GamingReview: Seagate FireCuda Miles Morales External Hard Drive

Review: Seagate FireCuda Miles Morales External Hard Drive


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Here is our review of the new Seagate FireCuda Mile Morales External Hard Drive.

Channel your spider-sense with the officially licensed Miles Morales Drive. The design of this Special Edition FireCuda External Hard Drive blends into your collection as seamlessly as Miles’ camouflage. Red LED lighting casts a web of atmosphere over your whole setup, while the massive capacity can carry all your games, files, and media while on the move.

What’s in the box?

The box contains the Miles Morales FireCuda hard drive, USB cable, quick start guide and some cool stickers.

A Closer Look

Setting Up the Drive

When you first connect the drive to your computer you can click on either a Windows app or a Mac app. In my case I clicked on the Mac app and it brought up the registration box and also a link to download Toolkit (which you will need if you want to change the colours on the drive or set up file protection).

Once Toolkit was installed I could see the drive, and also a notification that I needed to perform some updates in order to use the RGB features – so all I had to do was click a button and then reboot my Mac.

Once the reboot was completed it was just a case of clicking the plus sign in the RGB option to go into that feature. From there you can change the intensity of the illumination, or turn it off all together. You can also set up your own colour options, including rainbow options if you so wish. It’s all really quick and easy to do. Personally I loved the default Red so after playing around with the different options I put it back.

The other option in Toolkit is called Mirror. Basically this enables you to set up a 2-way sync folder between the user folder (or any other folder you select) and the drive. Anything added or removed from those folders will automatically be mirrored to the other. This saves you having to do it all manually – which saves a bit of time and hassle and ensures whatever folder you select to mirror will always be backed up.

Speed Test

The following is the results of the Blackmagicdesign Speed Test run on the Mac.

Final Thoughts

External hard drives are always useful, whether for backing up your files, storing games and saves, or anything else really. Why not have a drive that looks good and not just performs well.

In case you are not sure who Miles Morales is, he is a Spider-Man, from the awesome movie Into The Spiderverse (which also includes Ghost-Spider and Spider-Man, amongst others).

That’s where the Seagate FireCuda Miles Morales Hard Drive comes into play. The drive itself is black and has an embossed image of Miles himself on it, along with an LED strip that lights up when in use.

The drive itself is very lightweight and can easily be carried in a pocket or a bag if you need to take it places with you.

The drive also comes with a two year warranty and three years of Seagate Rescue Data Recovery which enables you to have Seagate attempt a data recovery on your behalf if something happens to the drive. This is a really great addition to the drive and one of those things you hope you never have to use, but you’ll be glad you had the option if the worst happens.

I found the drive to be easy to use, looks great and have great features, including the mirror option for my really important files. The 2TB’s quickly got filed up – but that’s a good excuse to get the Ghost-Spider and Spider-Man drives too!

Add the Miles Morales drive to your setup today – you won’t be disappointed.

The Seagate FireCuda Miles Morales Hard Drive is available now priced around £114.99. There are also Ghost-Spider and Spider-Man versions too! All three drives are 2TB and are compatible with both Windows and Mac.

You can learn more from the Seagate website here.

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