ReviewsReview: Trust GXT 619 THORNE soundbar

Review: Trust GXT 619 THORNE soundbar


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Getting the right sound balance isn’t easy! Some systems are too loud, tinny, or simply have too much bass. Consequently, this can ruin the experience and undermine any game or movie you are enjoying. So, what is the solution? A soundbar can add depth to any existing setup with little effort. As such, this is an affordable way to overcome issues. The Trust GXT 619 THORNE soundbar delivers a healthy dose of tones and bass and it looks great as well.

With a handsome RGB display and a matt finish in black, it will complement most entertainment areas. Furthermore, it isn’t obnoxiously big, and it is easy to use. Subsequently, this is the perfect accompaniment for your TV or gaming setup. What’s more, it does not need to be plugged into a power supply as the USB cable powers the device. This was great, as it enhances its versatility and its usability.

What’s in the box of the Trust GXT 619 THORNE soundbar?

  • The packaging is simple but attractive. With basic images and key selling points, it has a basic but professional look. Furthermore, it is 100% recyclable and sturdy. Therefore, the contents are well protected when in transit.
  • This compact and well-designed speaker weighs only 700g! Moreover, the built-in USB and aux cable ensures that it can be used with a plethora of compatible devices. What’s more, the 40mm drivers and up to 12 W of power output offer a rich sound quality.
  • A simple user manual highlights the basic technical aspects of this speaker.

Technical aspects.

The Trust GXT 619 THORNE soundbar isn’t as advanced as some of its peers. Accordingly, with easy-to-understand controls, limited features, and no Bluetooth functionality, you may be put off. Yet, I urge you to reconsider. Why? Well, this is an excellent entry-level device that won’t break the bank, is simple to set up, and it performs admirably. What’s more, the fantastic RGB lights have 5 unique modes to choose from. Using the touch-sensitive switch, you can flit between modes, or turn the lights off altogether. As such, it looks perfect with other RGB items. What’s more, it isn’t garish or OTT and it doesn’t look out of place under your TV or monitor.

This speaker has 2 40 mm drivers to deliver a healthy range of tones and a nice quality bass. Additionally, the built-in volume control helps to prevent distorted sound and is easy to use. Alongside this, I loved the plug-and-play approach and which makes it appealing to technophobes and those who wish for a straightforward device.

Though I loved its rudimentary style and no-nonsense approach, a lack of Bluetooth or TWS was a little disappointing. However, I can’t complain too much as the Trust GXT 619 THORNE soundbar isn’t aimed at a premium audience. Yet, its finish and RGB lights look fantastic whilst giving it a high-end aesthetic.

A simple black case protects the Trust GXT 619 THORNE soundbar.

Usability and sound quality.

The lack of features may be a sticking point for some, but the usability and sound quality overcome many of these shortcomings. I experimented with my console, TV, mobile phone, and laptop. During each of these tests, the speaker was simple to set up and sounded fantastic. On top of this, the light display was mesmerising and altering the pattern was simple to achieve.

By plugging the device into any USB port, USB plug adapter, or power bank, you can switch it on instantly. This versatile powering method ensures that the soundbar can be used with ease across many situations. For example, in a pinch, it could be used as a portable speaker at a party or when you are down the beach. Now, I’m not saying that’s its primary use, but it would work nevertheless. Where this device excels is when watching a film or playing a game. The excellent sound quality is immersive and doesn’t crackle or pop like some of its peers. What’s more, the cables are flexible, long, and simple to work with. As such, OCD users will maintain their clean cable management system.

The Trust GXT 619 THORNE soundbar has an incredible RGB finish.

Is the Trust GXT 619 THORNE soundbar worth it?

I can comfortably recommend the Trust GXT 619 THORNE soundbar despite the highlighted shortcomings. Yes, a lack of high-end features does sour the experience slightly, but the price point reflects this fact. What’s more, this speaker performs so well that I soon forgot about these issues. On top of this, once it is set up, you have nothing to worry about. Accordingly, its rudimentary approach and comfortable range of tones and bass were more than adequate. Alongside this, the build quality was fantastic, the RGB lights were vivid and easy to control, and the size and weight were not overwhelming. Therefore, I loved it and I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on Trust can be found here!)

The Trust GXT 619 THORNE soundbar has been awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold Award.
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