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Kickstarter is a bit of a mixed bag as there are some incredible ideas that never take off. As such, you never know what will happen whenever you invest. Luckily, the projects that I have backed have always come through and I’ve never been disappointed. Therefore, when I saw information on the Powchell Charger, I was intrigued.

No matter your hobby, the Powchell Charger will keep your devices charged.
Enjoy your hobbies and keep your tech charged.

What is great about the Powchell Charger?

I love the great outdoors, technology, and camping. However, these things don’t always work in harmony. The main issue is that modern life drains your batteries like never before. So, what is the solution? Yes, there are ample power banks and other options available, but they don’t tick every box. Normally, they lack power and storage or are just inconvenient. This is where the Powchell Charger is a game changer. Thanks to its incredibly intuitive design, you get a truly robust option that’ll charge plenty of devices no matter the situation.

Thanks to its intelligent cable management system, strong external case, and massive battery life, this will keep you going no matter how harsh the conditions are. Furthermore, there are both internal and external charging points. Moreover, it’s rated as waterproof IP67, and it floats. As such, it is going to be an amazing device for sports enthusiasts, campers, and festival-goers.

The Powchell charger is TSA-approved.
Take it on your flight as it is TSA-approved.

It is loaded with tech and interesting ideas.

Alongside all of this, the massive 20000mAh (74Wh) Panasonic battery is capable of fast charging. Both the internal and external ports will rapidly charge your devices to ensure you are up and running in no time. However, what I’m most excited about is its secure design. With ample internal storage, you can safely and securely keep your devices “juiced up”. This was particularly reassuring, as I hate to leave my valuables on display.

Finally, for those who travel a lot, this is TSA-approved for flights. What’s more, the over-engineered design makes it practically unbreakable. Consequently, it’ll be allowed with you on your flight and will survive the usual knocks and scrapes without issue.

The Powchell Charger will be starting its Kickstarter campaign very soon. If you are interested in the device and would like more information on it, then click the link here!

The Powchell Charger will charge any device via its fast charge USB ports.
Keep flying with the Powchell Charger.
  • No more flat batteries for your gear.
  • Internal and external charging ports.
  • Recharge at high speeds on the move.
  • Keep your gear protected from harsh elements.
  • Transport your gear with ease.
  • Stay organised and ahead of the game.
  • Waterproof IP67 and it floats.
  • Approved for air travel (TSA-approved).

Disclaimer for the Powchell Charger.

(This Kickstarter campaign is not affiliated with Movies Games and Tech. Any investment comes with the usual risks and all terms and conditions should be read before investing.)  

(More information on YONDAWAY can be found here!)

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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