GamingReview: Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Review: Kirby and the Forgotten Land


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It’s time to get ready, get set, and eat as much as you like with Kirby’s whole new adventure game! Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a 3D experience through many beautifully designed stages. The game provides the player with plenty of new discoveries, a few familiar and original enemies, and even some ferocious new bosses to defeat. On top of all the actions you’ll be engaging into, there are even many new things to collect, new transformations that are waiting to be tried, and lastly, some new objects you can take control of by using the mouthful mode.

As many may know, Kirby has always been a friendly and welcoming game, similar to Mario. The stages are always bright in color, well lit, and provide such a cute collection of characters to meet. Plus, it’s perfect for everyone; all ages can enjoy and feel welcome to play. Especially, with the mixed amount of difficulty and challenging obstacles, it’s a wild new adventure that is worth trying out!

Clips from the Game

What to Expect in the New Game

What’s New with Kirby

First off, I must start by telling you that the little video introduction was captivating and a perfect start to this new game. It’s been a long time since I’ve played a Kirby game and by the beginning intro, it just reminded me how much I love this little pink guy and how excited I am to start playing! Better yet, everything about Kirby in this game has been made very easy for anyone to understand how to control him and his abilities. Even if you had never played a recent or older Kirby game before, you’ll find him simple enough to move all over these 3D worldly stages and activate his powers with a simple press of a button.

That is actually the first thing I had to try when I got the chance to take control of Kirby. I had to test what he can do and if he still had his well-known abilities just in case something had changed. From my first test run with pressing each button, I’ve noticed nothing new has been added, but for his two abilities, they still remain. The first ability that I had tried, is his ability to take in plenty of air and begin floating. I must say that the change of how to make him stay afloat is way easier, without giving your finger a workout. He actually floats to a certain height without that continuously pressing of a single button and can still be moved while he floats. All one needs to do is just press down on one button and Kirby will flap his little arms to keep floating.

However, if you want to continue to press the button to reduce the height or feel as if you are making him fly, this is still possible too, but not necessary. Either way, this change is one thing I actually enjoy better and also see it as an improvement from older games. Yet, there is a limitation to how long he can stay floating, possibly to make Kirby feel a bit more realistic. Kirby begins to get exhausted after a certain amount of time being in the air, causing him to begin to land nice and light on the ground. So you are still granted enough time to reach a specific location when necessary and not have to see him fall flat onto the ground.

It makes total sense if you think of his intake of air and him holding his breath for some time, which in reality will cause anyone to faint. So it is a bit more realistic and honestly, I’m not unhappy with the change, it makes sense and is suited perfectly with the game and stages you’ll playthrough. The second ability that I was excited to try was the ability to absorb the items that Kirby would encounter on this journey. I’m surprised to say his strength in absorbing anything in his way is extremely powerful, especially when holding the button down for a long amount of time. It’s perfect for finding hidden treasures such as coins, food, other collectible objects from the surroundings in the world as well as devouring enemies. It can also be a great way to obtain something to use for shooting from his mouth, acting like a weapon, perfect for breaking open closed boxes filled with some hidden treasures.

In a way, if I had to tell you what it appears to look like, well it reminds me as if he has a tornado forming in front of him and the power of the suction is as strong as a supreme or superior vacuum. Honestly, with all that power, nothing will be able to escape! Plus, the graphical effects are truly awesome. It really makes for a very believable and intense power that Kirb possesses. Plus, as we all know, or at least some of us do. Kirby will be able to devour the enemies and most will allow him to transform so he can perform that enemy’s skill.

What Can You Transform Into?

Well, it all begins with the enemies you encounter in the game. There are a few familiar faces that you may recall from older games. However, if it’s the first time playing any Kirby game, well this is where you’ll get to learn the awesome ability which Kirby possesses, his transformation ability. Again, some of us may recall these enemies, but they are a little more updated from the older games. Especially cause they are in a 3D form and have a little more detail in their design and even color.

I can’t honestly compare this game to any of the most recent 2017-2020 games since I’ve never tried many of them. However, it’s quite easy to still see the similarities and make out the enemy as they were when they appeared as a 2D pixel back in the 90s. I also want to mention that these abilities which you’ll be able to transform into aren’t so similar as they were in the past or how I recall them to be. Many of them are now a bit more updated and appear more powerful than they use to be. It’s quite a wonderful change and honestly something I find more entertaining and exciting to use as a weapon towards enemies, objects, and other things that may need us to use them on.

Many of these are actually titled exactly as what skill and ability they allow Kirby to perform. The first one I’ve encountered was the Sword. It’s the ability to fight with a sword as a weapon, slicing and dicing enemies up with fantastic sword skills. Additionally, holding the action button down will cause the sword to get even more powerful and cause Kirby to spin for a while till you let off the button. This is nice to use for nearby attacks and hurting more than just one enemy at a time.

Now time for the Bomb ability. This allows Kirby to be able to direct the location of where you as the player want to toss a bomb or many bombs. It isn’t anything too different or unique, but it does have one additional difference. You can make Kirby direct a single bomb to a farther distance. Perfect to avoid the enemy from seeing you and defeating them ahead of time.

Next is the Cutter, which gives Kirby the ability to throw a boomerang. It’s sharp enough to not only defeat enemies but also cut through tall grass to reveal some hidden treasure and open large boxes. It is also a very powerful attack, which can defeat enemies as they come your way. What is different about this attack skill is that it can get larger, more powerful, and stay out as long as you want it to. Just by holding down the same action button used to throw the boomerang out. I honestly find this to be my favorite ability that Kirby can possess as it can reach enemies at a distance and stay there causing them to be defeated faster with fewer chances of getting hurt.

There are a bunch more and each with some really nice graphical effects when in use. The names for these would be Sleep, Fire, Ice, Tornado, Ranger, Drill, Hammer, Crash, and Lastly, the ability to learn is the Needle. Each with a chance to get them evolved even more at the weapon shop back in town, making them even more fantastic! Additionally, with the few I’ve explained fully, these have just as much power and a perfect uniqueness as one another to have in this game. Also, a fun way for defeating enemies at any stage, and to be honest, each of these makes for an awesome ability. Makes it very easy to get through the levels fairly quickly and easily.

Now in this game, there is more than just the ability to transform and use the enemy’s skill as your own. There are also a few objects you don’t really devour completely and transform into, but instead, you take control of them by having a mouthful. The real name for this is called the Mouthful Mode, in which you swallow an object halfway and these are usually glowing so you can tell what is acceptable. Afterward, you have full control of what they can do. It appears as if you are a pink sheet covering the object, taking its shape as your mouth is wrapped on a portion, and with a few the lower part is still hanging out.

A few of these new objects which you will be able to use the Mouthful Mode onto are objects such as the Car Mouth which is used to break through objects and race past enemies, a Vending Machine Mouth which shoots cans out of it, a Light-Bulb Mouth to light the way, Dome Mouth that unlocks something inside after twisting the top off, and the Cone Mouth that is a traffic cone and can break objects with the speed built up and its top point when coming down on the target.

A few of the others that Kirby can use in Mouthful Mode are the Arch Mouth, Cone Mouth, Pipe Mouth, Ring Mouth, Roller Coaster Mouth, Scissor-Lift Mouth, Stairs Mouth, and the Water-Balloon Mouth. These all are necessary parts to the stage, aiding Kirby to get from one location to the next. Plus, discovering friends who need our help like the Waddle Dees, and even finding collectible items that are needed to complete the tasks being requested during each stage. I honestly can say that it is quite an amazing and amusing experience.

The shape you take when doing this Mouthful Mode is adorable as Kirby is naturally, and it’s also powerful with the ways it can be used as a weapon as well as a way to open secret locations. So transforming by devouring enemies or partially transforming from a Mouthful Mode is something new and fun to enjoy in this game.

The Many Stages of Kirby and The Forgotten Land

The stages are broken up into different locations on the main world map, which will have plenty of locations to visit. The first stage will be the Natural Plains and then moves on to Everbay Coast. However, each will be revealed after accomplishing each level from one section and the boss. This gameplay all occurs right after the first part of the game, which again I can say is that it’s an excellent introduction with a tiny video clip and a little gameplay before the real start. Allowing the player the knowledge of how to move and access Kirby’s abilities as well as what to be prepared for, when it comes to the stage design and obstacles. Additionally, it allows you to try the new mouthful mode for the first time, which is quite fun by the way!

This beginning also allows us to understand why Kirby is taking this journey, to rescue his friends the Waddle Dees. Each which have been captured, placed in cages, and is now scattered all over the Natural Plains in many different territories. Putting Kirby on this exploration to rescue each one of them as well as find hidden objects and learn new abilities.

Of course, this game is similar to many others. If you happen to forget something or even missed finding a friend on the stage. However, the only goal of these stages you playthrough is to get to the end and win, which will unlock the next stage. Plus, if you forgot anything, you’ll be able to return to find more coins or hidden treasures if you still need to or just to play around on the stage again. One tip, I found that some of the coins and items you might need are able to be discovered if you check under every rock, behind tall grass, other little objects, and around the edges and corners of the stage.

One good this is that if you get to a difficult area that needs you to restart. The automatic position saving; a checkpoint will allow you to begin closer to different areas in the world since there are a few of them. Therefore you can take your time and even accomplish the tasks requested for you to find during each stage. By the way, not everything in this game will be easy to find on the first run through or easy to destroy each enemy as the game does get difficult. No matter, if this is a problem for you, well then just adjust it to the easier setting, which can be done anytime you like. There is no restarting needed.

Now for the enemies and bosses, they all have a nice, realistic appearance just like the background of every stage and the objects you’ll encounter. The 3D graphics are perfect, even for a cartoon-style game like this. Slightly similar to playing a recent game of Mario or another type of platformer game that has an easy path with a starting and ending location.

Another feature in every Kirby game and even this one that I adore is at the end of the stage. Once you defeat the last enemy or anything you might see before concluding the stage. There is that fun and familiar tune with a dance that Kirby is known for, before hopping on his start to go back to traveling to a new stage. I honestly always loved that dance Kirby performs, really feels like the game has been completed and you’ve accomplished something. Plus, it also makes it obviously different than any other game, making it well known as it’s Kirby’s thing and not a copy from another source; A one-of-a-kind ending!

Now what I didn’t mention is the little friends we are rescuing, each of them is known as Waddle Dees and they are sent back to the main Waddle Dee Town. Plus, when you collect a certain amount, it will help you access the boss stage, so it’s important to find plenty of them at every stage or you won’t be able to move forward till you do. It is where we first started the game. This town is nothing and once we find these friends, rescue them from other locations. The town will evolve and get a bit more populated and built up. The more rescued, the more it gets built up and new locations to visit and checkout. Oh yes, and our new friend we met in town, Elfilin, which also flies in the star at the end when we take off will be there as well.

Lastly, I like to also mention that this game has many perks to be excited about. There are a few that I’ve yet to mention. The first one is that the game doesn’t have to just be played by Kirby alone, but an option to have a friend to play along with you. They can enter the game from the start menu, anytime during the game. They will end up being the character known as Bandana Waddle Dee with his trusty weapon the spear. I haven’t investigated this too much as I’ve played the single-player version of the game at the time of writing this review. Therefore, finding out what the second player is going to be a surprise to find out!

A second perk to this game is that you can play the additional treasure hunt games, which are accessible when you finish a few of the games. These are where you can be a specific transformation and use that ability to speed against time and try to get to the goal; the end. If successful you can score the treasure and of course play as many times as you like.

A third and final one is that you are able to use an amiibo character to play along with this game. It’s something I have yet to try, but it is available to the player. Something more to make an exciting game even more fun! Honestly with these three and what fun the game provides already, well it’s hard to be bored or want to stop playing.

Final Thoughts

What else can I say, except that Kirby is one of those games that never loses my interest, even after completing it! So in comparison to the many others I’ve tried and loved, I would play this game over and over again. Especially when I can play around with the many new transformations that Kirby can possess after absorbing and copying the enemies’ abilities. Oh, and before I forget, the other reason I love is that I can make Kirby float and fly around like a pink cloud, balloon, or bubble any time I want. There aren’t any restrictions when it comes to doing any of these or a time limit till you can perform the action again. Kirby’s abilities make the game so much fun and in all truth, I just love to have those unrestricted use of special abilities that are not found in any other game.

However, if I remove all the love and the attachment that I have for the many Kirby games I’ve tried in the past and only focus on this game. Well then, I honestly can say that Kirby and the Forgotten Land is worth having a try! Despite the fact that Kirby may not speak or appear as strong and fierce as many other heroes when you just glance at the little pink guy. Yet, what you do get with this game is so many exciting features, action-filled battles, plenty of items to collect, and a story that is way more entertaining than many other adventure games I’ve played this year so far! Therefore, if you are searching for a game that gives you the ability to play a bit more freely while adventuring into many beautifully designed, 3D locations with new enemies of all sizes to battle. Well then, this may be a game worth trying, especially since it’s friendly for everyone at any age to enjoy!


+ Excellent Graphical Effects and 3D Worldly Design
+ Plenty of Transformations with Powerful Abilities
+ Multiplayer Mode
+ New Mouthful Mode and Collectible Items
+ Tons of Extra Mini Games and Additional Features

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Launch Date: 25th March 2022
Genre: Adventure, Platformer
PEGI Rating: PEGI 7
Players: 1-2
Developer: HAL Laboratory, Inc
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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+ Excellent Graphical Effects and 3D Worldly Design <br> + Plenty of Transformations with Powerful Abilities<br> + Multiplayer Mode<br> + New Mouthful Mode and Collectible Items<br> + Tons of Extra Mini Games and Additional Features<br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)<br><br> Platform: Nintendo Switch<br> Launch Date: 25th March 2022<br> Genre: Adventure, Platformer<br> PEGI Rating: PEGI 7<br> Players: 1-2<br> Developer: HAL Laboratory, Inc<br> Link:<br>Review: Kirby and the Forgotten Land