NewsEventsSteam Next Fest 2023 Has Arrived!

Steam Next Fest 2023 Has Arrived!


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The time has finally arrived, and this year’s Steam Next Fest starts today! With seven days of indie game developers showcasing their latest projects, there is bound to be something available for everyone.

What is Steam Next Fest?

Steam Next Fest is a week-long love letter to indie games. Developers can showcase and promote their projects and make demos available to play. It’s also so much more, with community at its heart. From live streams to chatting with the devs themselves, It’s like a virtual indie game convention. From a developer side, it’s an opportunity to shout loud and proud about what you’ve been working on, get early interest and visibility and, best of all, real feedback.

What kind of games will I find?

Think of a genre, and there will be a game in it that will interest you. There’s literally a little of everything. From action RPGs to roguelite horror. From Space base simulation to bullet hell and racing. It’s a great opportunity to try out something new and see what kind of games are coming in your favourite genres. We’ll cover plenty of Steam Next Fest games, and this page will be updated, so you have a handy guide.

Game Links

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Get Gaming!

Steam Next Fest has officially begun, so download and enjoy those demos! Let us know in the comments what games you try, and what we should keep an eye on.

James Refelian
James Refelian
When I was seven years old, I tried to write a spy novel. It was terrible; in case you wondered, but I’ve always loved stories. Then I got to play video games and suddenly here were stories that could be told in so many ways, coming to life in front of my eyes. I’ve been hooked ever since and enjoy games on pretty much every platform you can imagine! (Primarily PS5, Switch and PC (Steam Deck) with a lot of retro SEGA, Sony, and Nintendo). When I’m not gaming, I’m still writing that spy novel. If you love stories too, I hope my reviews and features help you discover something new! Find me on Twitter @Refelian66. Check out 60 Second Game Reviews on YouTube. Contact me with business inquiries at jamesrefelian(at)gmail(dot)com.

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