NewsBoost your sessions with these top mobile gaming accessories 

Boost your sessions with these top mobile gaming accessories 


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Mobile gaming certainly has its limitations. Whether it’s due to poor battery power or inadequate controls, not all smartphones provide a solid gaming experience. Thankfully, a number of tried and tested accessories elevated mobile gaming’s offering and enabled smartphone users to enjoy playing games on their portable handheld devices in the best way possible. 

There are some excellent options out there 

Innovation has resulted in some truly remarkable products in this particular space. Now, in 2023, whether you’re playing an augmented reality masterpiece like Pokemon Go or you’re exploring the array of products at a real money online casino, such as themed slots like Warrior Conquest and table-based classics like poker, an extensive selection of accessories can be purchased to enhance certain mobile gaming releases.

The Skullcandy Indy earbuds offer top-sound quality 

Outside noise can hamper a gamer’s chances on a particular level. To end any outside disruptions, purchasing the Skullcandy Indy earbuds is recommended. They bring clear in-game sounds to gamers, they offer no latency, they’re capable of blocking out most outside noise, they’re incredibly comfortable to wear, and one charge will provide up to 16 hours of non-stop gaming. They even boast sweat, water and dust resistance features, too. 

The Charmast power bank is a beast 

One of the common annoyances associated with mobile gaming is the shoddy batteries many smartphones possess. No matter the title, gaming can drain a phone’s battery alarmingly quickly, resulting your gaming session being cut off too quickly. To combat this painful issue, consider buying a power bank like this one from Charmast, a device that houses a 10,000mAh battery that will charge your phone up with ease. It’s palm-sized, too. 

The Razer Kishi is one of the best controllers around 

Particularly popular with dedicated mobile gamers, the Razer Kishi is one of the best game controllers on the market right now and it’s entirely understandable as to why once you manage to get your hands on one. Lightweight and comfortable to grip, this favoured controller is easy to sync up to any android phone with a central USB-C port. Then, from there, it runs off your smartphone’s battery without needing a charge. Compact in size and easy to carry around, the Razer Kishi doesn’t offer any input lag, as well as being able to support pass-through charging. 

The Otterbox clip is a great alternative 

If controllers, such as the aforementioned Razer Kishi, don’t tickle your fancy, and you simply can’t warm to mobile controllers in general, then a mobile gaming clip is probably the answer. Otterbox has gained a glowing reputation for producing sturdy clips that allow gamers to convert their smartphone devices into a portable console. This handy clip holds a phone securely in place, too. 

Other top mobile gaming accessories include the Stratus Duo, Razer Hammerhead gaming earbuds, the Samsung 128GB Evo Select microSD, and MagicFiber Microfiber cleaning cloths. 

If you’re keen to step your game up and make the most of your mobile gaming sessions, then take a look at some of the accessories mobile gamers are turning to, and find one which fits you.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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