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Review: Moon Knight Episode 5


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Spoiler Free Review Moon Knight Episode 5

Although this is a spoiler-free review of Moon Knight Episode 5 all images used have been taken from the episode.

Moon Knight Episode 5 takes us away from the usual superhero fare you’d expect with an MCU television show and gives us something totally different. Totally better. Following on immediately from Episode 4, we see Marc and Steven come face to face with Egyptian gods, question their past, and try and find balance in a broken psyche.

Oscar Isaac is incredible

Oscar Isaac deserves awards. There, I said it. His performance as Marc and Steven during this episode is taken to new levels of amazing. There’s one scene, the origin of the trauma, that is so well acted between Isaac and himself that you really do believe he’s acting opposite a clone. He captures the nuances of a traumatised mind, a questioning mind, someone who is upset, angry, and on the edge. Honestly, the range displayed here is stunningly good. Moon Knight has always been a character study and this episode really shows you why.

Steven comes into his own in this episode too. He develops and gets a far greater understanding of what’s really going on, what his role is, and what he can really do when pushed. There’s one scene where Steven is fending off attackers and we see the ultra-violence attributed to the Mr. Knight character.

What makes this episode stand out in the overall franchise is that not once does Marc (or Steven) suit up as Moon Knight/Mr. Knight. This is the most un-superhero show and it’s needed. It’s welcome. It’s perfect.

What else is great about Moon Knight Episode 5?

This episode also achieved one of the most important things we needed from Moon Knight. His Jewish heritage. We aren’t presented with the typical stereotypes either. There are actual rituals going on in his memories without any detailed explanation. This presentation of other cultures as normal and routine is wonderfully enriching and I’m glad it was included.

Moon Knight Episode 5 touches on dark themes, distressing themes, concepts of death and life, and the ability to reconcile with your own demons. It’s the deepest thing Marvel has ever attempted and has propelled the MCU to new levels of maturity.

Overlaying all this depth, we get a relatively basic plotline, more allusions to the third alter, and a veneer of ancient Egyptian mythology. A nice touch was the reveal of Moon Knight’s origin as the alter ego of Marc and Steven.


Moon Knight Episode 5 is the best episode yet for really showing us the most complex Marvel character we’ve been introduced to. With one episode left, there’s a lot to reconcile and I don’t want it to end… but it’s been the best MCU series so far.

James Refelian
James Refelian
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