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Review: Karcher RCV 3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


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Here is our review of the Karcher RCV 3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

The smart RCV 3 comes with precise LiDAR navigation and convenient app control to fully customise your cleaning routine. The machine also has a wiping function for hard surfaces.

More time for the enjoyable things in life: the smart RCV 3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner takes over the floor cleaning. The RCV 3 robot systematically and independently cleans your hard floors and low-pile carpets. Dry dirt is reliably transported into the built-in waste container by the rotating brush, the side brush for the edges, and the fan. Where needed, the RCV 3 doesn’t just vacuum, but can also damp mop your hard floors. As the battery capacity decreases, the RCV 3 can regularly charge itself and, after the work is done, it always returns to the charging station. Via the app, the device will automatically create a map of the rooms by detecting the surroundings using built-in LiDAR navigation. Individual cleaning parameters can be set for every room – simply select which rooms should be vacuumed, mopped or not cleaned. Additional sensors prevent the device from falling and you can use a preset individual schedule or press a button on the device to start your cleaning. Voice output of the device will provide the most important information and status.


What’s in the box?

The box contains the RCV 3 robot vacuum cleaner, manual and quick start guide, charging station and cable, 2 brushes, two dust containers and 2 wiping clothes.

A Closer Look

Using the RCV 3

Before you can start using the RCV 3 you need to install the Karcher Home Robots App. The app walks you through everything you need to do to add your robot to the app and set it up. From there you can control everything.

Final Thoughts

The RCV 3 comes very well packaged with each component carefully wrapped. You can follow the instructions in the quick start guide to get it all ready to be configured.

Setting up the RCV 3 using the app was actually really simple – just follow the steps and within a few minutes the RCV 3 is added and ready to be used.

The RCV 3, when fully charged, can clean for up to 120 minutes on a single charge. It will automatically return to the charging station when needed. Once the charging has completed the RCV 3 will continue on its cleaning mission.

Using LiDAR the RCV 3 scans the room and then cleans it step-by-step. It creates a map of the room so that it knows where all the normal obstacles are such as chairs, tables and so on. It uses collision sensors to detect and avoid obstacles and fall sensors to details steps and stairs so that it doesn’t accidentally fall down them. During the testing the RCV 3 got very close to the top of the stairs and I was a little concerned it was going to go down them but it didn’t (and I breathed a sigh of relief).

I was also concerned how it might be with moving obstacles (in my case 3 cats) – but it worked very well. I’m not sure the cats were overly impressed though! They haven’t tried to sit on it yet, but I imagine that’s just a matter of time!

The RCV 3 is fairly flat which enables it to go under furniture and clean – again I was concerned it might get stuck under the sofa but it actually worked really well.

There are different cleaning modes that can be selected – dry cleaning, wet cleaning and combination cleaning depending on the type of surface you want to clean. You can swap out various accessories as well.

There are also suction power options – quiet, standard, medium and turbo. And if you using the wet cleaning or combination cleaning modes you can choose water quantity – low, medium and high. The best thing to do it test out each of these to figure out what the best combination works for your environment.

The RCV 3 works really well wether you are using it on carpet, hard floors or a combination of both. The dust containers actually hold a lot more that you think they will and are very easy to empty and carry on going. The cloths are washable as well so they can be reused when they get too dirty.

I was always a little sceptical about robot vacuum cleaners but after putting the RCV 3 though it’s paces I’m a believer! This is a must have addition to any home!

The Karcher RCV 3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is available now priced around £349.99.

You can learn more from the Karcher website.

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