GamingReview: Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles

Review: Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles


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Do you have what it takes to help return the ocean’s bioverse back to normal? If you think you have the time to solve some challenging puzzles while guiding our little hero in this game, Lumote to the end of each location safely, then you should give this game a go!

Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles is a fully illuminated 3D-style platformer that is not only an adventure game that needs you to find the exit, without getting harmed. Instead, it’s a puzzle game, which requires you to lead Lumote to the end after figuring out the correct way to do so. Each level is designed as towers in the sea, but the problem is mainly the puzzles you’ll face, as some may be a bit more tedious than others.

By the way, each of the beautiful levels glows so brightly from its design, and as Lumote takes a step, bounces, leaps, or in any other way interacts with the objects and ground, he also makes the tower-style levels light up. Many of the wonderful abilities Lumote possesses will be taught through the first portion of the game. As he can do so much without speaking and just using his unique creature-style body to interact with the other bioluminescent creatures and objects. Plus, there are many collectible items to be discovered and they are hidden around each part of the level, another side goal to enjoy while playing.

Oh yes, Lumote may be cute, including his adorable appearance and noises, as much as how beautiful the levels appear. However, cute doesn’t mean easy! This game will have a variety of hard to easy puzzling levels and some may be fast to solve as others may take some time. So if you feel you have the time and want to use your logical knowledge to figure out each level, then let Lumote brighten up your day!

Graphics and Sound

The game supplies a variety of luminescing colors, which works with the entire sea theme of the game. I loved the bright and lit-up levels design on these high towering platforms. It was really an excellent idea for the ocean bioverse design. Each towering platform has a squared-out design, simple and safe for moving around on, but the only issue is that it’s not safe if you miss the ledge. The edges aren’t blocked so you will fall fatally if you end up not getting on the ground fully. Nevertheless, it’s just what the game should include making it a bit more challenging than just about going easily through the levels without the chance to mess up.

The character’s design and the other bright creatures, really add a bit of friendly and welcoming love to the game. Making it perfect for anyone to play. No gore or fear in this ocean-style game, just tons of cute and adorable gameplay. Additionally, the movements were very normal to a platform game or one that you’d get when playing as a human. There is no flowing or swimming, even if it’s based in the sea. If you want to go left, right, jump or do anything else, it’s all controlled very easily with the remote and isn’t anything spectacular or different because of the game’s theme or character.

Possibly the way to interact with items may be unusual, but there isn’t something too pronounced that will stick out as much. One pleasure is that there are no worries of restrictions to move or get to leap higher; double jump in this game. Plus, the music that plays in the background is a perfect water-based game sound. It really complements the game quite nicely, adding this lovely tune to the underwater theme. So are the cute sounds of Lumote as he moves and interacts with items. Some sound human-like and others more of just cute noise.

Final Thoughts

Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles is such a luminous adventure and puzzling game. It’s absolutely full of levels to enjoy, with plenty of tricky obstacles to figure out. Some may go super fast, while others require a few learned skills and some logical thinking to figure out. I honestly love the difficult level of the game, it’s not too hard or too easy, but just one of those games that require more thinking than simply using weapons to defeat an enemy.

I did find a few features to be absolutely great, and it’s not including just the eye-catching character and level design. The game has a really easy-to-use and sensitive camera rotation, allowing a view from above, below, left, or even right. There is no blocking of the visible portions of the game. Another one is that I also enjoyed that Lumote can double jump. Many games don’t have this and I’m so used to it after playing others. It allows me to reach the height I want or just fulfill that need to click the button twice. Lastly, the level is in one single location, not a bunch of loading time is required.

However, there is one issue that I’ve encountered in the game when you mess up, sometimes it could be an issue or it could be still repairable. You have to plan right and restart that section, which is great that it saves each time you complete a portion or you’ll have to start it all over. Sometimes, I wished if there were no moves it would warn you that no further moves were available and you will need to be restarted. Just think it would be easier, but it’s just a small thing and my own opinion.

Lastly, this game is very nicely designed and the puzzles are challenging, requiring sometimes a few mistakes till you get them right. However, I love the use of logic when it comes to solving puzzles than playing a game to defeat enemies. Additionally, the sea-like background music, 3D graphics, and cute characters all play a great part in the game and it all just works! So if it’s solving puzzles under the sea where it’s lit up with plenty of bright-neon style lights and this cute bioluminescence style creature, well this is a fun game to wrap one’s mind around and be absolutely entertained with the lights.


+ Brillant Illuminate Graphics and Level Designs
+ Less Loading, One Giant World to Play Through
+ Variety of Challenging and Simple Puzzles

- Wish There Were a way to Warn When No Moves Can Be Made

(Reviewed on the Xbox One)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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Review: Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles+ Brillant Illuminate Graphics and Level Designs<br> + Less Loading, One Giant World to Play Through<br> + Variety of Challenging and Simple Puzzles<br><br> - Wish There Were a way to Warn When No Moves Can Be Made <br><br> (Reviewed on the Xbox One)