GamingReview: VR Optician

Review: VR Optician


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One of my biggest problems with VR is the fact that I need glasses to see just about everything. When I put on those headsets, wearing frames, it’s incredibly uncomfortable, even with the extenders often provided.

What is VR Optician?

VR Optician is a fantastic company based in Germany run by professional optometrists and VR enthusiasts. The company makes lens adapters for VR headsets designed to a high-quality and with premium materials to ensure comfort and functionality. Shipping their products worldwide, VR users no longer have to suffer the discomfort of wearing glasses inside the headset.

What does VR Optician do?

VR Optician provides high-quality, easy-to-install lenses that are manufactured to your prescription to ensure suitable viewing during VR gameplay sessions. The lenses all use special SLS adapters to make them as thin and as stable as possible. Each adapter is designed to sit as close to the lens as possible for maximum comfort. As a result, there is a large field of view when using the lens so as not to limit the headset’s capabilities. VR Optician also uses 100% Carl ZEISS Vision lenses, so you know you can trust the quality.

What headsets are supported?

It’s probably a shorter list to say what headsets they don’t cover! All the main headsets are there, Valve Index, both Quest 2 and Quest Pro, PSVR1 and PSVR2, PICO 4 and more. With new headsets being added to the list all the time, it’s a safe bet they support the headset you own or will own in the future.

What are the lenses like to use?

The entire process was seamless and straightforward. When you place your order, you simply add your prescription, and VR Optician takes care of the rest. They manufacture the lens adapters in Germany and ship them worldwide.

Delivery times were reasonable, and I was impressed with the packaging; the adapters come in a VR Optician branded glasses case inside protective pouches labelled left and right. You also get a cleaning cloth to make sure the headset lenses are clean before installation.

Depending on the headset, the adapter fits in a slightly different way. For PICO 4, for example, the adapter magnetically attaches over the lens. With the PSVR2, it simply clips on over the lens. In all cases, installation is very quick and simple.

Wearing the headset with the adapters was far more comfortable than using glasses and I didn’t notice any less of lens quality. What’s truly remarkable is that the eye-tracking software in the PSVR2 isn’t compromised by the adapters.

The quality feels good, and they all fit very securely in the headset. I now have them in both the PSVR1 and 2, Quest 2 and PICO4 and honestly, I’m so glad I found VR Optician!  

How can they help you?

If you find yourself like me needing a solution for glasses when using VR, then VR Optician can probably help you.

If you use the code ‘moviesgamesandtech’, you’ll get 5% off your order or simply, use the below link: We receive a small commission for every purchase made using the coupon/link, and you’ll save some money.

To find out more about VR Optician, you can head to their website for more information. Alternatively, you can follow them on Twitter for the latest news and updates.

James Refelian
James Refelian
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