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What are the Key Gaming Trends to Watch out for in 2023?


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Every year brings about new developments in the constantly evolving gaming industry, and there are plenty of hot trends to watch out for in 2023. Many of these will be seen across all branches of the sprawling sector, but developers on different platforms will implement them in diverse ways.

Hybrid Monetisation

You may not have heard of hybrid monetisation before, but you are likely to encounter it in 2023. It’s a revenue generation model that combines an upfront payment with ongoing in-game payments. For example, a player would purchase a game and then buy upgrades within the title. It can also refer to games and gaming sites that accept a range of digital payment options.

Hybrid monetisation is global, with the advent of iGaming sites such as Metaspins Casino taking cryptocurrency and encouraging this model. The site can process BTC, ETH, LTC, and altcoins, and players can use these to play any of the games. They can even switch between cryptocurrencies seamlessly if they wish to do so. Because of the ease of use and the fact that cryptocurrencies could one day replace fiat currencies, other sites are jumping on this trend.

Cross-Platform Gaming

Up until recently, different offshoots of gaming stuck rigidly to their own platforms. Many games have been made available for a range of devices, but players haven’t always been able to play against people who used a different device to their own. This is beginning to change, though, with many PlayStation and Xbox titles sharing the same servers and allowing for matchups.

Thanks to the fact that smartphones are now more advanced than ever, there could be an increase in the amount of cross-platform gaming that occurs between mobile and consoles. According to Android Police, many titles already allow for cross-platform play, and there will be more to come this year.

VR Gaming

It seems every year we predict that VR gaming will be an emerging trend, but the technology is still stuttering. There are loads of VR games out there for owners of the tech to choose from. The main problem is that not enough people own it yet. This could be set to change soon, though.

It’s anticipated that Apple will announce its VR headset this year, which could end up being a game changer for the platform. The American tech giant transformed the smartphone industry with the iPhone, and it’s expected to do the same with VR. When the headset does hit the market, there will most likely be an influx of new VR games.

Open-World Games

Open-world games continue to be the standard on consoles, with the PlayStation 5 able to offer some truly immersive experiences. Players now feel as if they’ve stepped into another world in which they can become a character. However, PC Gamer notes that, in 2023, developers may find out that huge games are becoming tiresome.

One of the most eagerly anticipated titles this year is Assassin’s Creed Mirage, which will be the 13th title in Ubisoft’s beloved series. Gamers should be aware that the exploration will be scaled back slightly, and this will be smaller than more recent offerings. This is because it is designed to pay homage to the series’ roots with more linear storytelling. If it’s a success, it could change the way developers think about open-world content.

Final Thoughts

As is usually the case with gaming, the industry is sure to throw up a few surprises for players this year. It’s evolving fast, and trends come and go. Gamers need to be ready for the rise of cross-platform gaming, and the potential integration of VR.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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