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Review: Fire HD 8 Kids Pro Tablet


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Children and technology go hand-in-hand. However, your munchkins don’t necessarily understand online safety, and they occasionally purchase things in error. These issues put off a lot of parents, as it can be difficult to manage what your kids look at. Furthermore, whenever you buy a tablet for them, you want it to have great features and be excellent value for money. Luckily, the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro Tablet ticks every one of these boxes and much, much more.

This incredibly versatile device can be used for video recording, photos, online calls, gaming, web browsing, and streaming movies. Moreover, this version is 30% faster than previous iterations, as well as having a much larger battery life. What’s more, Amazon has a no-quibble 2-year guarantee. Consequently, if your device stops working, they will replace it for you.

What’s in the box of the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro Tablet?

  • The large packaging is recyclable and pleasant to the eye. It is adorned with key selling points and interesting photos. Furthermore, the contents are well-protected. 
  • The Fire HD 8 Kids Pro Tablet is wrapped in a protective paper cover. Furthermore, it has a slim Teal protective case with contrasting yellow buttons. There are cameras located to the front and rear and the USB-C charging port is conveniently placed if you need to charge it whilst in use. 
  • The USB-C charging cable and plug are robust and well-built. If the cable isn’t long enough, you can replace it with any standard USB-C cable. 
  • A user guide. The easy-to-follow manual helps you understand the fundamentals. However, an on-screen tutorial gets you set up with ease. 

Technical aspects. 

I have recently covered the Fire HD 8 Tablet and essentially, the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro Tablet is identical. However, I’ll give you the lowdown on key areas, nonetheless. This device is 30% faster than its predecessor’s thanks to the enhanced Hexa-core 2.0 GHz processor. This excellent piece of tech will impress your impatient youngsters. The processing power combined with 2 GB of RAM ensures you have a smooth experience. Whether it’s browsing the Internet or playing games, they’ll enjoy a trouble-free time.

Alongside this, the 32 GB storage can be expanded by 1 TB by installing a micro SD card. This option makes this the perfect companion for kids that love to snap photos or videos. What’s more, you can download an array of films and TV programs to watch when offline. These photos, videos, and movies look great on the 8″ HD display. With 1280×800 (129 PPI) resolution, the images look crisp and run smoothly.

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, you can wireless connect your youngster’s headphones for a peaceful experience. Alternatively, they can enjoy the immersive Dolby Atmos Sound directly from the tablet’s speakers. Though the sound quality wasn’t as rich as I’d have liked, my children enjoyed the range of tones and the hearty bass.

Designed with kids in mind. 

Everything about the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro Tablet has kids in mind. Whether it is the incredibly hard-wearing but slim case or the excellent UI, you are assured they’ll be safe using it. Moreover, Amazon includes a 1-year subscription to the Amazon Kids service. This option is phenomenal no matter your child’s age. Not only does it offer age-specific content, but you can manage your kid’s usage as well. Furthermore, you can block purchases and you can restrict who they can call using Alexa and a Wi-Fi connection.

Talking of Alexa, it wouldn’t be an Amazon product if this AI wasn’t included. However, if you so wish, it can be deactivated from the settings. Yet, if you keep it set up, you can search online, find apps, and video call friends by talking to your device. The amazing thing about the call list is that you can add and remove friends with ease. Consequently, your children can only contact authorised individuals, and this keeps them safe online. 

How did my kids get on?

As an adult, technology shouldn’t bamboozle me. As such, I handed this kid-focused tech to my 3 monsters to see how they got on. The answer, worryingly well! Other than the initial set-up, they demanded that I didn’t help. Sadly, I’m already under the thumb of my 9, 7, and 5-year-olds. I was shocked to see the user guide thrown to one side as they methodically worked through every step. In less than 15 minutes, the trio of tech-savvy beasts had downloaded a range of child-friendly apps. Additionally, they had worked out how to use Disney+, where to find Class Dojo, and what to do to get TT Rock Stars.

Alongside the apps, my kids loved using the camera to take selfies and random pictures. Moreover, the 720p HD video recording went down a treat. The cameras were well used for video calls with friends as well as being useful when integrated with some of their games. Thankfully, the camera is easy to access and changing from front-to-back lenses and video mode was a cinch. Additionally, changing the storage location and deleting unwanted images or videos was straightforward as well.

Is the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro Tablet worth it?

The tablet market is saturated and can be tough to navigate. Subsequently, finding the right device for your needs isn’t an easy task. Do you plump for an entry-level device with limited functions, or do you go all-out and purchase a ridiculously expensive item? Both options have their pros and cons and will leave you wanting. The Fire HD 8 Kids Pro Tablet, on the other hand, is reassuringly designed with kids in mind.

Thanks to the robust case, the 2-year warranty, and the 1-year subscription to Amazon Kids, you are set up immediately. Furthermore, the excellent features are great for a younger audience. Designed for a 6-12-year-old, this tablet will impress the most stubborn of children. Yet, if you have a younger child, you needn’t worry as Amazon has this covered with its non-pro version.

Alongside each of these fine features, you’ll enjoy up to 13 hours of battery life that can be charged in around 5 hours. Moreover, the excellent display and robust nature of the case make this hard-wearing and perfect for younger users. Consequently, I loved it and my kids adored it and I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on Amazon can be found here!) 

The Fire HD 8 Kids Pro Tablet is awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold Award.
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