TechReview: eSYNiC Foldable Wireless Keyboard

Review: eSYNiC Foldable Wireless Keyboard


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Here is our review of the eSYNiC Foldable Wireless Keyboard.

Product purchased at retail.  

The eSYNiC Foldable Wireless Keyboard is one of those gadgets I didn’t know I needed until I started using it. It’s a small, lightweight portable keyboard that connects via Bluetooth to phones, tablets, and really anything with a Bluetooth receiver. Not all features work on every device. In my testing, I didn’t notice anything that didn’t work with my paired Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra).

When taking it out of the box I was genuinely surprised by how well built it felt in my hand and how small and light it was. When folded up it was virtually the same size as my phone and weighed a lot less.

What’s in the box?

  • The keyboard, folded up and in protective wrappings
  • A Micro-USB cable for charging
  • A user manual
  • Sticky feet

Setting it up

The eSYNiC Foldable Wireless Keyboard is astonishingly easy to set up. Once you get it out of the packaging, plug in the micro-USB cable and charge it for a couple of hours first. Once charged, press FN and ‘C’ (the Bluetooth pairing function), and on your device connect to it. That’s it. So simple and worked flawlessly.

Features and thoughts about the eSYNiC Foldable Wireless Keyboard

The eSYNiC Foldable Wireless Keyboard has a tri-fold design that when closed protects the keys from damage. I haven’t needed a separate case so far and I’ve slung it into my bag on more than one occasion. I think, however, I’ll be looking out for one to ensure dust and debris are kept out of the mechanisms.

One feature I particularly love is that once the first pairing is complete, and so long as the device is powered and in range, it will automatically connect when opened. This is slick and very quick, so I never feel like I’m waiting.

Top down view of closed eSYNiC Foldable Wireless Keyboard

The spring-loaded hinges feel robust, even if they are plastic in construction. They have only a minimal amount of flex beyond the fully open stage. I haven’t noticed this to be an issue when typing on a flat surface. Also included are some plastic sticky feet to minimise this issue and protect the bottom of the keyboard from scratches.

The body of the keyboard is aluminium which gives it both a premium and durable feel. While the keyboard surface is plastic, it doesn’t feel cheap or like it will pop out of the housing any time soon.

eSYNiC Foldable Wireless Keyboard closed side view
Side profile of the eSYNiC Foldable Wireless Keyboard when closed

The keys are well designed and well-spaced in this small unit with reasonable travel from the scissor-switch design. It has all the secondary characters I wanted and offers a full QWERTY experience. Although some keys (like the backspace) aren’t where you’d expect, I appreciate the design ensuring as many characters as possible which are often missing on these small, portable keyboards.

The keyboard itself feels solid and good to type with. After about thirty minutes with it I felt comfortable and was almost at my usual typing speed with few mistakes or miss-presses. There’s not a lot of space between the keys, so for those with bigger fingers, it might not be an ideal option if you want to touch type.

The only feature I would really say is missing is backlighting. This, to be fair, is expected given the price point and portable, thin design. Adding LEDs to all the keys could impede battery longevity and bump the price. Typically, I am using this keyboard on a train, so I haven’t needed backlighting as the keys are labelled with bold, white lettering. Still, it would be good to have.

The response time is better than I expected. Typing into a word document on my phone I didn’t notice any input lag from when my finger hit the key to when the letter appeared on the screen.

The unit sits flat so if you’re used to the slight rake of a desktop keyboard you may struggle, but if you’ve used a laptop, it’s similar.

eSYNiC Foldable Wireless Keyboard fully open
eSYNiC Foldable Wireless Keyboard fully opened


Dimensions146×89.6×16.8mm (folded) | 251.7×89.6×7.9mm (unfolded)
BatteryRechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (claims 85 hours use/90 days standby)
ConnectionsMicro-USB charging cable, Bluetooth 3.0
Operating Distance10m
IndicatorsLEDs to show power on, Bluetooth pairing, and battery low
eSYNiC Foldable Wireless Keyboard Page 1
eSYNiC Foldable Wireless Keyboard Leaflet Page 2

Summary of the eSYNiC Foldable Wireless Keyboard

I wanted a portable keyboard for writing on the go. Specifically, writing on a busy train on the go. eSYNiC Foldable Wireless Keyboard has proven to be ideal. It’s small and compact meaning I don’t really notice it in my bag. It’s also well-built so I never worry about it being damaged during use. Responsive and comfortable, and it paired well with my phone giving me a perfect on-the-go writing setup when a laptop isn’t suitable. I needed something more tactile than a touch keyboard which I’ve never found suitable for long writing sessions and this is it.

The eSYNiC Foldable Wireless Keyboard is available now for £31.95.

James Refelian
James Refelian
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