NewsKYC Procedures in Gamling: Brief Overview

KYC Procedures in Gamling: Brief Overview


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The online gambling industry has experienced a tremendous surge with various sports betting sites and online casinos offering massive selections of games. The growing number of online gambling sites intensifies financial crime and other opportunities for criminals to launder money. The KYC process is relevant for regulated operators to maximize security and engagement by reigning transparency in the platform. 

Although there are many gaming sites that do not conduct identity verification, many casinos still prefer to adhere to KYC standards to protect their businesses from fraudulent users, problematic gamblers, and money laundering. Since this protective measure has become a prime target to make sure that their platforms are trustworthy, take a look at the key KYC processes that every player must complete.

Common Stages of Identity Verification at Online Casinos

Despite the huge number of online casinos, most of them make customers undergo similar KYC procedures. Usually, those are: 

  • Account registration
  • Email verification
  • Documents upload

Below, we’ll look deeper into each of these stages.

Registering an Account on a Gambling Site

Before everything, you are required to register at your chosen gambling platform which evidently controls your onboarding process and KYC. You need to go to the official website of the trustworthy web-based casino by selecting a suitable link related to the registration step. Once the registration page is opened, you have to fill in some required and personal information. 

For the online gambling site registration, the common details include your full name, current address, date of birth, email ID, pincode, and your preferred payment option. After supplying these common details, you need to create your username and password for your gambling account. Your password must be strong with 6 to 8 characters. Nonetheless, these documents can vary from operator to operator. Generally, the more documents the operators require, the more secure the casino’s usage barrier.

Verifying Your Email Address

Another step is email address verification, something important you must complete in order to start playing. It aims to make sure that the players have the right age to gamble. Therefore, those who skip this process won’t be able to access the platform. Great news for players is that some offers allow gamblers to get no deposit free spins with no verification. In general, you need to provide valid documents to verify your identity. 

Reputed gambling sites always detail what documents they require for this procedure so you will be able to choose the one you want to supply them. It is undeniable to see many newcomers worry about their details during the registration process. Thus, the best option that you have to do is to pick a reliable online casino that you trust. Informed yourself through various steps such as reading the casino’s reviews, learning its operating licence, and understanding its terms and conditions. This way, there is no need to worry about providing your personal details.

Providing Documents for KYC Procedures

One of the reasons why KYC is important is that it helps casinos to ensure that their customers meet all legal requirements. If you are new to a web-based casino, you need to know that KYC is required in two different cases: after your registration and before your withdrawal. In both sign-up and withdrawal approaches, the legit online casinos require you to submit documents to prove your identity, and sometimes to verify that you have sufficient funds. These documents include proof of identity, proof of address, and a bank statement.

  • Proof of identity. Downloading proof of identity documents is common in every gambling site to verify all players. The samples of the documents that the casino can request as proof of identity include a copy of the identity card or driver’s license, or passport. These documents must confirm the user’s full name, date of birth, and pictures.
  • Proof of address. Another KYC document is the proof of address that can include your utility bill and bank statement with your name and address. It deserves to mention that these documents must be issued within the last three months of the date of submission.
  • Bank Statement. Gamblers who use online payment options are required to submit a screenshot of their bank statements that include their names, account numbers, and the logo of the bank. Furthermore, the e-Wallets users can also supply a screenshot of their accounts with their names on online casinos.

In a Nutshell

As online gambling explodes in popularity, so do financial crimes. By evaluating the level of risk each gambler presents, KYC is applied to protect them from illegal funds and transactions. This tool was initially used in financial institutions to ensure that their customers are not involved in money-related crimes. However, now KYC is mandatoryfor gambling operators in several countries including the UK to offer a fair and secure experience to the players. As this industry depends on security to survive, providers should focus on joining these trusted sites. 

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