NewsReview: The Book of Boba Fett Episode 4

Review: The Book of Boba Fett Episode 4


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Typing this before I have even powered on my Xbox Series X and to fire up Disney Plus and I am concerned. I loved the opening two Chapters/Episodes to this series after loving the reintroduction of Boba Fett in Season 2 of The Mandalorian, but Chapter 3 last week made me worried. There have been two high profile assassination attempts on Boba so far this season and there has been no reaction move from Boba. Boba Fett, who brutalized Storm Troopers and fought true Mandalorian warriors in Season 2 of Mando and yet in Chapter 3 he has been anything like that ruthless and threatening presence and instead giving jobs to a “moped gang” of street kids and bad friends with Danny Trejo and a young Rancor. Heading into this week’s episode, I need the pace to up itself in the present-day story of Boba, I need to see the legendary Fett showing why others should fear the most iconic bounty hunter in Star Wars. The question and worry I have is, will that happen this week?

Chapter 4 started once again with the flashback arc but thankfully, we have at least caught up with the events of Season 1 of Mandalorian which saw Fennec left for dead on the dunes of Tatooine before being rescued by a figure in black which we know to be Boba Fett wearing the Tusken Tribe clothes he was given upon his initiation. Boba takes the almost dead Fennec to a place where the street kids, who he would later hire, get their “droid part” modifications to save her life. Now this sequence is very much on the nose, considering just how fast this modification took to happen and how very little time it takes to do such intense reconstructive surgery but then, this is Star Wars.

This episode is very much all about how Boba and Fennec became partners, with Boba asking for Fennec’s help to retrieve his ship, Slave 1 which is currently docked underneath Jabba’s palace, now under the control of Bin Fortuna. Throughout this chapter we really get to learn more about Fennec, but we also get to see her showcasing her skill set as almost all the action is Fennec kicking seven bells out of the guards in the Palace and serving as Boba’s “advocate” when dealing with the territory family leaders later in the episode. This was a good look into Fennec as a character and we get some sense as to why Boba chose to take control from Bin Fortuna.

However, this also marked the end of the flashback arc as the medical droid confirms that as Boba is once again seen in the Bacta tank healing, that he is now fully healed, and we have caught up to where this season begins so now the focus shifts to the upcoming war with the Pike Syndicate, but we still do not quite get there in this episode. What we have is Boba building his forces and doing it slowly, far too slowly at this point. The running theme of this episode with very quick origin story exposition for characters continues as we meet Krrsantan once more, now in the Sanctuary Cantina, causing mayhem and being violent before Garsa Fhip, eloquently played by Jennifer Beals, attempts to calm him by talking about his legacy as a Champion Gladiator in the Death Pits, trying to explain how those times are gone and she would even go as far as to clear his bar tab. We are led to believe that it works until Krrsantan tears the arm off a Trandoshan patron of the Sanctuary and leaves.

This gives Boba the opportunity to, very expected as well, to hire Krrsantan and this aspect of buying mercenaries could potentially lead to something very special if the tease at the end of the episode comes to fruition but I will not spoil it here other than saying, listen closely. The problem I am currently having is that this is just so much “family friendly” story telling with very little happening outside of fanservice moments such as Boba having retrieved Slave 1, immediately using it to wipe out the Speeder Gang he believes massacred the Tusken Tribe before flying over the Sarlacc Pit believing his armour is in there still, despite still wearing it when he escaped for the Jawa’s to steal it from him whilst unconscious but I can give that a pass almost. Even Fennec was the one to drop a mine into the Sarlac to kill it after it woke and grabbed hold of the ship, with Boba just saying “do not push my buttons” in another cringe moment of dialogue from Star War’s most feared Bounty Hunter.

Now I am expecting the action to ramp up as we approach the battle with the Pike Syndicate, and I am hoping that the pace over the next three episodes will lead us to a memorable finale but there is just so much dilution to Boba at this moment that is a bit much. Whilst I do not expect to see blood on a Disney Plus show especially for Star Wars, we saw more action from the main protagonist in The Mandalorian, hell even Falcon and the Winter Soldier took the tone to a more grown-up mature level which is what I had expected Boba Fett to have at the very least. I do like understanding more of his character in the respect he has for animals and the culture of the Tusken’s that took him in but so far it is Fennec who has had the best action scenes this series and I need to see the Storm Trooper beating to a pulp and menacing presence that Boba had in The Mandalorian which we have yet to see.

The time to give the audience the Boba Fett they expect is now, and I need it to ramp up in the next Chapter because I really am fearing that the best moment of this show may come in the form of a teased cameo and that alone is not something that should be the case in a show dedicated to Boba Fett for me. I love the fanservice and call backs and I hope that the implication that we are now done with Boba’s past and now focusing on what is important, delivering a kick ass ending to this series with just three Chapters to go.

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Sean McCarthy
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