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Review: Sniper Elite 5


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Sniper Elite 5 brings a whole new mission and a stunning environment to immerse the player. There are plenty of weapons to use and customize, locations to visit and explore, objectives to accomplish, and also a few multiplayer modes to change up how you play. One of the best features that this game includes is the enhanced Kill Cam, where you will be able to see the weapons’ powerful blow take a devastating toll on the enemy’s body you are killing through playback!

Before the game fully begins, we learn about a true event that occurred in history which this game’s story involves around, Franch 1944, D-Day. It’s well presented through a cinematic scene at the beginning, using real footage of actual events. Next, it’s your time to shine! Adjusting the gameplay, selecting the mode, the stage, and getting started to take part in this devastating war. Given you the chance to prove your heroic skills to put a stop to the Nazis’ plot to invade Europe.

The main character, who we get to play is known as Karl Fairburne, who is the main hero in all of the series of Sniper. This time he is united with a covert team of US Rangers, working together to accomplish the main objective to fulfill Operation Kraken; taking down the Nazis and stopping their plot to move ahead in the war. There are also plenty of small objectives to accomplish before this goal can be achieved. Making this game is filled with hours of action-packed attacks, new weapons, locations, and items to discover. Plus, with all the customizability with the weapons and plenty to acquire from the target or found in the game, there is no doubt that you will be able to achieve victory and put a stop to the war.

How Was The Game

I honestly can’t say I’ve played any Sniper game before, but I’ve always been a fan of war and combat-style games. So I knew I had to try this one and see what I’d been missing. Especially, with the ability to roam many large locations and use multiple weapons to kill the Nazis who are causing so much damage and grief to this world, well it’s a pleasure!

So when I actually sat down to play Sniper Elite 5 I was automatically hooked! The realistic environment and sounds, all together made me feel like I’m really there. Transported from my living room to 1944 France. Then add in the combat skills with a cool feature, Kill Cam mode, it’s truly phenomenal! I couldn’t help getting myself immersed in the action and the game entirely. The time that the creators have taken to get an accurate design of the locations in this game is outstanding, and to be able to really investigate and roam the many different areas, whether secret or visible to the eye is what really lured me in. I always loved a game with realistic surroundings that aren’t just there for looking at but to be explored.

Now being the heroic Karl Fairburne and using all the equipped weapons to shoot down enemies at a far range is totally awesome! Even more that it plays as expected, without delay when triggering a gun or using another weapon and the response and reaction it brings to the target. Especially for a veteran playing, I just can’t stop enjoying the ability to use a scope and really take down enemies like a true sniper. Reaching targets from all distances and heights. Plus, with the many different weapons and items to use to attack with, it just feels like a realistic battle scene comes to life.

Additionally, the details of each character in the game have been nicely designed, from their clothing to their facial features. They really look and act the part, making the game so much more realistic, including the close-up scenes and views from a distance. Honestly, everything about the game is so realistic and it’s just amazing how much time it must have taken to get the details just right. This includes the moving and sitting vehicles, the buildings, weapons, the body movement of each character in the game, and of course, the objects that you get to pick up and use. I just applaud the game for this beautiful artistry.

So before getting into the game, there is so much to do and see, then it’s time to hit the real objectives. It’s very clearly shown on the screen what is required to move on in the game, but the fun part is that it can be always returned too and there isn’t any set or limited time for the most part. You are free to take your time and slowly catch up to the target, overthrowing them with a surprise attack if you’d like.

When I began, I just was ready to go in like a bulldozer and overthrow the enemies as best as I know-how. Thankfully, the controller mapping is easy to understand and took only seconds to learn. From the beginning, it’s practically teaching you while you play the real game and each time you attack or move to do something else, it will help provide the buttons required to activate or use a specific technique or tool in the game. Afterward, it becomes easy to recall and almost feels as if you were born to play this game.

I also want to point out that I’m proud I allowed the theatrical scenes to play through. It helps to listen to the entire story before moving on. As I normally move to pass the chatter by skipping right to the action, I really was drawn into the game’s narrative and wanted to know what is going on, what I’ll be facing, or what is still to come. Once moving along, the many objectives requiring things to be destroyed, found, and defeated with the many combat scenes are plentiful. When you move on, in different areas of the game new objectives appear and add to the mission. It’s nothing but action and engagement of all types. The many battles that you’ll face are just marvelous, there is just plenty and I wouldn’t even ask for more!

When it finally comes to the end, I felt the game had concluded flawlessly. It didn’t let me down or feel as if the game only starts good, stays constant during the middle, and drops at the end like there was no time to make a perfect ending. Instead, it really heightened my delight just a bit more with this abolishing the launches, taking down so many more targets with hand weapons and guns, and even demolishing objects and vehicles. I truly can’t say that there was one part I loved most because every part of the game had so many great combat scenes and many objectives and assignments to play through pure perfection!

Before I forget, there was one feature that made the kills even more memorable, which I’m so thankful that they included in this game, that was the Kill Cam. This provided an experience to the game that is out-of-this-world exhilarating! It’s giving me the ability to see the weapon I’m using takes a real toll on the enemy’s body. It’s like watching a quick war scene in a movie, where you really see the blood splatter, the skin pulls away from the body revealing the inner tissue, veins and so much more!

It may be gruesome, but it really shows how destructive and powerful the weapon being used, can really make an impact on the human body. Though many who play may find it to be a bit too much at times, so thankfully there is that ability to turn this off. I, on the other hand, played with it for the majority of the game because it was such a cool feature, and I wanted to really enjoy how nice of a shot or the effect my weapon had delivered to each enemy. Well, the ones it would slow down to show the real effect of the hit my bullet caused.

By the way, there were a few issues I felt could have been better. Nothing with how the game plays, but sometimes, I do wish that we could leap a little. Like a small jump or just being able to move over objects like tree trunks that are blocking one’s way. There are locations heading towards the side that seems possible to climb over but instead, our character just won’t budge. Instead, we have to walk all the way around, which during a combat moment may not really be the best chance to survive if they are all attacking and we can’t move anywhere. I just feel in reality, if we can climb over trenches and walls, why can’t we easily climb over a few sturdy tee trunks, small and low to the ground fences, rocks, and many other small objects left piled up on the ground?

One other is that the weapon changing appears a little off. It looks as if you are switching and dropping or like the weapon in our hands before we switch just vanishes. It’s not a flaw that would be horrible to cause someone to stop playing, but just these small things seem to remove the realistic feeling from the game. At least, the speed of loading and saving is quick and there is no stall or that much of a lag in-between.

Of course, even when the game is done and over, there are still other ways to play. Honestly, the game isn’t really over, you can actually try a few other game modes, to make it even a bit more challenging and interesting. For example, you can play with others through the co-op mode. The ability to join someone else’s campaign, help as a team, sharing ammo and other items as needed. Honestly, who doesn’t like to have a team of friends to fight alongside with? I honestly was ecstatic to see my hero help fight alongside another.

However, there is one other mode that can be triggered on or off, Invasion Mode. This can be fun and also frustrating if you are not as well equipped as the other intruder. This mode allows the game to be about stopping and putting an end to the invader before they defeat you! A game more like cat and mouse, as some would say when you have this option turned on.

Final Thoughts

Sniper Elite 5 is one of those games that even after I played it from beginning to end, I’ll still want to play it over and over again! It provided so much that I loved and not much to dislike. The features and the graphics are just perfect. Everything about the weapons the details in the locations, movements, Kill Cam, and so many others really made the game entertaining and well worth playing!

Plus, I couldn’t pull myself away from the game, as it had me captivated for hours. Therefore, it really must be great! So if you are looking for a game that will have you engaged for hours through combat, keeping your attention with new objectives to take on, and plenty of ways to play then you must check this game out! Any Sniper fans who have tried the others in the series will find this game to be just as great or even better. The experience is something, unlike anything else I’ve played before! Truly an amazing game!


+ Excellent Enhanced Defeat with Kill Cam
+ Phenomenal Graphcis and Detailng
+ Realistic Actions and Scenes
+ Plenty of Assignments, Discoveries, and Combats

- Minor Realistic Appeal Realistic Flaws
- Limited Character Functional Movements

(Reviewed on the Xbox One)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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+ Excellent Enhanced Defeat with Kill Cam<br> + Phenomenal Graphcis and Detailng<br> + Realistic Actions and Scenes<br> + Plenty of Assignments, Discoveries, and Combats<br><br> - Minor Realistic Appeal Realistic Flaws<br> - Limited Character Functional Movements<br><br> (Reviewed on the Xbox One)Review: Sniper Elite 5