GamingReview: Jack Move

Review: Jack Move


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Did you ever want to play a short and to the point J-RPG with a cyberpunk theme? Well Jack Move is there to scratch that itch! Jack Move is developed by So Romantic and published by HypeTrain Digital. While the game itself has flaws, overall, Jack Move offers players a decent experience in 5 to 10 hours.


As with most J-RPG’s the gameplay consists of moving from location to location while having turn-based battles between. There is also the occasional looting. The battle system is quite classic. You have normal attacks, abilities, and special moves. The general variety surrounding the battle system is not anything astounding but it does get the job done without becoming boring. I personally am not a huge fan of turn based combat so my opinion might possess bias.

Your characters levels up and gets increased stats with each battle, eventually becoming quite strong. I also felt that game became too easy after a certain point. Battles didn’t feel fatal or challenging. It is a bit disappointing to become overpowered in a very short game.

Enemy Variety

The enemy types don’t lack variety. Some of them even have different “forms” as the battle goes on. I was generally very happy with the enemy variety. Until you reach a point of becoming very strong, the difference in enemy types and their weaknesses do add a bit of spice to the gameplay.

There is also a good bit of diversity when it comes to the “decks” you can build for battle. You can customize your battle loadout before and in battle to keep things interesting. While most of the abilities are classic, there are a few cool ones.

Keeping in mind I am not a J-RPG fan, I still felt content with the assortment of gameplay and didn’t get too bored during my playtime.


This is where Jack Move brings it home. Let us start with the visuals. Overall art direction in the game is very successful. The environments feel part of the world, enemies and characters look alive. The animations are very good as well as the sound effects that accompany them. I did not get tired of looking around the city and various locations throughout the game. Jack Move get’s a big A+ in the art department.

The trend of excellence continues with the music as well. The soundtrack of the game is really good. Whether it be to hype the player or convey the emotion of situation, it never failed. The music doesn’t lose sight of the overall theme, it even brings it up. There is a perfect harmony between the cyberpunk city and the game’s soundtrack.


Once again, I am not a fan of J-RPGs personally. However, I didn’t hate my time with Jack Move at all. I would credit this feeling mostly to the art and music. They were certainly excellent. The gameplay while staying true to the J-RPG roots, offers a bit of its own variety. I’m glad it’s a short game because if it were longer, it might’ve overstayed its welcome. I’d suggest Jack Move to anyone wanting to give a short to J-RPGs, since it could be too easy of a game for a fan of the genre.


+Great soundtrack
+Beautiful visuals
-Over levelling problems
-Short run-time
(Reviewed on PC)
Devrim Kurt
Devrim Kurt
Video game enthusiast and a wanna be game designer. From action games to simulation and strategy, every video game has something to offer and an experience to be had. I live my life chasing those experiences.
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+Great soundtrack <br /> +Beautiful visuals <br /> -Over levelling problems <br /> -Short run-time <br /> (Reviewed on PC) Review: Jack Move