TechReview: GXT 391 Thian

Review: GXT 391 Thian


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Picking the wrong headset can be disastrous for your gaming setup. This can be made worse if you have a limited budget and multiple devices to connect to. Consequently, you must consider how they sound, ease of connectivity, and build quality. There are also many other factors to weigh up as you think about your next purchase. I rarely look at entry-level headphones, so, therefore, I was intrigued when I was asked to review the GXT 391 Thian headset.

I’ve recently looked at the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen MAX headphones and I loved them. Subsequently, I was concerned that the GXT 391 Thian headset wouldn’t compare. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised as this multi-use peripheral is user-friendly, robust, lightweight, and has some decent audio quality. It has a flexible microphone, well-placed buttons, and it is made from recycled materials.

The GXT 391 Thian headset allows for wireless PC and PlayStation gaming.
Enjoy wireless PC and PlayStation gaming.

What’s in the box of the GXT 391 Thian headset?

  • The lightweight packaging is flimsy and uninspiring. Consequently, it was unfortunately damaged in transit. Luckily, though, the contents survived the posting ordeal. Furthermore, it has an insipid design because of its cooler colour palette that looks cheap and bland. However, it is emblazoned with useful information and the company logo. A massive positive from Trust Gaming is the fully recyclable packaging.
  • The GXT 391 Thian headset. This lightweight accessory has a basic but robust appearance. It can be used wirelessly or plugged in with a dual 3.5mm audio cable. The earcups are adjustable and have a cool and comfortable leatherette finish. Alongside this, there are well-placed on-ear controls that are simple to use.
  • USB C Charging cable. This cable allows for up to 13 hours of wireless gaming. The short rubberised cable is hard wearing and works from any USB A port.
  • USB wireless dongle. A compact and sturdy device that is automatically connected to your accessory. Turn on your headphones, plug in the dongle and listen to your heart’s content. 
  • 1.2m audio cable. A nylon braided cable that allows you to connect to any device with a 3.5mm audio port.
  • User manual. This simple guide depicts your setup with straightforward images.

Technical aspects. 

Earcup typeOver-ear
Frequency range20-20,000 Hz
Driver size40mm
Mute microphone
ConnectorWireless via USB dongle
3.5mm aux for wired connection
Wireless range10m
PlaytimeUp to 13 hours

No one wants to spend hours of their spare time setting up their gear. Luckily, the GXT 391 Thian works straight out of the box. Plug in the USB dongle or the audio cable and your headphones will work. Alongside this, the basic connections allow you to swap between devices with ease. Furthermore, the 5.8 GHz Wireless setup ensures fast and lag-free connectivity.

The rechargeable battery lasts up to 13 hours. Now, for serious gamers, this will be a little short. However, for casual players or those playing wired, this matters not. A clear and helpful LED indicates the charging status, and this prevents you from running out of juice.

With easily accessible controls, you can mute your mic, adjust the sound and toggle power. What’s more, the 40mm drivers deliver a wide range of tones and some decent bass. Consequently, the headphones add to the immersion of big triple-A games or movies you may watch. Furthermore, the bass isn’t too heavy on your ears. I have experienced headphones that leave your head buzzing. Fortunately, the GXT 391 Thian’s are more subtle. They rely on the 40mm drivers to deliver a crisp and comfortable sound.

The Wireless connection is not only lag-free, but it works perfectly on PC and PlayStation. This gives the headset a premium feel at an affordable price. However, for Xbox or mobile gamers, the wired approach is just as good. Both options have their pros and cons, and the lengthy audio cable ensures that you are still free to move about.

An excellent headset for PC and console gaming.
He looks happy with his headset.

Are the GXT 391 Thian headphones worth it?

With a vast array of headsets on the market, it can be tough to choose. Luckily, I think these affordable and straightforward headphones will appeal to many. Now, I found them a little understated for my liking and I prefer something more substantial. Consequently, they were lighter than I’d liked and the earcups were too small. What’s more, a bit of glitz and glam to the livery is never a bad thing. Sadly, the black design is just too simple and potentially a little dull.

However, looks and weight aside, there’s lots to like about this accessory. First, making your product from 85% recycled material is a winner in anyone’s book. Then to combine this with a robust and stylish look is just incredible. This is then enhanced further because of the user-friendly approach, excellent sound quality, a multi-use options. Subsequently, this is a great entry-level product and excellent for younger or casual gamers. Though it didn’t tick every box, I think Trust Gaming has delivered a solid and dependable peripheral that won’t break the bank. If you are in the market for an affordable headset, I recommend you buy it here!


This jack of all trades won’t compete with high-end headsets. Its understated looks, lightweight approach, and noticeable cheaper packaging highlight its key demographic and its shortcomings. Yet, if you want a multi-use accessory that ticks many boxes without being OTT, then this would be money well invested.

(More information on Trust Gaming can be found here!) 

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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