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Review: BT600 ANC Bluetooth Headphones


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The BT600 ANC Bluetooth Headphones prove that you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy exceptional sound quality. Moreover, these incredible headphones offer some market-leading technology at well under £100. Now, this may seem like a steep price in the current market, but I can assure you, this is an investment that you won’t be disappointed in.

Thanks to the meaty drivers, these headphones deliver crisp sound, HD audio, and a healthy range of tones. Furthermore, the bass is rich and they are great for telephone calls or Skype/Zoom meetings. Alternatively, if you love gaming or streaming films and TV shows, you’ll appreciate the crystal-clear sound and amazing comfort.

What’s in the box of the BT600 ANC Bluetooth Headphones?

  • This device is delivered in a lightweight and simple box. The outer sleeve is striking thanks to its black and white livery and straightforward imagery.
  • The BT600 ANC Bluetooth Headphones are packaged in a stylish carry case. This black container is slim and has a nice tactile finish. Inside, the headphones are snug and there is a pocket for your cables. The headphones have sizeable over-ear cups that have a nice padded finish. Furthermore, there are buttons and a USB-C charging port on the earcups.
  • A small rubberised USB-C cable is provided for charging. However, if this isn’t long enough, any USB-C cable can be used.
  • Connect the headphones using the 3.5mm male-to-male jack cable.
  • Learn the fundamentals thanks to the detailed user guide.

Technical aspects.

The BT600 ANC Bluetooth Headphones are a great all-rounder that has some interesting technology as standard. Unlike its rivals, these headphones focus on touchpad controls to answer calls, skip tracks, and adjust the volume. Now, this was an interesting setup that takes some getting used to. However, once you are familiar with each swipe, tap, and hold, you’ll adore this “futuristic” arrangement.

Alongside this, there is hybrid ANC tech that creates an immersive atmosphere. On top of this, you can mute the sound by cupping the right earcup. This strange technique allows you to listen to the outside without removing your headphones. Yet, you look a little silly, so I preferred to pause what I was doing and remove the device altogether.

The ANC technology and the ambient sound were phenomenal. Both settings changed the way you listened to your music as they cancelled out up to 32dB of environmental sounds. Alternatively, the ambient setting used external microphones to create a safe listening space. Accordingly, this is the perfect choice if you are walking busy roads or cycling with your family.

Bluetooth and battery life.

Having a secure and stable Bluetooth connection is a must. Yes, the BT600 ANC Bluetooth Headphones can use a wired connection, but this is cumbersome and dated. However, thanks to the powerful Qualcomm QCC3003 Bluetooth chipset, you’ll enjoy 5.0 Bluetooth and a stable connection. Furthermore, you can connect to your PC, Laptop, Steam Deck, Mobile Phone or compatible console from 10 metres away. On top of this, you can enjoy HD quality sound with any aptX compatible device.

Another essential element is the battery life. I have endured some poor devices in my time and luckily, this one isn’t one of them. One full charge will deliver up to 40 hours of wireless audio. This was incredible, especially if you commute, exercise, or you have to take a long train journey or flight. Moreover, the charging time is reasonable, therefore, if you run out of juice, you needn’t wait too long to get back into the game.

Build quality.

When something is going to be on your head for hours, you want it to be as comfortable as can be. Furthermore, if you are going to use them for exercise, they need to be robust and hard-wearing. Luckily, The BT600 ANC Bluetooth Headphones tick each of these boxes. Additionally, the excellent carry case helps to protect them whenever they are not in use.

These lush headphones have a comfortable weight and the headband is strong and robust. Moreover, the lay-flat yokes ensure that you can comfortably place them in their case without issue. Additionally, the earcups have a leatherette finish that is nicely padded and feels cool no matter the session length.

Alongside this, the physical buttons are easy to locate and have a pleasant rocker feel to them. Furthermore, an audio description advises you on your actions and any changes in settings. What impressed me most, however, was the “futuristic” touch panel on the right ear cup. As mentioned, it takes some getting used to. Yet, once you know what you are doing, it is a game-changer. You can swipe to adjust the volume, or you can pause, play, and skip tracks. Alternatively, you can use the voice search facility to search for tracks or you can take calls on the move. Either way, it reinforces the exceptional nature of these headphones.

Are the BT600 ANC Bluetooth Headphones worth it?

If I was to say you’ll get a technology-packed accessory for half the expected price, you’d ask what’s the catch? Well, I’m pleased to say that there isn’t one! This incredible set of headphones is great value for money as well as being user-friendly and versatile. Moreover, they have great build quality and they look pleasant to the eye. If you then consider the excellent case and the incredible Bluetooth connection and battery life, you can’t go wrong. What’s more, the ANC and ambient modes create both an immersive and safe environment to enjoy your media and your exercise. Accordingly, it’s a no-brainer as I can easily recommend that you buy there here!

(More information on Monoprice can be found here!)

The BT600 ANC Bluetooth Headphones is awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold award.
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