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Review: Couchmaster CYCON 2 Black Edition


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Here we review the Couchmaster CYCON 2 Black Edition from Nerdytec.

The new Couchmaster CYCON² represents the current flagship of the available Couchmaster models. Thanks to the six integrated USB 3.0 ports, all required input devices such as keyboards, mice, gamepads and headsets can be connected directly to the Couchmaster. Of course, mobile devices like smartphones or tablets can also be connected and charged at the fast-charging USB port. To keep the cables of the connected devices out of the way, the Couchmaster CYCON² has a modified and now even more easily accessible cable management system.


New design created by a German Design University 

Improved cable management system inside 

6 USB 3.0 ports (two outside, four inside the board), including a quick charge port 

Only 1 cable for optional power supply and USB connection 

Resource-saving packaging, thanks to vacuum-sealed side cushions 

6 High-quality materials and precise workmanship guarantee maximum comfort 

Lag-free connection powered by the new USB 3.0 hub 

Convenient side pockets for remote controls, drinks, accessories and much more

What’s in the box?

The box contains the support board with integrated USB 3.0 hub, two side cushions and a mouse bag, cables, power adaptor, mousepad, tape and instructions.

A Closer Look

Final Thoughts

The Couchmaster CYCON 2 Black Edition comes very well packed – you just need to spend a few minutes putting it all together ready to use it.

The two side cushions are delivered vacuum sealed – you just cut open the packaging and remove them and within seconds they start to expand. You will want to give it a good 24 hours for them to reform into their final shape. Sending the cushions this was reduces the amount of packaging and also protects the cushions.

Once it’s all put together you are good to go for using it. I found the positioning of the side cushions very comfortable, especially with prolonged usage. I found that my posture was better and that after using it for several hours I didn’t feel like I needed to stretch my back. The side cushions even have pockets for you to put things in if needed!

The main desk piece not only looks really good it feels really good too! Whether I was using a mouse, or if I just had a keyboard on it, it worked very well.

If you are using a wired mouse or wired keyboard you can wire it all into the CYCON 2 itself to keep all the cables neat and tidy – this really makes a difference.

You can also run power to the CYCON 2 so that you can charge USB devices (such as your phone) – basically you never have to get up! There are a number of USB 3 ports on the CYCON 2 including a quick charge port – so everything you need is right there in front of you.

The Couchmaster CYCON 2 Black Edition from Nerdytec is available now priced around 155,00 EUR and is a must have if you game or work from your sofa / couch.

You can learn more from the Nerdytec website.

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