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Review: Trust Tytan 2.1 Speaker Set


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There are so many fantastic audio devices available for gaming that it can be hard to select the right one. Do you exclusively use headphones to improve your experience, or do you go loud and proud with a speaker setup? Whatever you decide, you want crisp tones, an excellent bass, and something that looks amazing. I think this is where the Trust Tytan 2.1 Speaker Set comes into play. This affordable speaker system is compact, powerful, and easy to use. Furthermore, it doesn’t have garish RGB lighting and, as a consequence; it is nicely understated.

Alongside the excellent design quality, you get a straightforward setup, robust speakers, and a fantastic subwoofer. What’s more, there is an inline remote control and only a limited number of cables to worry about. Subsequently, the finished setup looks professional and clean. On top of this, there is a power saving feature as well as a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

What’s in the box of the Trust Tytan 2.1 Speaker Set?

  • The large box is adorned with key images and information. Moreover, it is sturdy and the contents are protected thanks to the polystyrene shells. However, this does impact the ability to recycle, and that was disappointing. Furthermore, to make matters worse, every item is protected by a plastic bag and film. This was unnecessary, as there are plenty of environmentally friendly alternatives that could have been used.
  • The Speaker Set comprises a sizeable subwoofer and 2 satellite speakers. Each of the speakers has a colour-coded jack that matches the output port on the subwoofer. Accordingly, setting up the speakers was an easy task. To the side of the subwoofer are a power switch, a power save switch, 2 input and 2 output female jack ports, and a volume and bass control knob.
  • An inline wired controller allows you to adjust the volume with ease. Furthermore, there are 3.5mm jack ports for headphones and a microphone. This small device has a tactile base, and the knob is easy to adjust.
  • I was provided with a European power cable, as such, I used an alternative UK cable to power the device. However, adapters can be purchased if you don’t wish to buy a new cable.
  • A simple user guide highlights the technical specification of this speaker set.

Technical aspects.

GeneralType of Speaker 2.1
FeaturesPower Saving
ControllerRemote wired
ControlsPower saving button, Volume, Bass
InputPower source – Wall socket

The Trust Tytan 2.1 Speaker Set offers rich forward-facing sound. Accordingly, unlike more expensive speakers or high-end headphones, you cannot get 3D audio or surround sound. However, for the price, this wasn’t a feature I expected to receive. Instead, the power output peak of 120 W and the 3×150 mm driver units deliver a warm and welcomed range of tones and bass. Furthermore, the combined 10 W output for each satellite speaker and 40 W for the subwoofer create a limited but immersive experience.

Each of the satellite speakers is sizeable, but not oppressive. The simple glossy black finish delivers an understated but clean edge to your gaming setup. Furthermore, each speaker has 1 inbuilt cable that is easy to route into the large and heavy subwoofer. This understandably cumbersome unit offers some hefty bass without blowing your head off. Moreover, the simple input and output option, control knobs, and switches make it a straightforward device to set up.

If I was to find a fault, it is that the switches should have been more accessible. Subsequently, if you push your subwoofer under your desk, you’ll have to move it if you wish to adjust the settings or change the power save mode. Thankfully, though, the inline control unit enables you to adjust your volume with ease. Yet, if you wish to alter the bass, this must still be done from the side-facing control knob.

Is the Trust Tytan 2.1 Speaker Set worth it?

The Trust Tytan 2.1 Speaker Set will not break the bank. Available for around £80, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Furthermore, the excellent build quality, refined style, and balanced audio make this a desirable audio device. However, where they excel is their plug-and-play approach, the clean wiring system, and the inline control knob. Moreover, the ability to add headphones and a microphone to the remote was a stroke of genius.

If you are looking for an immersive surround sound system with all the bells and whistles, then this won’t be for you. But if you want a more straightforward setup with rich and direct audio and a clean professional finish, then this ticks those boxes. Alongside this, this speaker set is perfect for those gamers who have a high-end set of headphones but want a down-to-earth speaker system. Accordingly, if that is you, then I recommend that you buy them here!

(More information on Trust can be found here!)

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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