ReviewsReview: Mojawa Run Plus BC Headphones

Review: Mojawa Run Plus BC Headphones


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Mojawa Run Plus BC Headphones are the perfect accessory for the keen athlete. These incredible bone-conducting headphones are comfortable, rugged, and certified IP68 for a fully waterproof experience. Consequently, if you love to run, cycle, walk, or swim, these are the headphones that you’ll want to buy.

Shokz is the market-leading brand in this category. I should know, I own a pair. However, the Mojawa Run Plus BC Headphones give them a good run for their money (pun intended). The waterproof certification and the minor design differences make this a prime choice for many keen sportspeople. Furthermore, the excellent build quality, amazing battery life, and built-in storage make these headphones stand out.

What’s in the box of the Mojawa Run Plus BC Headphones?

  • The compact but sturdy box is eye-catching. With suitable imagery and key selling points, it has a professional finish. Moreover, it is fully recyclable and the contents are well-packaged.
  • The Mojawa Run Plus BC Headphones have a grey and black finish and a rubberised texture. Unlike its peers, these headphones have no obvious buttons. Instead, the power button is integrated into the left ear module and there is a touchpad for volume control.
  • A magnetic charging cable is provided for the unique charging point. The rubberised finish is hard-wearing and rugged.
  • A pair of silicone earplugs can be used in unusually loud environments.
  • The simple but fashionable carry bag will keep your headphones safe.
  • Learn the basics with the user guide.

Technical aspects.

The Mojawa Run Plus BC Headphones are a phenomenal choice if you want a music device or a hands-free tool. Thanks to the noise-cancelling technology, you can make calls and reduce environmental noises by up to 40 dB. This was incredible, as you can enjoy crystal-clear phone calls while walking, running, or whenever you are in the gym. Moreover, you can use your voice assistant on your phone to skip songs, search for TV programs, or call your friends.

Though hands-free calling wasn’t my priority, I loved the clean audio and the pinpoint sound. Other earbuds are tinny and have an uncomfortable echo. Alternatively, the other person can’t hear you clearly and it is a painful experience. Thankfully, these headphones are different. No matter if I called using my phone, Skype, Zoom, or WhatsApp, the result was the same every time.

Precise audio.

I wanted these headphones because they promised amazingly precise audio. Luckily, they delivered this and much, much more. Thanks to their patented technology, you enjoy a hearty range of tones and a meaty bass line. What’s more, every song is crisp and sounds like it is straight from the recording studio.

It mattered not which sport I tried. The headphones never let me down. Whether I was swimming laps, running on trails, or enjoying a speedy descent on my bike, the audio was perfect. Alongside this, I felt 100% safe, as I could hear my surroundings as well. This is the beauty of bone-conducting technology. Thankfully, you don’t have to compromise your safety while enjoying your favourite tunes. By slipping the headset over your ears, you can hear every note of every song as well as the roar of each car or the sound of nature.

Don’t be tethered to your phone.

Having a mobile phone can be essential. However, there are times when it weighs you down. Therefore, leaving it at home can be refreshing and necessary. Yet, if you do this, how are you going to listen to your music? Well, the Mojawa Run Plus BC Headphones have this issue covered. Thanks to the amazing 32 GB of internal storage, you no longer need to exercise with your phone.

32 GB of storage may not sound like a lot, but mp3 files are tiny! Therefore, you can hold up to 8000 different tracks. This was particularly impressive whenever I swam. I simply activated the mp3 mode, tapped the multi-function button, and away I went. Moreover, if I didn’t like a song, I skipped it using the same multi-function switch.

Build quality and usability.

Like the audio, the build quality was mind-blowing. The rubberised finish makes the device easy to clean and simple to look after. On top of this, the flexible titanium alloy frame ensures a snug fit and durable finish. Accordingly, you are reassured that these are built to last and will take some rough and tumble along the way.

The excellent touchpad and multi-function button are simple to master and easy to understand. By following the user guide, you’ll get to grips with increasing and decreasing the volume, pausing, skipping, and rewinding tracks, and using your voice assistant. Additionally, swapping from Bluetooth to mp3 mode is straightforward. Thankfully, there is a clear and concise audio prompt that tells you about your battery level and which mode you have selected.

Finally, I want to discuss battery life. These headphones destroy its leading rivals. Thanks to the 150 mAh battery, you can enjoy 8 hours at a 75% volume level. Moreover, if you are running low on power, a 5-minute charge will keep you going for 1.5 hours of music. Alternatively, an hour’s charge will fill the battery and away you go. These stats were surprising as the Mojawa Run Plus BC Headphones dwarfed other leading BC headphones.

Are the Mojawa Run Plus BC Headphones worth it?

There are plenty of good BC headphones on the market. However, when you are investing your money, you want more than “good”. Consequently, if you want something that performs consistently whilst giving you amazing audio and a versatile approach, then look no further. On top of this, you can enjoy untethered action with incredible internal storage. As such, if you want to up your exercise game, whilst maintaining precise and rich audio, then I recommend that you buy these here!

(More information on Mojawa can be found here!)

The Mojawa Run Plus BC Headphones have been awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold Award.
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