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Science Fiction in the Classroom: Using Movies to Spark Student Curiosity and Engagement in Science


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Back in the day, students used to visit the library to find books, journals, and papers that would answer their science questions. It used to be a time-consuming process since the average student would spend an entire day or afternoon perusing books to find answers. Nowadays, students don’t have to go through this process whenever they get curious or have to answer scientific questions. Using a digital gadget and a stable internet connection, they can get whatever they want in the blink of an eye. Tutors are also using modern technology to help learners stay engaged in class and understand important concepts. One of the popular techniques that tutors use to achieve this is playing movies in class. By reading this article, you are going to learn more about the benefits of science movies for middle school and how you can use it to spark student curiosity and engagement in science class.

How Science Fiction Movies Are Sparking Student Curiosity in Science

One of the common characteristics of scientists is curiosity. Scientists are always eager to learn new things that will aid in the growth and development of mankind. And it all starts in school. Nowadays, movies cover a wide range of topics that affect how we interact and live with each other. Science fiction movies cover important topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, food production, planets, and space to name a few. All these topics play an important role in sparking student curiosity. Think of this – if you’ve never seen or heard about artificial intelligence, it would be quite difficult to imagine how it can work. Or how you can live with it. However, with science essays by Writingbros and modern science fiction movies showcasing their potential, you can start researching extensively about it to learn more. When tutors encourage student to read free science esrsay samples and play science fiction movies in class, they accelerate student learning.

Using Science Fiction to Teach Real-World Science

While stem movies might like seem they are out of touch with reality, it has the potential of helping students become thinkers and innovators. If you watch movies in this genre, you’ll realize that most of them cover the major scientific topics in our modern world today. For instance, watching aliens living on other planets or transporting human beings to live in space for eternity might seem like a dream. However, these movies have propelled scientists to start asking questions and coming up with ideas that can help them achieve their goals. Some students get fascinated with a particular topic after watching a science fiction movie. And start conducting extensive research on it to find answers. Playing these movies in class and reading free science essay samples can help in writing inspiration and teaching individuals about real-world science.

How Science Fiction Movies Can Enhance Student Engagement in Science Education

You’ve probably read countless essay examples in college. And watched lots of educational movies since you were young. Both are great ways of learning new concepts. However, which learning method did you enjoy using? Most people will agree that watching shows is a better way of learning than reading. As a tutor, you are probably wondering why science fiction movies enhance student engagement in science education. First, movies save time. All you need is an hour or two to watch an entire movie. With books, you’ll have to spend a week or a month to finish reading them. Second, movies have a visual and audio appeal that captures the attention of learners. This is quite important, especially for visual and audial learners.

Let’s face it, it’s easier to watch a movie with all the audio-visual appeal than form an image in your mind as you read. Third, watching shows is normally considered a social activity. Therefore, playing sci-fi movies in class will allow learners to interact and learn more about the topic. Finally, learners don’t have to concentrate much on the movie to understand what is going on. Since it’s not a tiring activity, most learners love the idea of watching shows in class. When it comes to reading, students have to concentrate for a long period to understand the topic at hand. And this can be exhausting and demotivating in the long run.


Thanks to rapid technological advancement, you can easily find science videos for students on the web. While science fiction movies might seem like they are out of touch with reality, they do cover topics that play important roles in our lives. For instance, think of living in space or on another planet or creating robots to simplify the lives of people and boost the productivity of organizations. All these topics can spark curiosity among college students and propel them to find answers. The most successful people in our world today are those who achieve the unimaginable. As a tutor, playing these movies in class will help your students stay engaged. And they’ll grow and thrive in the long run.

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