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Review: Moon Knight Episode 6


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Spoiler Free Review Moon Knight Episode 6

Although this is a spoiler-free review of Moon Knight Episode 6 all images used have been taken from the episode.

Moon Knight Episode 6 picks up right where the previous one ended and shows us the fallout of that fatal incident. What takes place is a race-against-time to save the world, and perhaps on a more personal level for the players to save themselves too. May Calamawy shows us that anyone can be a hero and, as we’ve seen all along, she is a force to be reckoned with. The character of Layla is fantastic and the development she gets in this episode is a ‘leaping-off-the-sofa’ cheer moment. Moon Knight deserves more episodes just so we can see more of Layla being awesome.

Ethan Hawke’s villainous Harrow is hell-bent on releasing the ancient Egyptian goddess Ammit to fuel his cult’s goals of exacting judgment. They’re targeting the souls of people who may not have even committed the crimes yet. Harrow has more depth than this, we really see the inner workings of his troubled mind and the nuanced performance is chilling.

It may come as no surprise that Oscar Isaac shone once more as the title hero. Playing multiple people sharing a scene is never easy, but he does it perfectly. He also brings his own flair to pre-existing comic book characters. We also get to see Moon Knight in action for a large part of the episode. It certainly feels more ‘superhero show’ when he dons the suit, but it also feels like so much more.

Moon Knight Episode 6 is a solid conclusion to the series. The stories are rounded out nicely, with room to expand into another series or movie if needed. It doesn’t feel incomplete. While a shame if we never saw any more Moon Knight, I’d be satisfied with this series as the MCU representation of one of my favourite comic book characters. The episode was nicely paced without rushing the conclusion as these things can often do. The action sequences were awesome, with wonderful shots displaying the fighting sequences well with the backdrop of impressive CGI action. Overall, this episode is as strong as the rest of the series and a satisfying watch.

Make sure to watch the mid-credits scene!

Thoughts on the series

Moon Knight Episode 6 concludes this Disney+ masterpiece in a wonderful way. It was slated for the longest time as a limited series, but I hope they change their minds. Moon Knight deserves more episodes. Simply, it’s the best series to have appeared in the MCU Disney+ line-up. It’s full of action, has deep lore, blends comedy with heartfelt topics wonderfully, and best of all? Addresses mental health in a way that most shows shy away from. Every character is brilliantly developed, and Oscar Isaac is superb in the title role. If there’s one series you choose to watch, make it Moon Knight.

James Refelian
James Refelian
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