TechReview: Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller

Review: Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller


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For most gamers, “normal” accessories are suitable. We don’t need additional buttons, and Dolby Atmos is a nice to have, not a must-have. However, if we could get elite features at an affordable price, why would we settle for second best? Here is where the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller comes into play. It’s a feature-packed pad that won’t break the bank.

This fully wired controller is compatible with Xbox and PC. It incorporates Dolby Atmos as standard and has interchangeable weights and a fully mappable setup. What’s more, there is a helpful app to adjust sensitivity, the button layout, and the analogue ambient lighting. In short, it is user-friendly, can be as light or heavy as you like, and has multiple profiles for different genres.

Its wired approach may concern you, but it shouldn’t. The USB-C cable is a whopping 3 metres long and is made from a braided material. It’s robust, well-made, and built to last. I guess my only complaint was it was annoying to wind up and was too long when playing on my PC. But, these are minor things.

The Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller is robust and well designed.
A stylish and robust controller.

What is in the box of the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller?

  • The packaging is striking, sturdy, and screams “upmarket”. It is adorned with logos and key selling points and makes you excited to use it. Luckily, it is environmentally friendly and can be recycled if you so wish.
  • The Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller. At first glance, this looks to be a bizarre Sony/Microsoft hybrid. Furthermore, its design is subtle and understated. However, once you get to grips with it, you notice a textured finish, ambient analogue lighting, and comfortable button placement. Its build quality is unquestionably good, and it comes housed in a tough textile case. 
  • Revolution X weights and sticks. Every game needs a unique setup and Nacon has this covered. With 3 sets of weights and a pair of analogue sticks, the perfect setup is easy to achieve.
  • USB-C braided cable. This 3-metre power cable is built to last and is long enough for most setups. Thanks to the USB-C connection, it is easy to use and can be replaced if necessary.
  • User manual. A straightforward guide to help with the fundamentals of your controller.

Technical aspects. 

CompatibleXbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC
ConnectionDetachable USB-C
Cable includedYes
Cable length300 cm
Headset jackYes, 3.5mm
Surround soundDolby Atmos for headphones
Joystick positionAsymmetric
Programmable buttonsYes

Whenever you are in the market for a new controller, you want something comfortable, easy to use, and robust. Luckily, the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller ticks all these boxes. Now, its weird hybrid design is a little unusual at the start. However, you quickly become accustomed to its style. Alongside this, you’ll note that the buttons are slightly larger than the official Xbox peripheral. Again, this was strange at the beginning, but it soon feels comfortable and familiar. 

Talking of buttons, pro controllers are all about mappability. Fortunately, the helpful app can be installed F.O.C and used to create profiles for each genre. Moreover, you can select from 4 analogue sensitivity arks, and adjust the lighting of the right analogue stick. Most importantly, though, is the ability to map the controller. With 4 additional buttons, you can be one step ahead of your opponents with some clever planning. 

However, mapping the pad is only half of the battle! You need to be able to comfortably use the additional input options. Fortunately, the 4 buttons are located on the lower section at the rear of the device. Consequently, using them was easy and never felt alien. Furthermore, they are responsive, tactile, and a game-changer.

The Nacon X Pro Controller is designed for the Xbox One and Series X/S.
Designed for the Xbox One and Series X/S.

It’s all about the sound. 

Having a controller that is easy to use, customisable, and responsive is one thing. Yet this won’t make you stand out. No, combining this with an incredible audio output will. Therefore, what better combination than Nacon and Dolby? Some of you may believe that Dolby Atmos is a fad, but I can assure you, it is not.

Pro gamers have an advantage due to their amazing skills. But they also utilise precision sound to their benefit. The Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller has Dolby Atmos included in the package. Therefore, simply plug in your headphones (I recommend Turtle Beach), and enjoy the beauty of precision sound.

Is the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller worth it?

If you are a casual gamer, you may feel that this article is irrelevant. However, I beg you to reconsider. The Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller gives competitive players that pro edge, makings a huge difference. Yet, casual gamers can benefit as well. With adjustable weights and sensitivity, you’ll experience a game-changing accessory. Furthermore, its design is comfortable and the simple lighting is stylish. Alongside this, the wired approach ensures you never run out of juice, and that’s fantastic. If that doesn’t convince you, then maybe the excellent case, larger buttons, and mappable options will?

It is a controller that will appeal to many audiences and is great if you play on a console or PC. For me, it is as good as the Microsoft Elite 2 while being available at a fraction of the cost. Moreover, the app is excellent and the Dolby Atmos is incredible. I couldn’t be happier with it and I recommend you to buy it here! Take your experience up a notch and treat yourself to this affordable upmarket accessory.


Sometimes accessories take me by surprise. However, I knew the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller would be phenomenal. I have tested many controllers from PowerAGamesir, BigBig Won, and Microsoft, and it is one of the best. If you want an affordable pro experience, I suggest you look no further. 

(More information on Nacon can be found here!

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