NewsHow Chatbot could help your business?

How Chatbot could help your business?


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At some point, every e-commerce service has to ask itself the question: how can you use your own chatbot, on which platform is it better to use it, and do you need it at all?

Bots can do a lot more than just spam with popular hashtags and follow users tirelessly. Bots provide a great way to automate repetitive tasks to save your time, so you can focus on the other things you have to do. Like to grow your business or allow you to spend more time on you, like going to rent ferrari dubai and having a dream vacation. Or rent a van at local rental service and finally take time to travel with your family. There are a plenty options that’s not include renting a supercar 😉

Let the bot talk for you

One of the key issues in e-commerce is communication with the customer and the establishment of the right line of communication. Chatbots can greatly simplify the process of communicating with the customer. They can even perform a basic analysis of the customer experience. A chatbot powered by artificial intelligence can provide an exceptional customer experience while meeting the growing demand for e-commerce. Customers prefer a more responsive and participatory way to communicate with businesses in an age where phone calls and emails are a thing of the past. Customers simply want an immediate response without having to wait for an operator to be available, regardless of the complexity of their question.

Why do customers choose to interact with Chatbots?

The first thing is that, as we’ve already mentioned, people like the fact that they can avoid having to call and can get answers to their questions straight away. Furthermore, people are not limited to what else they can do while contacting your company. We all live in a multi-tasking age, so according to users, this is the most effective way to communicate with companies and a good way to build customer trust and increase brand loyalty.

Chat bots and sales

Bots have a direct impact on the conversion rate of an e-commerce business. It enables businesses to convert growing online traffic into loyal customers through added value.

By incorporating a chatbot into a company’s business processes, lead generation can be automated. As customers begin to interact with the bot, it will ask and collects all the information  you needs: their name, their phone number, and their email address. This data can later be used for a sales manager’s job, or even for setting up automated sales through the same bot. The flexibility of the chat bot allows you to configure it to ask questions that help with product selection. It can also guide the customer through the payment process.

The bot can also send the customer a link to pay, which he or she can pay for the order without even leaving the messenger.

Chat bots help you win back lost customers

Chatbots can be synchronised with other internet marketing tools thanks to the power of artificial intelligence. The bot can offer customers the most recommended product based on their interest and previous purchases. It can remind them of an imperfect purchase or a discount offered by your store. 

Experts see chatbots as a great tool for tackling the biggest problem facing ecommerce – losing customers at the checkout stage. A chatbot can send reminders, offer incentives to act or make good offers.

How to make a Chatbot?

Before you start developing a chatbot, you need to decide what tasks you want it to perform and discuss its future functions in detail with the people in the relevant departments. Find out which platforms are most likely to be involved in the communication with the customer. Analyse where your users are most present and how you can make their lives easier on their favourite platforms.

 Don’t forget that the real value of chatbots lies in their integration with the company’s internal systems (CRM, product catalogue) and external services (mailing list, analytics). Think about the integration plan in advance.

Next, you will need to choose a developer. Our advice is to interview a number of developers, do a price comparison and compare the solutions they can offer

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