Christmas 2022Review: Xplora XGO3 GPS Smartwatch

Review: Xplora XGO3 GPS Smartwatch


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Here is our review of the Xplora XGO3 GPS Smartwatch aimed at children.

The Xplora XGO3 smartwatch for kids is a perfect introduction to the digital world and comes with all the key features to be onboarded safely. It provides comfort, fun, and security in everyday life for the whole family. Thanks to mobile connectivity, children can discover the world carefree and communicate with their friends and relatives at any time.

Xplora offers the highest level of data security, making it the most secure product in its category, and has been tested and approved by TÜV. All communication is encrypted. This means there is secure encrypted communication between the kid’s watch, the cloud server, and the parental app. In addition, the Xplora kids smartwatch is not connected to the Internet. The data storage has been carefully designed according to the GDPR regulations. These factors combined make Xplora safe and suitable for children. The Xplora smartwatch is equipped with the technology of a smartphone. However, the features are adapted to the needs of children. Most importantly, unlike ordinary smartphones, the smartwatch has been designed with security measures that protect it from possible hacking or cyberbullying.

All Xplora watches are set up and managed via the Xplora app. This way, parents always have an overview and control. They can enter and add contacts via the app, and only these contacts are visible on the Xplora watch. The child can only communicate with the contacts that have also been stored by the parents. The live location of the watch can be viewed by the parents at any time via the app. All other functions, such as setting an alarm, school mode, or safety zones, are also controlled via the parental app.

Xplora believes that kids should be encouraged to stay active and explore the world around them. Xplora’s reputation as the world’s leading smartwatch for kids has allowed us to be pioneers in this space. Using our revolutionary rewards system, kids receive 1 Xplora Coin for every 1,000 steps they take. Xplora Coins are valid in the unique Goplay platform that features fun games, activities, and exciting campaigns. Working with major film and TV companies such as Paramount, Warner Bros, Universal Pictures, and Netflix, we run regular campaigns on the Goplay platform, encouraging children to be more active. These often include competitions and amazing prizes for topping the leaderboard.


  • Phone
  • Messages and Voice Messages
  • GPS Location Function with SOS and Safety Zones
  • School Mode
  • Step Counter, Stopwatch, and Alarm
  • Camera, Gallery, Emojis

What’s in the box?

The box contains the XGO3 smartwatch, charging cable, instructions and a SIM removal tool.

A Closer Look

Final Thoughts

The XGO3 looks and behaves just like a smartwatch – because thats exactly what it is, just one designed for a child. Its a little chunkier than an adults smartphone but that makes it easier for smaller hands to use.

The XGO3 comes with a sim included in the box – you just have to activate it and then take out a subscription in order to use some of the features of the watch like GPS tracking, with the subscription costing around £7.99 a month, but this does include unlimited calls and data on the watch.

Setting up the XGO3 was fairly simple – just download and install the Xplora app and then follow the onscreen instructions.

The Xplora app is what you as a parent would use in order to track where the watch currently is. The app also controls what the watch can do, when it can do it (there is a School mode that disables certain functionality during the school day), who can be contacted from the watch and so on. It’s worth checking if your childs school will allow them to wear a smartwatch though.

If you child is worried or needs help, there is an SOS button on the watch which sends a message to an emergency contact.

Charging is via the included charger – a full charge should last a day or so, depending on usage.

The screen is clear and easy to read and the watch itself is waterproof so it should protect it if there are any little accidents.

The only calls that can be made or received on the watch are from pre-approved numbers added via the app – that stops them from calling the wrong numbers or receiving unwanted calls.

The Goplay platform encourages children to be active and earn rewards in games – this is a good way to get the child to play! Once they start earning those xcoins they want want to stop!

The camera is 2MP, not the greatest camera around but certainly good enough to use on the watch and enables your child to take pictures and have fun.

The XGO3 makes a great smartwatch for your child!

The XGO3 is available now priced around £139.99 (although at the time of the review it was available at £119.99) and is available in Blue, Black, Green, Orange and Pink. SIM plans start from £6.79 per month.

You can learn more from the Xplora website here.

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