GamingReview: Jurassic World Evolution 2: Early Cretaceous Pack

Review: Jurassic World Evolution 2: Early Cretaceous Pack


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Jurassic World Evolution 2 just got even more exhilarating! If you’re looking for a new set of prehistorical reptiles to add to your park, the first-ever DLC just arrived! You’ll be able to discover a mix of different species, which fly, swim, and even some standard land dinosaurs. So if you’re asking what do you get with this new downloadable content, well you’ll be receiving a total of four new distinctive reptiles. Stunning to watch them on the television and appreciate the real beauty of each reptilian created for the game. From the skin and their form, it’s just so amazing and as always the movements and reactions appear so real. Honestly, it’s a great addition to the game, which you will need first before being able to add these four new species. However, if you have this game already, it’s a new addition that you must check out!

Now if you are just starting out, the game itself is a bit complex and could be rather difficult, especially for beginners to play. It takes time to get a bit of understanding on how to set things up correctly. The controls can be a little hard to remember, as there are many buttons to each vehicle or option to choose from. Nevertheless, if you can grasp the controller’s mapping and understand the gameplay, you’ll be able to just enjoy building different parks all over and completing requests that may pop up at any given time. I find that to be a great addition giving you an extra amount of challenges to work on while keeping the park running smoothly. In addition, there are plenty of different gaming modes, just like the sandbox mode, where you really can enjoy building your own park as big and lively as you like!

The entire game could be imagined as a zoo, a prehistoric zoo that allows you to take care of naturalistic reptiles; dinosaurs. Capturing each one from different locations, researching and understanding the species and what it needs to survive. It’s a joy if you ever got into zoo tycoon games or anything simulated with building a park, even a theme park!

What to Expect

Oh yes, the time has come to reveal the four stunning reptiles which will be added after the quick download completes. Starting in no special order, but I’m going to start with the Wuerhosaurus, which appears close to the stegosaur species, but a bit different with its head shape and still as brutal when attacking and defending itself with its sharp pointy tail. It is one of the rarest, but a great achievement to capture and have one or a few in the park.

The second acquired in the game is called the Dsungaripterus. This one is a dino that I must say is awesome cause it flies. Even more so, it has this beak which is quite unique and appealing to observe. Regardless, it looks like it belongs to the Pterodactylus species. Has the same appearance but the beak is a very distinguishing difference from the others with a long, regular-style bird beak. It is even exciting to see these grab fish and flip them up into the sky to eat. On the other hand, without an actual way to hold or grab, the beak does it all! I honestly like the flying type, they amaze me and look amazing on the screen as well.

The third that you will receive is the Kronosaurus. This is the one that lives in water, and one I think that appears closely like the shape of an alligator, but smooth skin and like font style arms and legs and a short tail. It definitely is an interesting dino and cool to have one that lives in water. I always see the land dinosaurs, but having a few in the water and collecting ones that fly are pretty neat! This one just adds to the park and is one type that would be fun to have included cause it’s like a must to have them all! Nevertheless, it would be awesome to capture photos of this dino as it eats and swims.

The last to mention is the Minmi. It’s smaller and yet kind-looking, not as brutal or violent as many other types. They look like armored reptiles. However, still another captivating creature to have in the park. Actually a bit adorable how they act in their habitat. Also, the one recreated in the park, to feel like home.


Each of these new Dinosaurs added to the game brings a new attraction to the park and honestly, it’s fun to see them do what they do best, be themselves, and move freely. A great reason to become a photographer and take snapshots of each side or angle and build up some more money to buy more decorations and support for a bigger park.

Nevertheless, this is such a great game in total, even with or without the additional DLC. It might have some difficulties learning to play the game, but after a bit of time, it becomes easier to understand and know how to capture and add them to the park. I feel the entire game is a bit challenging, but as I said after you play for a while, it becomes easier and everything moves smoothly. So if you have the game, get some exciting and interestingly unique species added to your park!


+ Four Additional Prehistoric Species
+ Realistic and Excellent Detailed Graphics and Movements
+ An Excellent Mix of Flying, Swimming, and Land Dinosaurs

(Reviewed on Xbox One)
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Natosha M
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+ Four Additional Prehistoric Species<br> + Realistic and Excellent Detailed Graphics and Movements<br> + An Excellent Mix of Flying, Swimming, and Land Dinosaurs<br><br> (Reviewed on Xbox One)Review: Jurassic World Evolution 2: Early Cretaceous Pack