NewsHow to watch pro esports on your smartphone

How to watch pro esports on your smartphone


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The esports industry has always been popular with gamers, journalists, and followers. But we’ve seen a spike in the number of people playing and watching esports over the last five years. Competitions are advertised online, venues sold out for the most important games, and the best of the best often feature on television and live streaming apps.

A good indicator of how far esports has come in such a short time can be found in the gambling industry. The leading online sportsbooks now cover esports in detail, offering betting markets, live coverage, stats, interviews, and more. Those gambling on esports can access the best sportsbook sign up bonus, landing a free bet on the next fixture. Gambling on esports is as simple as betting on tonight’s live match from the National Football League.

Esports’ rise to fame may feel like an overnight sensation, but nothing could be further from the truth. Its success at this point is the result of years of hard work building the brand, attracting sponsorship, seeking the best players, and convincing them that gaming is a viable way to make a living. They launched it to the public only when organizers working tirelessly behind the scenes felt their brand was ready.

Google Images Creative Commons Licenses

Time to get involved

Are you a fully paid-up member of the esports fan club? You may have watched its meteoric rise over the last decade. Taking pride as esports moved from an interest for teenagers and aging gamers to a multi-billion dollar industry enjoyed by millions worldwide. 2020 was when esports eventually burst onto the scene, and it has gone from strength to strength since, collecting new fans with every tournament.

This may be one of your first encounters with esports and the first time you heard it was possible to bet on professional gaming. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, and as the old saying goes, better late than never. If you have just joined the party, there’s plenty of catching up to be done. But we’re happy to help bring you up to speed.

Another way to view it is you have timed your arrival to perfection. Esports has never been as strong and widespread as it is today. We’re seeing a new generation who view gaming as much more than a hobby. It’s a chance for players to turn their passion into a profit. Are you a gamer with the skills, dedication, and technology to join the best esports leagues and tournaments?

There’s no need to worry if that’s not the case. Even if you’re a skilled gamer who plays against friends and family and online for fun, making it as a pro can be challenging. We’d compare it to having fun with a football, tossing it around the backyard, and going for the NFL. They’re worlds apart. 

Dedication takes time, and time is money as an adult. Then the technology needed to be an elite-level gamer is costly. You could break the bank simply by building experience. But there’s another, less expensive way to get involved in esports – watching games using your smartphone.

Simple but effective

Live esports has never been more accessible than today. You can watch the best of the week’s action on certain television channels. But the best place to find esports coverage is on live streams. These are available to view on your Android and iOS smartphone, meaning you’ll never miss another fixture due to work commitments.

When watching esports online, you must take your time to find the best live stream available. Poor-quality streams easily outnumber excellent apps. You may not know this as it’s not common knowledge, but online sportsbooks offer the best live streams for esports. 

Register an account with a gambling app, click the live stream tab, and select the esports fixture you wish to watch. The HD-quality coverage has unique camera angles, live scores, stats, and expert commentary—everything you need to enjoy the show. 

What’s more, it’s affordable. You only need a modern smartphone to register an account and start watching esports live. The best live streams may come from a bookmaker, but there’s no need to gamble on esports to access the stream. However, you can if you want. The best betting apps offer free live streaming of esports, soccer, football, and boxing if you have an account registered with them.

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