NewsFun Food Vlog Ideas and How to Execute Them

Fun Food Vlog Ideas and How to Execute Them


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Food is a central part of living in all cultures. It serves as a source of nourishment and provides bonding opportunities for friends and family on different occasions. For this reason, food vlogs with edifying content are quite popular across social media platforms. 

Nevertheless, it can get challenging to continuously create engaging food vlogs for your audience. Especially given the mounting competition in the niche. 

Tech solutions like CapCut, a free online video editor, can open up your food vlogging journey to a whole new world of possibilities. In this blog, we share examples of such food vlog possibilities as well as how you can use video editing to execute them. Read on to discover how you can emerge from a creative slump with a bang.

Behind the Scenes Videos

Most food vlogs begin in the kitchen with ingredients laid out before the cooking session begins. This approach is great because most people are keen to learn how to make various meals. Nevertheless, you can flip the script by showcasing behind-the-scenes footage of: 

  • Grocery shopping sessions highlighting how to select the right ingredients.
  • Ingredient preparation sessions demonstrating how to clean, slice, peel, dice, or measure various ingredients.
  • Bloopers or errors and how you worked through them. They could add a comical effect or help your audience learn from your mistakes.

Notably, you may not be able to film your grocery shopping errands or ingredient preparation as a continuous video. Even in the rare event that you can, the video would be too long.

On CapCut, you can: 

  • Merge Clips

You can merge clips of different behind-the-scenes events by importing them all to the CapCut editor in the order you would like them to flow. You can also use CapCut options like animated transitions to harmonize your merged videos.

  • Trim and crop your footage

You can use the trimming tool to cut off unnecessary footage and the crop tool to ensure the video shot focuses on important details like the ingredients.

  • Create a timelapse effect

The CapCut speed tool allows you to speed up certain parts of your videos and create a timelapse effect. You can apply this to video sections where you are performing long self-explanatory tasks like cleaning or chopping. It can help you achieve brevity without necessarily cutting the video.

  • Add voice narration
  • It is near impossible to narrate, film, and shop or chop at the same time. Fortunately, you can record and add voice narrations after you have edited your video footage on CapCut or upload a script and use the text-to-speech tool to create the narration. 

Plating Videos

Food presentation is an essential culinary aspect but it is often overshadowed by cooking. You could switch things up a bit for your audience by demonstrating plating techniques and how to select suitable cutlery or crockery for various dishes.

Consider enhancing this type of video by adding music given as plating is less technical and may not require narration. 

  • Import your plating video to the editor
  • Click ‘Audio’ on the menu
  • Select a suitable track from the extensive copyright-free CapCut audio library or import a track from your device
  • Once the track is uploaded to the editor, drag the cursors on the audio timeline to sync the track to the video

It is not unusual for food colors and textures to seem less appealing on camera than they actually are. Applying suitable CapCut filters can help you elevate a plate’s appearance from edible to mouth-watering. You can also use the video background remover to ensure the backdrop of your plate is just right.

Recipe Roundups

Recipe roundups are a creative way to: 

  • Recap recipe videos that you previously shot.
  • Make it easy for viewers to find meal ideas in a particular niche. For example, a barbecue recipe round-up could benefit a viewer planning a barbecue.

The CapCut video editor will come in handy here too. It has tools to enable you to:

  • Merge the different recipe videos into one round-up video (as we have outlined above).
  • Add text highlights or subtitles to each video to make it easy for viewers to pick out ingredients or prep instructions. You can find text editing options by clicking the ‘T’ icon on the menu.

Exotic Food Reviews


There are only so many ways you can cook a steak or make colorful vegetarian dishes before you begin to run out of ideas. Instead of trying to reinvent the culinary wheel, consider exploring other cultures and their culinary delights. It will be years before you can exhaust the variety that runs from gnocchi and balaclava to jollof and tiramisu. 

Better still, you do not have to be an expert in all of these dishes. You can invite food vloggers from different countries to work on these videos with you. 

Worried about the filming logistics? Don’t be. 

You and your guest blogger can, for example, film separately and merge the videos using CapCut. 

Alternatively, you could create a side-by-side comparison video where you both attempt to cook the same exotic dish using the same recipe.  

  • Import both videos to the CapCut editor
  • Tap on the first video to highlight it
  • Select ‘Edit’ on the menu
  • Click ‘Adjust’
  • Resize and position the video to fit half the screen
  • Repeat this for the second video
  • Tap the checkmark to apply the changes

Another silver lining is that you both can have creative control during the editing process thanks to the CapCut collaborative editing provision. It allows you to both edit the shared project, share feedback, and export it to your preferred platforms.

In Conclusion

It is a marvel just how many ideas you can explore when you have tools like CapCut to help you overcome creative barriers. Now that you have gotten a glimpse into what it can do, let your ideas roam free.  

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Andrew Edney
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