ReviewsReview: 1/6 Ultimate DX Sand Speeder Diorama Set

Review: 1/6 Ultimate DX Sand Speeder Diorama Set


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Here is our review of the 1/6 Ultimate DX Sand Speeder Diorama Set by JazzInc Dioramas.

Product purchased at retail.  

JazzInc Dioramas are a family-owned business that specialises in limited run, high-end custom 1/6 scale dioramas and vehicles. If you’re in the 1/6 scale community you’re probably aware of the amazing work, they do. If you’re not, you might find yourself picking up a few figures to go with their amazing pieces. With items from Star Wars and DC, ranging from environments like the Hoth cave to items like the Bat Computer and vehicles. Oh! The vehicles! Joost and his team have recreated in meticulous details the likes of the Millennium Falcon cockpit and the Justice League Batmobile. Current projects include the Snowspeeder from Empire Strikes Back and the Batmobile from The Batman.

With Rey’s Speeder from Episode VII, they continue the tradition of expertly crafted showstopping pieces. Made by fans, for fans.

What’s in the box

The box arrived from the Netherlands to the UK in very little time at all and I specifically chose to wait until now, May 4to open it. What better way to celebrate Star Wars Day!

The team provides a handy video to help you with the unpacking process. While the item is weighty and very well built it’s still a delicate display model. This is not a toy!

Once opened, the main body of the speeder is best left upright, with that to one side you can start to explore the rest of the contents. In addition to the speeder body in my box I had:

  • 1x foot pedal to insert (the other was already installed
  • 2x clear pillars that form part of the display stand
  • 1x sand colour display stand for the Speeder
  • 1x sand-detailed display stand for BB8 to sit next to the speeder
  • 1x netting to attach to the side with fantastic metal buckle details
  • 10x scrap pieces to place inside the netting, 3 of which are genuine metal pieces

Everything was well wrapped in tissue paper and in separate boxes and the speeder itself had a protective wrap inside the polystyrene box. It was very well packaged, and my item thankfully didn’t suffer any damages or issues at the hands of the couriers.


Again, I cannot stress enough the importance of following the video! You do not want to break this expensive display piece. Assembly is simple. Handling the speeder as instructed (it has a nice weight to it!) you stand it on its nose off to one side. Then you place the pillars into the base. These may be a little loose and this is due to allowing some expansion in different climates without damage. If yours is too loose, then you can add some tape underneath, but I didn’t find this necessary. Then you can carefully place the speeder onto the stand, angling as you like (don’t do anything extreme here as it still needs to stand without toppling!).

Insert the pedal, line up the slot, and then it’s a case of attaching the net. Using the metal hooks, it isn’t too difficult to do. Watch the video if you’re unsure of anything.

Finally, add the scrap to the net and/or around the marvellous 1/6 Ultimate DX Sand Speeder Diorama Set for Hot Toys Rey Episode VII to complete the look!

Unfortunately, my Episode VII Rey and BB8 figure set from Hot Toys is currently in storage, but you can use the desert gear on that figure and pose it while riding the speeder for an awesome look.

Paint and weathering

I own a couple of the diorama inserts that JazzInc has made previously, Star Wars corridors and the like, but nothing as exceptional as this. It’s my first vehicle from them and won’t be my last.

The paintwork is astonishing. The metal elements on the exhausts look like metal, the weathering on the engines looks like it’s traversed Jakku ferrying Rey and her scavenged materials. The rust marks, the wear on the orangey frame are all expertly finished. Since it was first shown I have always loved Rey’s speeder. I have a little diecast model of it on my desk. I have poured over technical manuals, photos, and concept art. What JazzInc has done is take all that reference material and perfectly recreate that in 1/6 scale to pair with the figures produced by Hot Toys.

This is a quality that even some of the biggest brands in the 1/6 scale industry cannot achieve. There’s a reason JazzInc are considered masters at the sixth scale dioramas and vehicles and a reason why they have such a loyal fanbase.

The overall impact, the weathering, the tiny details, and the rivets realty do make the item feel real, albeit smaller! It looks like metal, it looks used. I can’t stop staring at it.

Shelf presence

For those in the hobby wondering, or for anyone thinking of purchasing one for themselves, I can confirm that it not only comfortably fits on an 80cm shelf (IKEA’s Billy bookcase) but it commands that shelf. Give this item space, don’t hide it behind a million other things. Let those details shine – you won’t be disappointed. With some good LEDs, you’ll have an eye-catching display to show off your love of Star Wars, Rey, vehicles, or whatever reason it is you want this in your collection (or to start your collection!).

Thoughts and feelings

I’ve been collecting sixth-scale stuff for nearly a decade now. I even have a few vehicles made by other brands. None of them are as impressive, as beautiful to look at, or as detailed as this. Since taking the photos for this review I have relocated Rey and the speeder to a shelf above my desk. I keep craning my neck to look up and marvel at it. It puts a smile on my face every time I do. Sure, it’s a very expensive ornament. But it’s also so much more than that.

It captures my excitement for the sequel trilogy when they were first announced. My feelings when I queued up at midnight to watch Episode VII. Those hours pouring over concept art. This is the pinnacle of my Star Wars collection, for one of my favourite characters in the franchise.

Each time I look at this piece I discover something different. A new detail I hadn’t seen before. It’s astonishing. Breathtaking.


The 1/6 Ultimate DX Sand Speeder Diorama Set is a very well-built, beautifully detailed display piece that will enhance any Star Wars sixth scale collection. The detail and paint application are fantastic. It’s incredibly well-made and so simple to put together, so long as you pay attention to the unboxing and assembly video. I have no worries about it falling over, breaking, or suffering in any way as it sits with pride on my shelf.

The DX version offers additional elements to really complete the on-screen look. I love that the netting is real, the metal clips are metal, and the scrap is a mix of plastic and genuine metal pieces. It all brings it alive. I love that the team listened to the fans and included an extra base for BB8 to sit on.

JazzInc Dioramas are experts in this stuff, I don’t think I would trust anyone else to make something like this and make it look this good.

May The Force Be With You!

The 1/6 Ultimate DX Sand Speeder Diorama Set for Hot Toys Rey Episode VII is available now for $425.00.

(For more information you can visit

James Refelian
James Refelian
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