Christmas 2022Review: Squares Multi-Colour Starter Kit from Twinkly

Review: Squares Multi-Colour Starter Kit from Twinkly


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Have you ever wanted to create a cool multicolour display you can control? If you have, you might want to check out our review of Squares Multi-Colour Starter Kit from Twinkly.

An interactive mosaic made of dazzling “mega” pixels, Twinkly Squares flawlessly marries technology and innovation with the sleek and elegance of interior design.

The first of its kind, Twinkly Squares’ smart LED wall panels each feature 64 premium app-controlled, addressable LEDs specifically designed for brightness and colour quality in 16 million colours and can be combined with up to 15 extension panels – bringing unlimited creative potential for any space. Whether it’s creating stunning 8-bit pixel artwork and GIFs, widgets including weather forecasts or clocks, or just colours and animations – the opportunities to create huge displays of beautiful artwork are endless. 

Easily configurable via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Twinkly Squares can be controlled using the free Twinkly app, available for iOS and Android, and voice-controlled with voice assistants including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. Once the lights have been set up, the Twinkly app scans and maps each individual LED, allowing everyone to generate bespoke light design installations through a wide range of preset effects and animations, as well as the ability to create custom effects from scratch using the FX Wizard tool. 

To take home or office decoration to the next level, Twinkly Squares can also be combined with lights in the home via Twinkly Music, a USB device with a built-in microphone that interprets ambient sounds and music in the home and applies matching colours and effects to the lights.

What’s in the Box?

The Starter Kit includes 1 x master panel and 5 x extension panels, as well as a USB-C cable and power adapter. 

A Closer Look

Here are some of the things you could do with the Squares:

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a gamer or someone who wants something cool in the room, the Squares enable you to create something unique and very cool.

The starter kit comes with 6 panels to start off your personal masterpiece, you can buy more to add to those.

Set up each panel using the clips and cords into the pattern you want, then download the app to your device and configure them just how you want them to look and act. Each LED on each panel can be controlled so you can really let your imagination go wild.

You can create your own display or use one of the existing ones, the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless.

Using the app you can even schedule different things to happen – you’ll probably spend a lot of time just playing with all the various options trying really hard to find the one you want to keep because there are so many possibilities – but again, that’s half the fun.

If you have Razer Chroma RGB & Omen Light Studio you can set them up to sync with your gameplay, or you can have them sync up to your music.

The Squares also can be controlled using your voice using Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple home kit.

The Squares are really easy to set up, fun to watch and experience, and the possibilities are endless – you will want to add more and more and change up your Squares often!

The Squares Multi-Colour Starter Kit from Twinkly is available now priced around £249.99.   

You can learn more from the Twinkly website.

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