TechReview: SwitchBot Pan/Tilt camera

Review: SwitchBot Pan/Tilt camera


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Your house is your castle, and everything within it is precious to you. Subsequently, you will want to protect your home from unwanted visitors. This is where security cameras are a must! They help to prevent crime, capture any dishonest acts as evidence and reassure homeowners. However, people worry that they are complex to use, overpriced, and unreliable. Well, worry no more as SwitchBot has released the SwitchBot Pan/Tilt camera. This low cost, but high-quality product is a must-buy for anyone looking to improve their personal security.

User-friendly and straightforward tech is at the core of SwitchBot’s mantra. Therefore, unsurprisingly, the SwitchBot Pan/Tilt camera is simple to use, easy to install, and a cinch to manage. In short, it’s a great security tool to have whether you are tech-savvy or a complete technophobe. With many competitors to beat, this camera has to excel in many areas to stand out from its peers. In my experience, this is an exceptional device that offers high-quality imagery, excellent audio, a robust design, and a simple but effective free to use app. Subsequently, it stands head and shoulders above its competitors.

Key an eye on your pets when you are away from home.
Should you be on the bed?

What’s in the box of the SwitchBot Pan/Tilt camera?

  • The outer packaging is slim, lightweight, and flimsy. It’s emblazoned with the company logo and highlights the key features. The majority of the packaging is recyclable except for one small plastic bag.
  • The SwitchBot Pan/Tilt camera. This small but imposing device is off white, has a smooth plastic exterior, and has many moving parts. It weighs around 200g and is approximately 4 inches tall. The camera has a rotational base and a movable lens. These are key to improving the range of visibility and help ensure privacy when needed.
  • USB power cable and adapter. The camera must be powered at all times and this long cable ensures that isn’t a problem.
  • Mounting kit. The easy to install mounting kit is simple to understand and great for your average DIY enthusiast. What’s more, a helpful sticker ensures no mistake will be made when mounting your camera.
  • Instruction manual. A straightforward and direct manual that explains the fundamentals.

Technical elements. 

Product dimension78 * 78 * 107 mm
CompatibilityiOS 11.0+, Android 5.0+
Working environmentIndoor
Image resolution1080p
Camera angle360 degree horizontal, 115 degrees vertical
Way of controlSwitchBot App
SensorImage sensor
Night vision850mm LED infrared night vision
LightRed and green indicator light
AudioBuilt-in microphone and speaker
StorageSupports up to 128GB micro SD FAT32 format
Working temperature-15 C to 45 C
Relative humidity10% to 95% RH

We’ve all seen grainy and unrecognisable recordings from cheap and dated systems. Luckily, you won’t have that problem with the SwitchBot Pan/Tilt camera. With a 360 degree horizontal and 115 degrees of vertical movement, you get an excellent field of view. Clarity is improved further still, thanks to its high-resolution lens. With a 2 million pixels f20 aperture lens, it delivers a crisp picture. The videos are recorded in 1080p with night vision included. This makes the camera super versatile for day and night use. Alongside this, the 8 infrared LEDs ensure you get excellent dusk to nighttime recordings as well.

Alongside this is motion detection recording and warnings. This helpful tool ensures that any environmental changes are captured immediately. Consequently, you can rest assured that the camera is keeping a watchful eye on your belongings. Any warnings are highlighted in the app and a live stream can be viewed to alleviate any concerns of wrongdoings. In conjunction with this, there is 2-way audio that enables you to listen to your camera and interact with anyone or anything in the area.

The SwitchBot Pan/Tilt camera has a handy Micro SD slot.
A handy Micro SD slot for up to 128GB of storage.

Could it be a pet or child monitor? 

If you have furry friends or little people in your life, the SwitchBot Pan/Tilt camera should pique your interests. Thanks to the aforementioned motion detection Night vision, and 2-way audio, this could be an excellent pet or child monitor. 

I’m sure you’ve wondered what your dog does while you are out. Or perhaps you have concerns they are anxious or scared without you. Well, how about keeping an eye on them with the ability to reassure them included? This is a reality with the live stream option via Wi-Fi. Having tested this on my “intelligent” border collie, I was able to observe him while scolding him for chewing a shoe. Subsequently, I think the camera did a great job of keeping me in the loop. 

However, maybe you don’t have a dog, but little dependants instead? The camera could be a great transition between traditional baby monitors and no visibility at all. Just like with the pet issue, you can reassure youngsters from another room without having to climb stairs or leave the comfort of your bed. 

Privacy is key!

In a world that is rightly obsessed with privacy, this camera has that covered as well. Included in the price is a privacy setting that places the camera to sleep. This was an excellent and reassuring decision from the manufacturers. There is nothing worse than thinking big brother is watching and sadly, CCTV doesn’t help the situation. However, I never felt like that with this device, as I could hide away the lens whenever I didn’t want it to watch.

As well as the privacy setting, there is the ability to record all footage on a MicroSD memory card. You can use up to 128 GBs of storage that can be controlled through the SwitchBot app. Luckily, it was straightforward to set up and easy to manage from your phone.

The SwitchBot Pan/Tilt camera has a fantastic two-way audio system.
Talk to them while you are away from home.

It has one drawback.

The necessity to use mains electricity was disappointing. I hoped that SwitchBot would have included a backup battery as this would have made it more versatile. Though this is a comparative issue with its competitors, I expected more. I wanted there to be a fallback if the power failed, but this wasn’t to be. It is a minor thing that taints an otherwise excellent product.

Is the Switchbot Pan/Tilt camera worth it?

Priced at under £30, you get an awful lot for your money. What’s more, it’s one of the easiest to set up and use devices on the market. Alongside this, it has a multi-faceted use and your privacy is its primary concern. My only complaint is the lack of a backup battery, but that is particularly picky on my behalf. If you are looking for a user-friendly camera that’s jam-packed with features, then buy it here! The Switchbot Pan/Tilt camera is now available to buy from Amazon as well.


The SwitchBot Pan/Tilt camera is an excellent and affordable multi-use device. It can be used to monitor pets, children, or the security of your home. Thanks to its wonderful field of view and high-resolution lens, you experience crisp and detailed videos and images. Its setup and use are simplicity personified, and it’s an excellent camera for everyone, including security-conscious technophobes. 

(More information on SwitchBot products can be found here!)

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