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The Top Five Spin-The-Wheel Games


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Spinning the wheel always creates a dramatic moment for casino game players, where everything feels possible. The wheel’s tension lasts longer than a turn of a card or a dice roll. However, when most casino game enthusiasts hear about spin-the-wheel games, they always think about playing roulette. Fortunately, many online casinos offer several variants of entertaining games that utilize the wheel. Here are some of the most common spin-the-wheel games for those looking for an immersive and fun session in online casinos.

Big Six Wheel

The Big Six Wheel is an excellent spin-the-wheel game built around the infamous Wheel of Fortune. Its straightforward rules, paytable, and low wagering limits, make the game quite popular among players. 

The Big Six is not just a simple casino game but can also be played at fundraisers and carnivals or as a fun party game. It features a big vertical wheel with dollar signs and additional symbols, with players wagering on the symbol where the wheel will stop. The big spinning wheel is the most important thing about the Big Six Wheel, and most game versions will have the wheel standing upright rather than lying flat, just like in roulette.

Spin A Win

This is another interesting spin-the-wheel casino game created by Playtech. The wheel has segments labeled 40, 20, 10, 5, 2, and 1, and two multiplier spaces. Players can bet on the main game and make side bets on evens, odds, and multipliers. You can also play Spin a Win Live, where you will be placed in front of a live dealer next to a wheel.

As a game of chance, the spinning wheel may land on any segment. The many pockets on the wheel may give players an impression of a jackpot wheel where things may seem more complicated to predict. However, you will enjoy a more roulette feeling when you start playing.

Money Wheel

The Money Wheel is worth checking out at Cobra Spins Casino for its alluring user interface and simplicity. The online game starts when you place your wager using chips on symbols of your choice. The online Money Wheel game is similar to the live version but operates as a digital table, and the wheel spins independently. You will get a payout if the spinning wheel stops at a symbol similar to your initial bets.

In this game, there are five numbered spaces that you can bet on that offer payouts between 1:1 and 20:1. You can also wager on bonus bets offering 45:1 payouts. Always remember that the results are random when you play virtual spin-the-wheel games on online casinos. However, a random number generator software is used instead of an actual spinning wheel.

Mega Wheel

The Mega Wheel is a fascinating online mega-wheel casino game developed by Pragmatic Play. This game has the same mechanics as the physical spinning wheel. It features 54 multi-colored segments, with each number signifying a corresponding payout for the players. 

Mega Wheel requires you to set your bankroll, determine your betting strategy, and wait for the wheel to land on your number. The Mega Wheel is played in many online casinos and is a popular spin-the-wheel variant among many gamblers. Casino gamers can get free spins, respins, and prize multipliers on the bonus wheel. With Mega Wheel, you can have a fun and engaging way of practicing your expertise on your wheel of fortune.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Adventures Beyond Wonderland is a spin-the-wheel game developed based on Alice in Wonderland. The online game has a spinning wheel featuring 54 segments, including three bonus games and four numbers. The two segments on the wheel are mainly Mystery segments, offering everyone additional prizes. 

The Mystery bonus and Wonderspins bonus games also have additional wheel games. In addition, there is a dice-based bonus game. The bonus rounds aim to incorporate lots of interest in the game, including augmented reality characters found in the Alice in Wonderland story. Furthermore, they boost the players’ chance of winning, making it fun to wager on these bonus games.

In Summary

Online spin-the-wheel games are an exciting and unique way to experience the thrill of playing casino games. These games are perfect for players who want to add some variety and fun that is different from slot machines and card games. The best thing about these games is their availability on several mobile casino platforms. This means you can play them anytime at your own convenience.

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