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Review: BOBOVR Battery Kits for PICO 4 and Quest 2


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If, like me, you’re a user of standalone VR headsets; then you know that battery is still one of the biggest problems in this space. On average, PICO 4 will last for about 3 hours of gaming while Meta Quest 2 is between 2-3 hours of playtime.  So what is a VR player who likes long gaming sessions to do? That’s where the BOBOVR Battery Kits come into play!

Who is BOBOVR?

BOBOVR are a company specialising in improving the comfort and usability of VR headsets and has been doing so since 2014. They’re ready to assist if you need products for commercial or consumer reasons. It’s refreshing to see a company with such a simple mission and offer that to both business users and regular users alike.

Right now, their products are primarily aimed at the Quest 2, with cases and face covers that have built-in ventilation being offered in addition to the battery and strap sets. They are now also moving into accessories for PICO 4 with a strap upgrade that integrates this tried and tested battery system to extend gameplay sessions. Just how good are these BOBOVR Battery Kits?

BOBOVR BD2-P4 Twin Battery Upgrade Combo (PICO 4)

When PICO 4 was released, I was seriously impressed with the quality of the headset from both a build and performance perspective. You can check out my full review here. However, as with all VR standalone headsets, the battery life is an issue. There’s only so much you can do with the space you’ve got without making the headset too cumbersome, unbalanced, or heavy.

The first of the BOBOVR Battery Kits I’m checking out is the BOBOVR BD2-P4 which is specially designed for the PICO 4.

The strap is a little more involved to install, but everything you need is in the very well-packaged box. Again, the unboxing experience was great, and I was impressed with the simplicity of the instructions. To install, you first must remove the face cover (easy with the PICO’s magnets) and unhook the top strap, removing it from the back piece. Next, you need to pry off the back cushion and replace it with the battery plate and head support. After that, you loop the new strap through and hook it back at the front, and you’re done.

PICO 4 is renowned for being exceptionally well balanced, as I was worried that adding this weight at the back would spoil this, and I haven’t run into this issue to a large extent. You will notice the increased weight, but it isn’t uncomfortable in long gameplay sessions. My only gripe about the P4 Strap is that the extra support pad makes the headset feel a little too snug when the PICO 4 is extended out to its full size. This minor gripe, though, is outweighed by the premium feel, the strap comfort, and the bonus of the battery system. The bright orange cable runs cleanly down the strap and connects to the PICO 4’s USB-C port. The little clip is a nice touch to ensure the cable is managed nicely.

Of course, this isn’t just a strap. This a strap with hot-swappable batteries. The pack includes a charger station and two batteries. The charger station is sleek and simple and enables you to charge both batteries at the same time. This means you never need to be without power when using the PICO 4. A single USB-C cable powers the dock, and the batteries attach to it magnetically. The magnets are strong enough to hold them in place even if knocked or turned upside down. You can also plug a USB-C cable directly into each battery individually. Perfect if you have more than two but only one charger station. That is also the wonderful thing about this system; the batteries can be bought separately and are all interchangeable and hot-swappable.

The magnets are also in use on the headset port itself. They’re also strong enough to ensure a secure and satisfying click when they connect. It is effortless and incredibly satisfying to connect and disconnect the batteries.

Each battery provides an additional 2-3 hours of playtime (conveniently, it only takes 3 hours to charge a battery from 0-100% on the dock), so you can basically play standalone VR indefinitely. It’s well-designed and works incredibly well. Overall, this is a great bundle to enhance your PICO 4 experience.

What’s in the box:

  • Battery dock part x1
  • Flexible support x1
  • PU pads set x1
  • Honeycomb pads set x1
  • Cable clip x1
  • Prying tool x1
  • Top strap with metal ring x1
  • Twin Charger Station x1
  • B2 Battery Pack x2
  • USB-C cable x1 (But I had a short and long USB-C cable in the box)
  • Instructions and literature

BOBOVR M2 Plus Twin Battery Combo (Quest 2)

My biggest gripe with the Meta Quest 2 has, and always will be, the stock strap. It’s dreadful and feels cheap. Sure, it makes the overall unit lighter, but it also makes the headset very front-heavy.

The BOBOVR M2 Plus provides a far superior comfort level and brilliantly balances the weight distribution.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the packaging, the simplicity of the unboxing experience and the clarity of the instructions.

Removing the stock strap is thankfully straightforward, and I was thankful that connecting this unit was just as easy. You loop the top strap through the buckle behind the eye cushion and slide the arms into the connector. That’s it. Utilising a dial at the back of the now more study strap, you can adjust the size and tighten and loosen the strap accordingly. I will say that this feels far more premium than the stock strap included with the Quest 2. It also feels more comfortable and far more durable.

The M2 Plus strap provides multiple adjustment points to ensure the user’s comfortable and secure fit while wearing the headset. The increased use of padding also ensures maximum support and comfort while wearing. While wearing the headset with this strap for prolonged gameplay, I didn’t feel fatigued or uncomfortable. Sometimes, it didn’t feel like it sat low enough on my head, but playing with the adjustments mostly solved that issue. I would like to see the top cushions be adjustable to account for uniquely shaped heads like mine! Also, if you didn’t like the PU leather pad, you can detach the Velcro and apply the honeycomb pads instead; although these weren’t nearly as comfortable, it’s nice that they include options.

Of course, this product isn’t just a strap – it also includes two of the BOBOVR B2 Battery Packs and the Twin Charger Station. They operate the same way described above in the BOBOVR BD2-P4 review.

A single USB-C cable runs along the strap very neatly and plugs into the headset’s USB-C port. It’s simple and clean; more importantly, the cable doesn’t get in the way.

With both batteries in use, you can double the playtime of your Quest 2. While using one, charge the other on the charging pad and play indefinitely! It takes about three hours to charge the battery from 0 to 100%.

Overall, I was incredibly impressed with this pack. It feels well-designed, well-made, and works.

What’s in the box:

  • Head strap x1
  • PU leather pad x1
  • Honeycomb pad set x1
  • USB-C cable x1
  • Twin Charger Station x1
  • B2 Battery Pack x2
  • Instructions and literature

Final Thoughts on the BOBOVR Battery Kits

BOBOVR products are exceptionally well made, feel premium, and are reasonably priced overall. While I have a few nit-picks, I can’t complain about the utility and comfort offered by the BOBOVR Battery Kits for Quest 2 and PICO 4. If you’re a VR gamer, you need these products to enhance your playtime in the most convenient way possible.

The BOBOVR M2 Plus Twin Battery Combo retails for £84.14/$89.99 at Amazon.*

The BOBOVR BD2-P4 Twin Battery  Upgrade Combo retails for £99.99/$99.00 at Amazon.*

You can look at their website for more information about BOBOVR and all the products they offer. You can find any products on Amazon if you want to purchase them.

* Prices correct at the time of publication

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