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Review: Flexispot Standing Desk Pro E7 Premium


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Here is our review of the Flexispot Standing Desk Pro E7 Premium.

Dual-motor Lifting System

Enhanced structure and the advanced lifting system boost the loading capacity and ensure the maximum stability even at the highest setting.

Loading Capacity +78%

Powerful dual motors enable a maximum lifting speed of 3.8cm/s even under the full weight capacity of 125 kg. All this is easily achieved with just the touch of a button.

Steady, Quiet, Quick

Made with powder-coated steel tubing, our desk frame resists scratches and stains. The dual-motor lifting system and the enhanced structure could provide maximum stability even at the highest setting.

Anti-collision Function

The anti-collision function ensures safety by preventing the desktop from being damaged or crushing other objects and devices while in motion.

Cable management system

The desk has a smart cable management system that organizes cables. There is a large groove where you can tuck in the cables and wires within the frame for a tidy desk. Doing so will avoid any accidents like tripping or slipping that might occur from having a messy floor with loose cables. Plus, organized cables will help you to distinguish the correct wires of the gadgets that you have on your desk.

What’s in the boxes?

The desk frame comes in two boxes and the desk top comes in a separate box.

The frame boxes contain:

  • 1 x handset
  • 1 x control box
  • 1 x supporting beam
  • 1 x connecting cable
  • 1 x cable management plate
  • 2 x leg
  • 2 x feet
  • 2 x supporting plate

The desk top box contains the desk top.

Building the Desk

Final Thoughts

The desk frame comes in two large boxes – and they are heavy! Everything you need to build the desk frame is in those boxes, including the lifting mechanism. What would have been easier for the delivery guys would have been if those two boxes had their contents evenly split, but instead you get one larger and significantly heavier box and one smaller lighter box. The desk top comes as a seperate box too, so to make the complete desk you need all three boxes.

Once you have get everything out of the boxes its just a case of following the instructions to build it all. It took us about an hour to build it all, but it could have been done quicker if we had used an electric screwdriver at the end – to be fair, the instructions actually do say to use one!

The only problem we had, if you can call it a problem, was trying to figure out how the cable management plate fitted to the underside of the desk to manage all the cables as the image in the instructions wasn’t entirely clear but a quick email to Flexispot sorted that and once it was explained the image made more sense, so it was probably down to us!

With the hard part out of the way, and it really wasn’t that hard at all, the next part deciding where to put the desk and setting up the height. It’s very easy to move the height up and down and set a memory all with a simple push of a button. There is even a child lock button if you don’t want it moved accidentally.

Talking of accidentally, if the desk lowers onto something it will stop and raise itself back up – very useful so that something or someone doesn’t get squashed!

The desk is very quiet to move and it can take up to 125 kg so even a full PC setup can easily be accommodated.

The desk is really comfortable to use, has a lot of space and is really easy to position however you want it. My only criticism, and that’s also a strong word, is that there are two round holes in the desk top for cables but there are no caps provided so there are just big holes there which slightly detract from how good the desk top actually looks. You can buy caps easily for a few pounds that match but it would have been better to have included them in the box rather than having to source from a third party.

There are different styles and sizes of desk tops to choose from as well, so there is easily something for everyone – just select the colours and styles and order away.

The total cost of the review set we received was £469.98 (on sale from £539.98). That cost included premium keypad, silver frame and white 140x70cm curved desktop with delivery.

All height-adjustable desks purchased on or after October 5, 2016 include a 5-year warranty for the frame, and a 3-year warranty for the motor, controller and switch, electronics and other mechanisms.

You can learn more about the Flexispot Standing Desk Pro E7 Premium from here.

Flexispot is having a New Year Sale from 11th of January to 10th of February so there’s never been a better time to order that new desk, you won’t be disappointed, we certainly weren’t. 

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