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Review: Ghosts and Apples


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Puzzles are always a fun and fantastic way to verify how great our brains really are. Especially, putting our minds to the test and trying to solve as many as we can, in a short amount of time. Even better when you can invite a friend to play against and see who will come out as the top winner!

That is exactly what you get when playing the game Ghosts and Apples. It’s a really fast-paced game that takes puzzling to a whole new quirky and interesting level. There is no slowing down especially while playing, as the time will end and if the level isn’t cleared, it won’t end up good! However, if you push forward and learn the four main buttons to use to place the bright and neon-glowing ghosts on each side, you’ll be able to get to the next level. Oh and with over 150 levels to play, it will keep your brain busy for a while!

I feel that the cute character design and grim appearance may fool the player into believing the game is not super tricky or difficult to play. However, the truth is, that the game doesn’t stay simple or easy to accomplish as you move forward. That’s okay, cause that is what makes the game even more engaging and keeps one playing for hours. So do you have what it takes to solve all 150 or more puzzles, even beating a friend in the game Ghosts and Apples? If so, then you must try this game!

Graphics and Sound 🍎👻

The dark visual appearance in this game is perfect for the theme, but not too gory or spooky to cause anyone to avoid playing if they can’t tolerate something scary. Its artwork of the characters and background is cuter and has a cartoony style in design. Even with a dark background, each important feature is lit up with a neon and bright color. Making it simple to detect what is useable and what is not.

Therefore, the game is very easy on the eyes and simple enough to know what will be rising from the ground next, to play the puzzles correctly. The speed to move the ghost quickly is required to clear the level, so I’m grateful that the graphics were done in a way that it’s easy to notice. Even the color bind option, also helps those playing to enjoy the game just as well.

There is a big issue that occurs not often but does occur. When a game is completed or so much is going on at a time. The game may end uploading to a black screen, which won’t turn back on. I feel this may be due to the game overworking or processing too much at the same time. This can be heartbreaking, especially if you’ve accomplished a level fully and it took forever, just to see the screen go black. Luckily the game saves automatically and saves after each game, so you won’t lose too much progress made during the rest of the game.

The music in the background is perfect for this puzzling-style game and the entire dark atmosphere of the game. I don’t think it’s anything but adorable, less spooky, and more of an ideal fit. That also goes for the sound effects! Everything in this game just works together perfectly, with smooth graphics and excellent sound.

Final Thoughts 🍏👻

Ghosts and Apples is a game that reminds me of Simons Says, not cause it plays like the game, but it uses just 4 buttons you need to press on the controller to direct each colorful ghost to the right location. The faster it goes, just makes it harder to recall which button to press next. This will cause the game to get confusing and it’s easy to make a mistake and lose the chance to earn that golden apple. Not to say you can’t win the level with just a few red apples, and earn a red apple, but the gold is the most difficult to earn and so worth achieving.

Primarily, the game is easy to play, just match 3 or more ghosts together. Yet, it’s not always the same at each level, some are already with ghosts placed and others are empty. No matter how the game is designed, each is a bit challenging and includes plenty of collectible items to achieve. These additional challenges in the many different levels of the game really keep it interesting and fun to continue to play. Even with the many different trophies and collectible items during each level or stage of the game, it’s something to marvel at and feel great to achieve as well!

One minor issue that I came upon while playing the game is that either too much loads at the same time or the processing is too much, leading to a black screen. I don’t think the beautiful artwork and graphics really have much to do with it, but it could be just too much for the game to load correctly. At least, after restarting the game, it plays fine again. It just might be a disappointment if anyone is finally able to accomplish a level and the game doesn’t respond. Yet, if it saves time, at least it won’t ruin the person’s progress or require the entire room to be done over again.

Finally, this game is very fun with plenty of different levels and is fast-paced gameplay. It is something I can see playing any time of the day, for a short amount of time or for a large amount. Each game provides its own difficulties, challenging the mind and working on building better concentration, focusing, and quick thinking skills while playing. Ghosts and Apples is a game so worth trying!


+ Skill Building Puzzling Game
+ Color Blind Option
+ Original and Challenging Puzzle Game

- Once in a while Screen Becomes Unresponsive, Requiring a Restart

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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+ Skill Building Puzzling Game<br> + Color Blind Option<br> + Original and Challenging Puzzle Game<br><br> - Once in a while Screen Becomes Unresponsive, Requiring a Restart<br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)Review: Ghosts and Apples