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Christmas comes early!


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It is the middle of October, so that can only mean one thing, yep, Hallo… I mean Christmas guides. With every major brand looking at the Christmas rush, my job is to highlight some of the best offers each company creates. So, today, we’re going to look at online retailer Cyberpower, and their incredibly eye-catching and powerful machines.

With many stunning options available on their website, it can be hard to choose which one you want. They offer a vast range of prebuilt laptops and PCs, as well as the option to design your own. However, being both knowledgeable and brave enough to pull the trigger can be a daunting task. Therefore, why not sit back, read this guide, and then give the helpful people of Cyberpower a nudge when you are ready to go ahead?

Christmas comes early at Cyberpower HQ.

I know what you are all thinking. It’s October, so what are you playing at? Well, some crazy people start Christmas shopping in January, so in comparison, you’re about 9 months late. However, stop worrying about this as Cyberpower has a deal that is hard to resist. Everyone loves the opportunity to win their money back, right? Well, once you’ve invested your hard-earned cash into your new shiny gaming PC or laptop, you can enter the draw to be given it all back. Yes, you read that right, you could get your brand-new device for absolutely nothing. Now, you may worry that it’ll be complicated, and they’ll want every detail of your existence to enter, but you’re wrong. By Following the 6 simple steps, you’ll be entered into the draw and all you must do is hope that luck is on your side.

  • Sign up between 12/10/2022 – 1/11/2022.
  • We’ll email you an exclusive code.
  • Between 2/11/2022 – 3/01/2023, purchase a system.
  • Enter your exclusive code at the checkout and place your order.
  • You’ll be entered automatically into the draw.
  • The winners will be announced by email on 4/01/2023.

What do we recommend?

The gaming market isn’t as simple as people think. As such, there are an array of gamers that have unique needs and different budgets. Furthermore, you simply may not know what you need, and you’ll feel way out of your depth. If this is the case, look no further as we talk you through some great options.

Infinity 125 RTX PCs.

These stylish and oh-so-powerful rigs are an absolute must for the FPS fan in your household. With the new Call of Duty just around the corner, they are sure to want to smash the opposition. Thankfully, the immense GPU and CPU combine to deliver a whopping 144FPS. Now, I’m sorry console players, but you won’t be able to compete! Accordingly, any gamer who uses this beast will be one step ahead of the competition. Click here for more information.

Ultra 45 RTX PC.

Maybe you are a savvy parent who wants to upgrade your children’s gaming rig. Well, if that’s you, or you simply want a machine that is capable of gaming and work, then the Ultra 45 RTX PC needs to be considered. With a top-end graphics card and rapid CPU, this machine will handle most tasks with ease. What’s more, it looks incredible and it can be combined with Cyberpower’s accessory bundle. Subsequently, you can complete the setup in one easy move. Click here for more information.

Ultra 55 RTX PC.

Now we get to the elephant in the room, and that is money. Maybe you want a high-end rig, but you worry about the cost. This is understandable, but don’t let unnecessary obstacles get in your way. Cyberpower has created the Ultra 55 RTX PC for casual gamers. This fantastic device offers fast performance, great graphics, and a head-turning case. As such, you’ll compete with the best gamers, but you won’t break the bank. Moreover, the well-rounded setup allows you to experience the best titles on offer with no compatibility issues. If this takes your fancy, click here!

Custom PCs.

One of the major joys of PC gaming is the creativity that comes with it. Consequently, you can create some works of art and Cyberpower are the best company to support those ideas. However, if you are unsure, or you don’t know your AMD from your Intel, then the sales experts are on hand to help. What’s more, you can use the handy Build my PC tool to point you in the right direction.

Prebuild PCs.

Maybe you are in a rush, or you don’t mind what components you have. If this is you, then you could consider one of the amazing Prebuilt PCs on offer. These market-leading machines have every top-end component you see in the other devices, but they are already built and ready to ship for Next-Day delivery [1]. This could be the perfect option for those that have limited time, a specific budget, or a lack of knowledge. Whatever the reason, you’ll be investing in an amazing machine that will be set up and ready to go the very next day.

Cyberpower offers a great range for everyone.

It’s rare that a company offers such a wide variety of machines. In my experience, not every avenue is exhausted, and not every consumer is accounted for. Yet, Cyberpower is different! With a range of PCs, laptops, and custom builds on offer, there really is something for everyone. Furthermore, if you sign up between 12/10/2022 -01-11-2022, and purchase a system between 2/11/2022 – 3/01/2023, you have the opportunity to win your money back. Consequently, if you are in the market for an amazing game-changing experience, then look no further than the knowledgeable people of Cyberpower.

(More information on Cyberpower can be found here!)

[1] Order by 2 pm (Monday-Friday), and they’ll prepare your system for next-day delivery, ready to plug in and play.

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Daniel Waite
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