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Review: ESR Halolock mini Kickstand Wireless Power Bank


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Here is our review of the ESR Halolock mini Kickstand Wireless Power Bank.

ESR’s Halolock Kickstand Wireless Power Bank allows users to charge their phones whilst using the stand feature to prop up the device. The stand can be used to hold phones in either landscape or portrait which makes it ideal for calling friends or watching videos whilst simultaneously charging the device. Built-in magnets with 1000g of holding force align phones with the charger to ensure that MagSafe-style wireless charging automatically begins as soon the power bank is attached, meaning reliable charging is maintained throughout use.

The Kickstand is also designed to be portable, so users can charge their phones through the stand on the go! In addition to this, it is possible to choose to turn off the charging feature of the stand to save the power of the portable charger and use it solely as a stand, if power isn’t required.

What’s in the box?

The box contains the Power Bank, cable and instructions.

A Closer Look

Final Thoughts

The Power Bank is quite small and can easily be carried out with you.

When you want to use it you have two options – either using MagSafe mode by either placing the phone onto the Power Bank, or by placing the Power Bank onto the phone, or by using a cable connecting from the Power Bank to the phone you want to charge. If you are in a rush, charging using a cable is quicker as it charges at 12W where as its 7.5W when using MagSafe.

When using MagSafe charging, the charging begins the moment the Power Bank and the phone connect. The Power Bank supports all caseless iPhone 14/13/12 series phones, MagSafe and HaloLock cases, and standard cases with the HaloLock Universal Ring.

The Power Bank is held onto the phone with very powerful magnets using 1000g of holding force so the Power Bank isn’t going to fall off when you are carrying the phone and Power Bank connected.

The Power Bank also supports pass-through charging so you can charge both the Power Bank and your phone at the same time.

When fully charged, the Power Bank can provide a range of charging – for example, you can fully charge an iPhone 13 mini from empty, or provide about 60% charge for an iPhone 13 Pro Max. The Power Bank is designed to provide a charging boost rather than multiple full charges for your phone.

As well as providing charging capability, the Kickstand Power Bank also acts as a stand by using the built-in stand arm. Just pull it out and place in the position you want, then place your phone on it.

There is also a power button on the side which you can use to turn off the charging capability if you only want to use it as a stand.

The ESR Halolock mini Kickstand Wireless Power Bank is available now priced around £44.99 for the 5,000mAh version and is available in either black or white.

You can learn more from the ESRGear website.

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