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How is Technology in Movies Revolutionising our Understanding of Ancient Egypt


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With a rich history and mesmerising mysteries that move us into the past, ancient cultures have always held a unique attraction for people. They’ve all contributed to developing the entire world today. But, among all the ancient civilizations the world has ever known, the ancient Egyptians always remain the most captivating.

There’s more to ancient Egypt than the incredible tales we hear about the pharaohs and dynasties who dominated the land of sand and great pyramids for long periods. The Egyptians left us a lucrative past in the form of discoveries and inventions that revolutionised the course of history and paved the way for the modern world. Technological advancements played a significant role in reviving ancient Egyptian culture and lifestyles so that people could understand them more beautifully.

Since its inception, the Egyptian Film industry has thrived and introduced a diverse range of unique features. The ancient films depict Egypt’s rich culture, the journey of its civilization, and its influence on international space, ranging from political panoramas to epic cultural dramas to mesmerising love stories.

As soon as cinema made its debut, every filmmaker wanted to bring Egyptian antiquity to the big screen. And this fascination continues even today – with more details about our history being revealed by the world’s bravest and smartest explorers.

Not only are films being made, but other entertainment industries have also gotten in on the act as technology has allowed everyone to be able to be as creative with the theme as possible.

For instance, iGaming developers have continued to create new casino slots with Ancient Egypt themes, with an example being the 32Red Pharaohs Fortune offering which beautifully depicts ancient Egyptian culture, while we have seen a number of stories, and even music be created from the time period, too. These, along with films and documentaries, are still being produced for a large fan base.

Today, we’ll look at how technological advances in the film help us beautifully understand ancient Egypt.

Gods of Egypt

Gods of Egypt, shot in the Australian desert as the Sahara was considered too dangerous, depicts a battle between the Egyptian god Horus and Set, the god of darkness and widely regarded as the model for Western Satan. The film’s plot is focused on the Egyptian myth “The Contendings of Horus and Set,” in which the two gods fight for control of Egypt.

Exodus: Gods and Kings

Christian Bale’s performance as Moses in this picture brings the ancient Egyptian culture to life with stunning detail and accuracy. The story follows Moses from infancy, when he was saved by a pharaoh-ordered genocide of all male babies, until his ultimate realization that he is Hebrew and leads his people eastward out of Egypt into their 40-year desert journey. This beautifully painted narrative captures every emotion possible throughout its compelling plotline.


Hypatia of Alexandria is a renowned figure in ancient Egyptian history and an inspiration to all. This remarkable woman was far ahead of her time; she taught philosophy, mathematics, astronomy and more -all activities that were typically seen as forbidden for women at the period. Not only did she act as mentor-teacher to a class full of male pupils but also assisted in cataloguing thousands manuscripts from the Library of Alexandria while defending them against Christian mobs at Greece. Truly Hypatia’s legacy is another masterpiece illustrating Egypt’s unique heritage!

The Loves of Pharaoh

Amenes (Emil Jannings), the Egyptian pharaoh, had a crush on Theonis (Dagny Servaes), an enslaved Greek. However, Theonis refuses his advances because she has already fallen in love with Ramphis (Harry Liedke), the son of Amenes’ master builder. Despite this, Amenes marries Theonis and enslaves Ramphis, enrages the King of Ethiopia, Samak (Paul Wegener), and declares war on him.

The Mummy

3700 years after his death, Imhotep (portrayed by the renowned Boris Karloff) was beckoned back to life with a mysterious scroll. His mission? To find the reincarnation of his ancient love in modern Cairo. Ardeth Bay is how he disguises himself as he begins his search for long-lost ardour–but that’s not all this legendary masterpiece has to offer: each minute detail has been carefully researched and expertly portrayed!

Final Thoughts

Multiple movies pay homage to ancient Egypt today. Most of these stories are inspired by the Book of Exodus, which contains a wealth of ancient times and myths. Watching these films and other masterpieces will give you a better understanding of life in Ancient Egypt and how this extraordinary society dominated and had such a massive empire for over 30 centuries.

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