GamingReview: Castle on the Coast

Review: Castle on the Coast


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If you have a few hours to spare, a love for acton-adventure games, and would love to be this cartoon-style hero as a giraffe, then you should check out Castle on the Coast! It’s an extremely amazing and unique experience, where you can do just about anything. Oh yes, if you are one who enjoyed the classic game style of the Playstation, this game may remind you of similar graphics.

A Cute Giraffe In A 3D Adventure

Castle on the Coast is a game that is completely delightful from the very start! With the gestures the giraffe, our hero can perform. For two examples, his waving triggers a sound like a baby’s rattle or even the silly smirk of our tongue hanging out all the time. It feels like it’s meant to be something humorous and cute, bringing this adorable appeal to the hero; the giraffe. I also feel that the game is more directed towards a child to play, but reminds me of some classic PlayStation-style games before they updated to more realistic design as technology evolved.

No matter how it appears, this game is still quite joyful. Even with a few interesting features, such as the camera being able to rotate freely as you control it. This is also true about the giraffe and what abilities he can do, how freely it is to rotate him as well. It’s a game that almost feels as if you can be free to imagine how you want to play and where you’d like to look next. However, it might be a bit off when moving quickly and allowing the camera to catch up or there may be areas where the graphics appear to not adjust to the new location you arrive to.

Instead, you may end up seeing what you’ve seen in one spot still visible in a location that you just moved to next. Such as, if the objects aren’t really there, they may still appear on the screen and vanish a few seconds later. So timing might be off a little when playing the game. Just a minor issue, but something that will stick out or catch the player’s attention.

Another thing about our here; the giraffe is when I say he is like an acrobat, I mean by the many ways he moves. So much freedom of how he leaps up high, do these flips in the sky, can turn and rotates with ease. It’s uncanny what you can do in this game! Especially, when you’re able to jump into the front of a car and drive in the sky or fly with a jetpack and the fun doesn’t stop there!

In my opinion, I enjoy being a giraffe in this game. It’s cute how he appears. The purple hearts on the body, form the giraffes pattered spots, which is adorable. I enjoy his cute cartoony design and goofy facial appearance. The way he shakes like a rattle when waving, his acrobatic and unstoppable abilities to go above and beyond the actuality of things, and even more just being an imaginable creature that is a hero of a game.

Now if you want to know more about the design of the world, as well as the characters. Well, they all appear quite comical but cute in a cartoony sense. The design of the levels is colorful and fully 3D in design. Almost, it reminds me of those online programs, where you can build a game as in Scratch or Alice and have another play it. Each little movement or step to the next goal reached triggers something and the story can easily continue. It’s very quite easy to comprehend the way the game works, moving forward, doing small tasks, gaining what is needed will trigger the next location to be available and accessible.

As the game progresses, it’s quite interesting to learn how our acrobatic giraffe can do so many things with the use of the same controller’s button keys. No one key is directly for one command and what is pleasing is that it’s not too confusing on how to use them. Therefore, it’s very easy to maneuver and do what needs to be done with a press of the button. Even if you pick up the controller anytime during the game.

Each level has these crystal-like stars, that if you collect a certain amount will open doors to the next section. The same goes for these other hidden objects such as ones to boost our lifespan. There was no lie when they mention there will be much to collect. The same goes with the ability to do anything as walking up walls, climbing trees, walking type ropes, leaping over water, swimming, jumping all over, and even spinning. All this works together, the way we move aids in the ability to catch items at all distances, and of course, these objects are spread all over the levels, requiring our acrobatic skills to reach them.

One negative feeling I have with the controls is that it can be a bit annoying or lead to a headache. Especially if it’s trying to lift or break a box. The spinning action is great, but each time you try to lift the object, it may make you sick. When you need to spin to just destroy a box or to lift a box, the spin has to occur first. So the more there are to destroy, the dizzier you may get, just watching the giraffe as he is destroying them. I would wish that could be adjusted or changed a bit.

Another feature I think that could be a bit much is the ability to do things freely. The giraffe may move so easily as well as the camera. However, the one thing about his movements is sort of too freeing. It’s like you can leap right out of the location, which you need to be at, or just over the edge by how fast he moves. I feel it needs some stability or a way to adjust the way he moves when leaping or using any of the buttons; keys on the controller. Of course, it’s great to be able to move with ease, but not so much if it’s going to cause a fatal end and a need to restart if you leap over the edge too easily.

If it’s not brilliant enough to enjoy the beautifully bright and colorful scenes you get to admire as a giraffe, the game has additional features. One is the ability to be invincible. Just as it sounds, you can easily go anywhere without harm, quite a nice way to play the game and never worry about danger. While the second one, it’s the ability to play with a friend, anytime during the game.

You can easily get another player in the game during the pause button. Quite easy as pausing and pressing the A button to allow player 2 to join. So now it’s you and a cute squirrel beside you. So not only does this make the game even more enjoyable when a friend can help out! The level of difficulty doesn’t change, just the joy of your friend and you playing as heroes and saving the day; accomplishing the goals that are required, and enjoying all the fun unlockable locations, costumes which add protection are just style, and plenty of items as you play to aid during the gameplay.

Final Words

Lastly, the game is a joy to play! Even as impressive as Castle on the Coast maybe it isn’t a long game. Plus one that will bring back some familiarity of many happy memories of the good-old classic Playstation style games. This is my opinion since I know the graphics and how they use to be. So it may not be in favor for all, but it is an easy game to understand, quite comical and very enjoyable at the very least!


+ Full of Colorful Levels and Characters
+ Purchase of the Game Donates a portion to Valley Children's Hospital in California
+ Levels all Connected with Not Much Need to Wait for Loading
+ Perfect Game Aimed for Children
+ Beautiful Music and Excellent Story
+ Enjoyable Freedom to Move Freely

- Short Game; 5-6hours
- The Objects from One Scene May Stay On The Screen A Bit Longer
- Movements are Fast and May Lead to Headaches
- Reuse of the same One Button to Perform Actions

(Reviewed on Xbox One)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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Review: Castle on the Coast+ Full of Colorful Levels and Characters<br> + Purchase of the Game Donates a portion to Valley Children's Hospital in California<br> + Levels all Connected with Not Much Need to Wait for Loading<br> + Perfect Game Aimed for Children<br> + Beautiful Music and Excellent Story<br> + Enjoyable Freedom to Move Freely<br><br> - Short Game; 5-6hours<br> - The Objects from One Scene May Stay On The Screen A Bit Longer<br> - Movements are Fast and May Lead to Headaches<br> - Reuse of the same One Button to Perform Actions<br><br> (Reviewed on Xbox One)