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Review: Arlo Pro 5 2K Security Camera


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Here is our review of the Arlo Pro 5 2K Security Camera.

Capture more than 60 billion colours with our advanced 2K colour night vision that’s over 100X better than a human eye. With up to 30% more battery life and dual band Wi-Fi connectivity, instantly connect direct to any Wi-Fi router for 24/7 protection. Protect your home day and night and customise your security via the new Arlo Secure app.

What’s in the box?

The box contains the Pro 5 2K camera, battery, charging cable, wall mount, screws and instructions.

A Closer Look

Setting up the Camera

Setting up the camera, and controlling all the settings and viewing footage is all done using the Arlo Secure app. Once installed and you have signed in you just follow the steps to add a new device and wait. During the installation process any updates for the camera are also downloaded and installed.

Final Thoughts

The Pro 5 2K Camera from Arlo is very small – but don’t let that fool you, it’s a great camera that has a built-im spotlight, uses a battery and works easily!

Setting up the camera is simple – just download the app and follow the instructions. You can then use the app to view footage, control settings and much more. You can even talk to the person outside your house if you want to using the built-in 2-way audio feature. The app has been updated and provides a signifiant amount of control of what you can do and see.

As mentioned, the camera uses a battery, which you can charge using the USB cable provided. A fully charged battery should last for about 7 or 8 months (depending on the settings you are using), and you can see on the app when you will need to recharge it. The battery that comes with the Pro 5 2K provides 30% more battery charge than previous versions.

Fitting the camera is just a case of deciding where you want to put it, and using the mounting kit supplied in the box. That’s it!

There is an additional Advanced Security Monitoring monthly subscription you can take out if you want additional features such as cloud storage – have a look to see if it’s for you, but its only £3.49 a month so it’s certainly worth considering.

The picture quality is excellent and it works very well at night too, in fact, one of the major selling points of the Pro 5 2K camera is 2K colour night vision which captures over 60 billion colours (thats 100 times better than the human eye), so no more blurry black and white (or grey) images at night. The Pro 5 2K camera also has a 160-degree viewing angle so you shouldn’t miss anything!

The built-in spotlight also provides a very powerful light capable of illuminating a subject at around 7 metres away and if you want the alarm to sound, it has a very loud and powerful 80 db smart siren!

The Pro 5 2K is designed to be weather-resistant so even in the usual British rain it will work great.

Overall this is a camera you should really consider getting – you wont be disappointed.

The Arlo Pro 5 2K Security Camera is available now priced around £219.99 for the single camera kit.

You can learn more from the Arlo website.

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