NewsGetting Your Cable Management In Order

Getting Your Cable Management In Order


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Cables are a part of most people’s lives. They power all of the appliances in the home as well as workplace items. They are an integral part of modern life but they do bring about some issues if your cable management isn’t up to scratch. 

According to the latest government health and safety statistics slips, trips and falls were one of the main causes of workplace injuries. Cables are often responsible for this as they can easily stretch across walkways. This is just one of the reasons why getting your cable management in order is vital.

To find out more reasons why cable management is so important and the many ways you can do it, this comprehensive guide will be able to help. Read on to find out more.

The importance of proper cable management 

Whether you’re improving your cable management for your workplace or your home, the reasons why you’re doing it are the same. These include:

  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance – Trailing wires can be a real eyesore, so trying to keep them out of sight is a must.
  • Fire hazard – Should a fire break out, wires could trip up people heading for the exit which could put their lives at risk. 
  • Identification – If your office has an IT team who regularly needs to monitor the technology in there, then being able to identify which wires go to which device is vital.
  • Cable life –  Electrical cables typically last 30 to 40 years but you may have to replace them much faster than this without proper management.

How can you improve your cable management?

We hope you can now appreciate just how important this is for your home or office space. You can improve your cable management by doing the following:

Adapt furniture

If you choose reliable power cables like those from RS, you can easily wrap them around your furniture to hide them but still provide power to your appliances. We recommend adding hooks or wire holders underneath furniture like a desk to keep the wires tightly in place.

Think of your wires first

When setting up new devices like a PC or television, plan ahead by considering where the wires will go. This will make installation easier and will confirm whether or not the device will fit in a certain place without loose cables.

Group them together

Managing multiple stray cables can take up space, become difficult to manage and can create its own tripping hazards too. That’s why clumping all the wires from one device together using zip ties is a good idea. This will keep them all in one place and take up less space around the device.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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