TechReview: Juice Melody Bluetooth speaker

Review: Juice Melody Bluetooth speaker


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If you are an outdoor person, you’ll probably own or be in the market for a Bluetooth speaker. These convenient and portable devices help to turn your outdoor space into the life and soul of the party. There is an array of devices on offer and they all have different features and pros and cons. The adage you get what you pay for in life is true. Therefore, what can I expect when I’ve paid only £10 for the Juice Melody Bluetooth speaker?

This small and lightweight device has a mediocre 3w speaker, a small battery life, and uses Bluetooth 4.2. It is tiny enough to fit in your pocket, has handy on-body controls, and is easy to set up. However, its build quality is questionable, and the speaker is tinny, crackly, and fails to deliver at high volumes. Luckily, the group of 6-year-olds who gathered for a party didn’t notice the inferior quality, but the adults cringed as it struggled to perform when playing the simplest of kids’ party tunes.

The Juice Melody Bluetooth speaker uses a simple and compact design.
A simple and refined design.

What’s in the box of the Juice Melody Bluetooth speaker?

  • The transparent packing is stylish, compact, and simple to look at. It presents the device nicely and is emblazoned with key information. What’s more, the packaging is 100% recyclable, and that’s fantastic.
  • The Juice Melody Bluetooth speaker. This small black speaker is lightweight and can be handled with its stringed loop attachment. It has a micro USB-B charging port and has easy-to-understand controls on the rear. Furthermore, it is made of a rubberised material but doesn’t feel robust or well built.
  • USB-B charging cable. The world’s smallest rubberised USB-B charging cable.
  • User manual. A straightforward guide to explain the fundamentals.

Technical aspects.

Speaker3 Watts
Battery Life2.5 hours
Compatible devicesBluetooth, non-Bluetooth, Mobile, Tablets, MP3’s.
Bluetooth4.2 enabled
Dimensions (cm)9.2W 9.2D 4.5H

If you use a wireless speaker, you need great battery life and excellent connectivity. Sadly, the Juice Melody Bluetooth speaker fails to excel in both aspects.

First, the battery life is appalling! With a small 300 mAh battery, the Juice Melody Bluetooth speaker lasts 2 and a half hours, at most. If you are entertaining for an extended period or camping for a while, the speaker will be flat almost immediately. Consequently, this makes one of its key selling points defunct and moot.

Other than the awful battery life, the connectivity is not great either. Unlike more expensive devices that use Bluetooth 5.0 onwards, this device relies on Bluetooth 4.2. Now, it isn’t terrible, but it impacts the range and speed of the connection. When you want to focus on having fun, you don’t want to be setting up your device.

The packaging alludes to immersive sound by connecting two speakers with TWS. I didn’t try this option, but I’m not sure it will polish out each issue. I imagine the problem with the volume will be resolved, but other than that, it would be quite painful, tinny, and uncomfortable.

Use the simple rope attachment to keep the speaker safe.
Hang the speaker using the simple rope attachment.

Is the Juice Melody Bluetooth speaker worth it?

Praise where praise is due, this little device is extremely eco friendly. 90% of its components are made from recycled plastics and that is simply fantastic. Combine this with the 100% recyclable packaging and I’m a happy man. However, in all honesty, this eco-friendly approach plasters over many large cracks.

If your product fails to live up to its key selling points, then it’s all over. Disappointingly, the battery life on the Juice Melody Bluetooth speaker is so bad that it’s almost unusable. What’s more, the sound quality is awful, and the connectivity is dated. However, I liked the idea of immersive sound via TWS, but not with these awful speakers. It is with a heavy heart that I cannot recommend you buy this product. Yes, I applaud their environmental vision, but everything else is eye-wateringly bad.


With the environment in mind, the Juice Melody Bluetooth speaker is off to a great start. Sadly, though, it goes downhill rapidly and never recovers. The battery life is woeful, sound and build quality are terrible, and the connectivity isn’t great, either. It fails to deliver on its key selling points and will leave you disappointed. I’m sure the company offers some great and more expensive products, but this one needs to be avoided.

(More information on Juice Melody can be found here!)

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