casing is alluring and remarkable to look at. Furthermore, it is available in 3 colours. I was provided the black option for this review. The refined finish is spectacular and the only noticeable port is at the top of the device.
  • Spare plate-mounted stabilisers are provided to maintain the high standard of this device.
  • Tools to lift the keycaps and adjust the plate-mounted stabilisers.
  • A Wireless Dongle can be used as an alternative connectivity option.
  • Maintain an old-school approach with the USB-A to USB-C rubberised cable.
  • A Quick Start Guide talks you through the fundamentals.

Technical aspects.

No matter what you use your PC for, you need a responsive and comfortable keyboard. Thankfully, the MonsGeek M1W – Iso RGB keyboard delivers on both of these aspects. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter which connection you use, the keyboard never stutters. I preferred the wired approach. However, during testing, I was impressed by the low latency experience of both the Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz Wireless modes. Another advantage of the 5.0 Bluetooth feature was the ability to connect to multiple devices. By using the in-built macro Fn, you can seamlessly flit from one device to another.

Both the wireless and Bluetooth options require the keyboard to be charged. However, thankfully, this wasn’t an issue. The high-capacity built-in 6000 mAh battery offers up to 25 days of uninterrupted gaming. This figure focuses on a non-RGB approach. Therefore, if you wish to go loud and proud, you’ll enjoy a generous 7 to 8 days of worry-free gaming and typing.


A poorly designed keyboard will put off the most laid-back user. Luckily, the MonsGeek M1W – Iso RGB keyboard was designed with this in mind. The OEM Profile keycaps are unbelievably comfortable no matter the length of the gaming session. Moreover, the natural position helps to reduce fatigue and typing errors. Yet, if this profile isn’t to your liking, you can customise this keyboard to your heart’s content. Thanks to the south-facing PCB, you can hot-swap the keycaps to any Cherry profile keycaps you may have.

The excellent keycaps are complemented by the linear V3 Piano Pro Switches. The short travel distance ensures that every keystroke is accurate and responsive. Accordingly, this keyboard is the perfect option if you want to game casually or competitively.

Build quality.

This 75%-formed 82-key aluminium keyboard is built to last. Furthermore, its smaller form factor is perfect if you are short on space. Though I like to have a number keypad, I wasn’t put off by this TKL approach. Instead, I admired its compact style and its incredible finish. On top of this, the MonsGeek M1W – Iso RGB keyboard is built up of multiple layers. Accordingly, the manufacturer has usability, noise levels, safety, and comfort at the fore.

Every layer of foam, insulation, and polycarbonate works in harmony to deliver an optimum experience. However, so many components generate a lack of flex that may not be to everyone’s liking. I, however, adored the rigidity and I preferred the reassuring layers of safety and the incredible materials that add to the top-end build quality.

RGB lighting.

The most eye-catching element of this keyboard is the RGB lighting and the side-printed backlit keycaps. Consequently, no matter what lighting mode you use, this keyboard will always turn your head. However, if for any reason you don’t like the pre-set lighting modes, you can create your own using the MonsGeek driver.

This excellent programme allows you to tailor your own lighting set-up for each key! You may utilise a vast array of colours, animation speed levels and brightness to generate a personal design that suits your gaming setup.

Is the MonsGeek M1W – Iso RGB keyboard worth it?

Buying a gaming keyboard can be a daunting task. This marketplace is saturated and getting the right one for your needs is no easy task. However, if you want a keyboard that is striking, stylish, well-built, responsive, and remarkably customisable, then you should look no further. I was impressed with every element of this keyboard and I can’t wait to experiment with the keycaps. Additionally, I adored the ability to adjust the lighting settings. As such, I loved every aspect of this keyboard and recommend buying it here!

(More information on AKKO can be found here!)

The MonsGeek M1W – Iso RGB keyboard has been awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold Award.
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