ReviewsReview: Zebra Oasis Shoes

Review: Zebra Oasis Shoes


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Here is our review of the Zebra Oasis Shoes.

Zebra Oasis (ZO) is a premium lifestyle brand dedicated to sustainability. Their focus is on creating high-quality footwear, apparel, and other textile products with a low environmental impact.

Their first shoes feature a unique detachable design using eco-friendly materials such as hemp. Their goal is to provide an exceptional wearing experience while minimising our impact on the environment and working towards 100% recyclability, biodegradability, and carbon neutrality.


  • 100% Truly Recyclable: Just pull out the patented R-ring(‘R’ stands for ‘Reboot’) inside the shoe to separate the parts completely for recycling.
  • Recycled-CO₂-injected sole: Our 100% recyclable TPU foam utilizes innovative gas-assisted technology, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals in the foaming process and reducing existing CO₂.
  • World’s 1st Self-Adapting Hemp Flynit Upper: Perfectly fit for every foot. Blister-free. Breathable & Durable, inherently environmentally sustainable.
  • No Dye & Machine-washable: No extra pollution and emission during the process.
  • Foldable & Lightweight: Perfect travel options. Just step and go.
  • Versitile Design for All-day Wear including traveling, hiking, office work, etc.

A Closer Look

Wearing the Shoes

Final Thoughts

What makes these shoes truly unique is that they are 100% recyclable – just pull on the R-ring pull in the shoe and it all comes apart, and they are also made in a 100% sustainable way. The shoe sole is recyclable and the upper part is biodegradable.

The shoes can be easily cleaned in a washing machine and they can be folded up to make the easy to carry if you are travelling.

The shoes themselves are extremely comfortable and don’t need any breaking-in period. ZO shoes feature a lightweight and high-performing TPU sole and a durable, breathable hemp mesh upper that are so soft for any types of feet. These materials and design make ZO shoes suitable for all-day wear, including activities like traveling, hiking, and office work.

If you are looking for an extremely comfortable, sustainable and recyclable pair of shoes then you will definitely want to check out Zebra Oasis.

You can learn more from the Zebra Oasis website.

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