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Review: Pumpkin Jack


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Halloween may be over, but Pumpkin Jack will have you feeling like it’s Halloween every day! It’s a bit frightening, but the cartoonish style of graphics will keep it positively pleasant for everyone to enjoy. Plus, it’s not too brutal or gruesome, so you don’t need to cover up those eyes or turn away from each enemy you defeat or meet up with.

Frankly, there will be no need to fear what may be lurking around every corner and you won’t be jumping out of your seat when you arrive at any new location in this game. The only thing that this game will make the player feel is fully engaged and entertained while defeating all those creepy and monstrous characters. While playing in many different levels of deep contrasting color and glowing lights that illuminate the entire world.

Plus, the game provides the player with so many weapons that are related to its spooky atmosphere. You’ll meet some creepy, but helpful friends that will guide Jack and teach him the many things he can do within the levels. Providing details on how to move and use certain items or objects. There is no way that the game will leave the player bored or feeling they’ve already played a level similar or one without many challenges.

Additionally, there are so many enemies and bosses to defeat. Many may think this game is so easy to defeat, and I honestly thought it would be. However, you’ll be surprised how it has a few challenging areas that make it harder to complete as fast as the level before. Plus, if you enjoyed playing games on the PS2(Playstation Two), well then the graphics of this game will make you feel as if you went back in time and can enjoy that exact visual appeal.

The Game Begins!

So what did I think of the game? Well, it’s extremely impressive with actually no flaws that I could point out! The gameplay provides no headaches which were something I would get with the camera spinning as you move around. It’s actually able to be controlled by you, manually or automatically, which I chose to use as I played. Additionally, the controller’s mapping and other settings can be adjusted quite easily as well. So you aren’t stuck to just one choice when playing. No one player is the same on what they like when they play, so this is an excellent feature and I’m actually glad they included it!

Also, I’m enjoying the ability to move Jack so freely in each level, not just one straight path that you have to follow on this epic experience. You instead have the ability to check out everything, even if you can’t reach past certain areas, but there is much to be seen. Also, to be honest, being able to move around freely is great, but I also felt Jack’s ability to jump high, roll quickly, and fight so many monsters at the same time is even nicer. I practically love games without restraints, especially on the length you can leap or how many things you can hit, which many of those objects actually provide extra life for Jack, so slash and whack away!

No wonder why this game is getting so many high ratings. Each level is amazing and full of action, obstacles, and many skeletons and monsters to defeat. Especially those large bosses. The actual obstacles with fire, which does hurt, by the way, are blazing and realistic on how it spreads and the pain it takes on you. So there are some parts that you do need to plan out.

Even the visual graphics are excellent, so is the humor. Yes, there is a little humor, which makes the game feel a bit more pleasant and less spooky but joyful as well. Especially, that from the crow which uses puns when speaking to Jack who is our friend and little helper. This crow friend uses words such as crow for other words like go, so, and many others while talking. It’s funny and cute in my opinion. Plus, our crow friend is another weapon we are able to shoot out and attack enemies or objects to help us advance forward in the game.

Oh and the screaming sounds, as you unpause the game. It’s like a scream that you’d hear from Zombies Ate My Neighbors, or maybe the spooky sounds that there are many from Ahhh Real Monsters. All those SNES games that it just reminds me of, but with the Playstation 2 design in the graphics. So from the sound effects and the music that you hear throughout the game, it’s just chillingly amazing and perfectly matched for this spooky game!

Jack Entertains To The Very End

This is a wonderful game! Pumpkin Jack is something that will bring back past memories of older consoles while providing great graphics and music that keeps you in that spooky, haunted feeling. It’s got a bit of humor and plenty of engaging entertainment. Plus, the freedom to roam the creepy environmental levels and attack all those skeletons and giant monsters that come after you or objects within each level is awesome!

So it’s just an excellent game straight through, even with the addition of purchasing some cool new skins for Jack and continuing to redo levels to collect items you’ve missed. As I myself, love to collect everything in a game. It’s also one game that is easy to play. That is why I would recommend this game for those who want it to feel like Halloween all year round and go on an epic journey, battling monsters and enjoying the excellent graphics and sounds.


+ Beautiful Graphics and Spooky Sounds
+ New Skins To Purchase for Pumpkin Jack
+ Humorous Puns
+ Challenging and Entertaining Levels
+ Awesome Character Design
+ Easy Controlling

(Reviewed on Xbox One)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.
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Review: Pumpkin Jack+ Beautiful Graphics and Spooky Sounds<br> + New Skins To Purchase for Pumpkin Jack <br> + Humorous Puns<br> + Challenging and Entertaining Levels<br> + Awesome Character Design<br> + Easy Controlling<br><br> (Reviewed on Xbox One)