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Spoiler Free Review: Star Trek Picard Season 3: Episode 2


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While this is as spoiler-free as a review can be, the images are taken from the episode.

Another week and another fantastic episode of Star Trek Picard has graced our screens. Episode 2, Disengage, having watched it a few times now, I’m seriously impressed as a Star Trek fan and just someone who writes about TV and film. Building on the first episode, season 3 ramps up the tension by introducing the season’s primary antagonist and dropping some major bombshells.

Episode Overview

Star Trek Picard Season 3 Episode 2 takes us on an emotional journey with both plots running together. Picking up with Raffi, we learn more about her character, which was gut-wrenching, and witness the arrival of her handler – the identity for which fans have been questioning for weeks. What transpired was a joyous moment for Trek fans, which I won’t spoil here!

As tensions mount, the main plot sees us back on the USS Titan A (such a good-looking ship!). We meet Vadic and her bounty hunter crew and witness the diplomatic style that makes Picard a Starfleet legend. Riker, meanwhile, is forced to take some matters into his own hands as his friend and former captain refuses to see the obvious.  

This episode primarily focuses on a standoff between Starfleet and Vadic’s ship of doom (which reminded me of the standoff between the Enterprise E and Shinzon in Star Trek Nemesis. The episode is incredibly well-written to build that tension, with the action kicking in during the final act. A particular highlight is the wonderful comedic lines given to Shaw throughout the episode – he basically feels like a reluctant caretaker for the shenanigans of Picard and Riker. We also get to see him in action and get more insight into his captaining style.

Acting in Star Trek Picard Season 3 Episode 2

The acting in episode 2 is as strong as the visuals and writing and builds on the high standard from episode 1. Ed Speleers is fantastic as the roguish, but charming, Jack. This episode is our first proper insight into this pivotal character. We see him operate in flashbacks and learn details about his origin and past. If you’re a fan of this character type (think Han Solo), you’ll love Jack – a very different character style for the franchise.

Michelle Hurd’s character, Raffi, is off by herself in a different plot strand. Presumably, at some point, it will tie up to the main story. What is incredible is how she walks that line between dedication to her duty and being totally broken. The emotional range of Hurd is exceptional, and you really feel for Raffi as she walks this line and the impossible decisions she must make. My only request is more of this storyline, please!

Captain Liam Shaw, played the wonderful Todd Stashwick, gets a little more screen time in Star Trek Picard Season 3 Episode 2, and we can all be thankful for that. While his introduction was frosty, fans can quickly warm up to the level of sarcasm and comedic timing we all dream of. Not only that, but he’s seen doing some captaining and what a brilliant captain he is. Stashwick portrays the no-nonsense Shaw with such finesse that I can totally understand why there was no other actor for the role. The precision and subtleness in his performance are a masterclass.

While all the cast is wonderful, and seeing more of the Titan crew is entertaining (a Titan spin-off is quite frankly a must at this point), Amanda Plummer steals the show. We are introduced to Vadic, this unusual entity in the world of Star Trek, and the performance is mind-blowing. Not only does Plummer make wonderful use of physicality and facial expressions to creep the heck out of you, but her delivery of the lines is spine-chilling. She gives a sense of total unpredictableness, while still being highly calculated and very well-informed about the opposition. I can’t wait to see how Vadic’s story plays out and the character’s impact on everyone else.

And then there was that moment…

Almost right at the end of the episode, we get a moment between Picard and Crusher that we haven’t had since the TNG days. There are no words spoken, but the looks, the emotion and the sheer brilliance of the flipping camera shots convey so much. It’s a beautiful and gut-wrenching scene that caps another home run from the entire Picard team.

Final Thoughts on Disengage

There’s definitely some stand-out moments of pure awesomeness in this episode. Ramming a tractor beam, flinging a ship, an appearance of a certain legacy character and Amanda Plummer. With all that goes on, that moment between Picard and Crusher was even more poignant and emotional.

It was hard to believe that episode one could be improved upon, but the quality remained consistent throughout episode 2. The writing was superb, with character development and comedy aplenty. Combine this was wonderful visuals and an engaging villain, and you get Star Trek at its absolute best. Roll on episode 3!

Star Trek Picard airs Thursday on Paramount+ in the USA and Friday on Amazon Prime and Paramount+ in the UK.

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