TechReview: GSP 301 Gaming Headset

Review: GSP 301 Gaming Headset


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Getting the right headset that works for your budget is a tough job. You want as much bang for your buck and weighing up each element is a minefield. I’ve experienced a vast range of headsets across my gaming “career” and I’ve sadly purchased some massive piles of tripe. Recently, however, I’ve luckily looked at both the Stealth 600 Gen 2 MAX and Stealth 700 Gen 2 MAX devices. These are considered high-end and have all the features to match. If your budget can’t stretch to these particular products, maybe you’d be keen to hear about the GSP 301 Gaming headset from Sennheiser?

This mid-range peripheral is wired, designed predominantly for the PC market, but can be used on any device with a 3.5mm audio jack. The brilliant white livery, simple design, and lightweight material make them stylish to look at and comfortable to wear. The over-ear cup design is smaller than its peers and this helps to reduce the temperature around your ears. What’s more, the generous memory foam ear pads improve passive noise attenuation.

Unlike some of its peers, the GSP 301 Gaming headset lacks pre-set modes, and some expected gaming features. Sadly, there is no bass boost or other popular options. This was disappointing at first, but once you forget about the extra settings, you experience an immersive and straightforward headset.

The GSP 301 gaming headset is a no thrills and straightforward gaming headset.
A no thrills but excellent headset.

What’s in the box of the GSP 301 Gaming headset?

  • The white box is understated, lightweight, and flimsy. Luckily, the inner packaging is more robust, and this ensures the contents are protected. The packaging is loaded with key information and highlights the excellent 2-year warranty. Disappointingly, however, the blend of cardboard and plastic is unnecessary and makes it harder to recycle.
  • The GSP 301 Gaming headset. This stylish and simple accessory has a 2m rubberised cable with 2*3.5 mm audio connectors. Its microphone is nicely housed next to the main body and a volume control wheel is located on the right earcup.
  • Audio connector. If you are gaming on a console or mobile device, you’ll need to use this 2 into 1 3.5mm audio connector. The gold plated accessory ensures that the sound quality is maintained no matter the device.
  • User-manual. A small but helpful guide to understanding the fundamentals.

Technical aspects.

Ear couplingAround ear
Transducer principleDynamic, closed
CompatabilityPC, Mac, OSX, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, anything with a 3.5 mm audio jack
International warranty2 years
Headphone frequency15-26,000 Hz
Microphone frequency response10-15,000 Hz
Pick-up patternNoise-cancelling

The wired Vs wireless argument has raged on for years. No matter what I say, people will always disagree. I’ve luckily used both, and I can see the pros and cons of each. The GSP 301 Gaming headset is exclusively wired and therefore, you need not worry about power. However, this does reduce your freedom a little, even though the cable is a whopping 2 metres long. The advantage of wired sound is a lack of interference. Consequently, every ounce of noise is delivered perfectly from your PC or console to your ears. Also, in theory, you shouldn’t experience any latency and this is essential when gaming.

The over-ear cup design helps to reduce outside noises. Yet, it doesn’t always work, and this is where a closed-back headset will always win. No longer will you worry about the kids distracting you, or the dog barking for attention. No, you are free to play your games without distraction.

Alongside this, EPOS Engineered sound has been incorporated. What’s this, you may ask? Well, it delivers oomph to the bass and helps to make a more immersive experience. Now, don’t confuse this with surround sound or 3D audio, because you’ll be disappointed. Instead, think of this as creating a richer but flatter audio that’s perfect for slower-paced gaming.

An excellent headset for party chat.

Gaming is a social endeavour, so what’s worse than a broken or poor quality mic? Let me answer that, the friend who eats down the microphone, that’s much worse. Anyway, I digress. The GSP 301 Gaming headset utilises noise cancellation technology for crisp party chat. Your online buddies will no longer hear rustling, crunching, and other annoying sounds unless you want them to.

On top of this, there is an instant mute mode when you flip the microphone upwards. Though this technology isn’t new or exclusive to this device, it is useful nonetheless.

Simple and effective headphones.

Is the GSP 301 Gaming headset worth it?

With so many feature-rich headsets on the market, the GSP 301 headset is undeniably basic. What’s more, the wired approach will put many gamers off. However, for the price of £69.99, you are getting great value for money. The closed-back option ensures that the volume is at a safe and comfortable level. What’s more, the EPOS Engineered sound enhances most gaming experiences. I loved the simplicity of the design, the accurate and responsive volume wheel, and the excellent noise cancellation for the microphone.

On top of this, the white livery, combined with black accents and no LEDs, makes it wonderfully understated. We quickly forget that RGB isn’t for everyone and some gamers like a refined look. Then, there is the lightweight and robust build quality. The headphones are comfortable for long sessions and your ears stay cool throughout.

Though there are many positives, I cannot overlook the lack of surround sound. This impacts its versatility and reduces the desirability for fans of action or the FPS genres. I was disappointed by the flat sound and the lack of a competitive edge these headphones delivered. This is a setback for an otherwise great accessory, but don’t let it put you off. All things considered, I liked them and I recommend you to buy them here!


The GSP 301 Gaming headset from Sennheiser is a fantastic mid-range peripheral. Yes, it doesn’t have every feature you’d like, but it delivers on many elements. I liked the wired approach and the benefits this offers, but I’d understand why many would be discouraged. If you game on multiple platforms, and you are not interested in FPS or action games, then this is a headset you should consider. Its performance and build quality are not quite 5 out of 5, but they are much better than a 4 out of 5. Therefore, I award it a generous Movies Games and Tech Gold award.

(More information on the GSP range can be found here!)

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
My gaming career started on an Amiga and spans many consoles! Currently, I game using an MSI laptop and Xbox Series X. A fan of every genre, I love to give anything a go. Former editor and reviewer for, I'm loving my new home here at Movies Games and Tech. I can be contacted for gaming reviews on the following email:

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